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Here's what you need to know...

  • Ford stopped making the Ranger for the U.S. market in 2012
  • The Ranger is loaded with convenience and safety features
  • Liability insurance is required in most states and additional insurance options should be weighed with the worth of your vehicle

Both the Ford Ranger XL and the Ford Ranger Sport made it onto the top ten least expensive trucks to insure in 2010 with an average annual premium of about $1,198.

In 2012, Ford stopped production of the Ranger for the U.S., but there are plans to bring it back in 2019.

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As an American truck, it is durable and inexpensive. This truck offers the best of mobile worlds in that it has some of the features of a car, with the compatibility of any mid-sized pick-up truck.

Even commercial usage of your Ranger is affordable. Considering the factors insurance companies use to determine rates, this truck will not require you to break the piggy bank.

What are some of the features of the Ford Ranger?

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Depending on its usage, this truck can accommodate almost any purpose. It has a V6 engine in the XL or XLT option. Drivers can get up to 22 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the open road.

It is also available in a five-speed manual or automatic transmission. It also features 143-horsepower with an option between the standard cab and extended cab version.

The interior features read like a car. Just to name a few, the Ford Ranger’s interior includes:

  • Leather seats
  • Seven Pioneer speakers
  • Side airbags
  • Leather steering wheel cover

The standard cab can hold up to three people while the extended cab has the capacity to hold seven. Safety features include ABS brakes and stability control. Standard wheels are 15-inch alloy. Other features are available to add to the base price for customization.

Who is the best car insurance company to insurance a Ford Ranger?

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Finding the best insurance company for your Ranger is as simple as performing a little research. Not all insurance carriers available online today are qualified to insure your vehicle.

Business minded consumers would be wise to check the company rating issued by one of the consumer rating companies. An “A” or “B” rating by A.M. Best indicates that they are solvent and offer good customer service.

You can compare as many as ten companies on one website. Your top three choices may even warrant a phone call for further information. There is no obligation to a company who offers you a quote.

You may already have an insurance policy where you can add your new truck. If you have had the same policy for over a year, it may be time to reevaluate what you have.

Why are insurance rates different between the Ford Ranger and my four-door sedan?

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When companies calculate insurance in relation to the type of vehicle you drive, they have to look at several things, including how safe the vehicle is and how it will be used under normal conditions.

By default, a pickup truck’s rear cargo bed means it’s probably going to be used for more than simply passenger transport.

Insurance companies assume that they will be taking on a higher risk when cargo is transported, so it will cost more to protect a pickup truck in terms of collision and comprehensive coverage.

In terms of safety ratings, the design of pickup trucks makes them slightly less safe than the typical four-door sedan.

Although the difference is negligible in most cases, the simple fact that the rear of the pickup truck lacks the mass of a four-door sedan means that rear impacts could very likely cause more physical damage.

In terms of the Ford Ranger itself, Edmunds reports IIHS ratings of acceptable (A) for front impact.

For some unknown reason, the IIHS didn’t take into account side impact or roof strength in the testing.

How can I customize a Ford Ranger car insurance policy?


Customizing your insurance policy is important if you want to have coverage detailed to your needs as opposed to a generic policy. Each state has minimum requirements for motorists who have their vehicles registered there.

Who wants to pay for coverage they do not need? Liability protection is a standard requirement and you have the option of protecting yourself and your investment with coverages such as:

Some states have no-fault insurance coverage that protects you regardless of who is at fault. If you purchase custom features for your Ranger, you may want to add custom concessions in your insurance policy.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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Are there any Ford Ranger car insurance discounts?

You may be eligible for discounts on your Ford Ranger insurance coverage. Did you know the durability and safety features of the Ranger make it eligible for a discounted rate? An advanced premium payment or club membership with AAA or AARP also makes you eligible.

Does the Ford Ranger have any security equipment that would reduce my comprehensive coverage?

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The base model of the Ford Ranger doesn’t have any of the added security enhancements that would reduce your comprehensive coverage. However, in terms of reliability and collision, there are some added safety features insurance companies like to see.

Included in those safety features are:

Many of these features are standard on most Ford models, so it’s quite likely that you’ll see similar insurance rates among Ford vehicles of the same class.

Overall, Ford does well in terms of safety across its entire product line. Insurance companies look on that very favorably and reflect it in their premiums.

As a general rule, the safer a vehicle is, the less risk there is for bodily injury in a traffic accident. That means a safer car will have lower insurance premiums.

What if I need to file a claim?

Vehicle insurance claim form

If you have an accident in your Ford Ranger, you are required to contact your insurance provider. You can file a claim online, by phone, or by mail.

You will have to provide the insurance company with:

  • a police report
  • estimates
  • pictures, if possible

A claims adjuster will come out and assess the damage in most cases.

If your truck is still new and totaled in an accident, gap coverage will prevent you from paying for a vehicle you cannot drive.

It is advisable to inquire about gap coverage when you purchase your insurance policy. It is best to discuss actual value and replacement value at this time.

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