11 Simple Steps to Get a Metromile Car Insurance Quote Online (Photos)

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Here's what you need to know...

  • Metromile is part of the rising trend of app-based car insurance companies
  • You only pay for as much as you drive so coverage doesn’t go to waste
  • Metromile will charge you a different rate every month depending on how far you drove

Finding affordable car insurance is tough, and it can even be tempting to forgo coverage altogether when you never use the coverage you have.

Going without car insurance isn’t a smart choice for a few reasons. For starters, it’s illegal to drive without standard liability coverage in every state. The penalties for driving without insurance are far worse than the cost of a premium.

Second, it only takes one small accident without coverage to send you into financial ruin. Third, insurance keeps you safe in more ways than one; it can pay for your medical costs if you’re injured in a collision, cover the cost of your car if it’s stolen, broken into, or vandalized, and get you back on the road with a rental if your car is ever in the shop.

If you’re looking for affordable car insurance that gives you good coverage for only as long as you need it, Metromile is a good option.

This guide will walk you through the process of requesting a quote from the pay-per-mile auto insurance company. If you want to compare more free car insurance rates online, click here and enter your zip code!

Step #1 – Learn About Metromile

Metromile is a new car insurance company that wants to help drivers save on coverage by only charging them for how much they drive.

Check out our Metromile car insurance review to get the low-down on all their coverage offerings and quote algorithm.

Take some time to explore their site and read about the company in its own words. As of this review, Metromile is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and sports an A+ rating.

Step #2 – Explore Metromile’s Car Insurance Options

Usually, less money translates to less coverage, but not so with Metromile. They’re “designed to over-deliver” and offer all the benefits of a full car insurance policy for less than their competitors.

They have coverage that includes

  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • PIP/MedPay
  • Rental Reimbursement
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Deductibles starting as low as $250

You can customize your policy according to your individual needs and preferences, but the fact the company offers so much right off the bat is worth noting.

Step #3 – Evaluate Your Own Driving Habits

Metromile charges drivers per mile, so before you request a quote, assess your typical commute. Most car insurance companies will want to know how much you drive one-way and your annual mileage.

Metromile makes you consider things a bit differently since your rates will change depending on how far you drive. If you typically tend to go on road trips or have long commutes for work or school, pay-per-mile insurance might not be the best choice.

Then again, depending on how high your current policy is, Metromile still might be able to save you money.

Step #4 – Learn How the Payment Process Works

Metromile will offer you coverage on a monthly basis. Every billing period, you’ll get a new premium comprised of a base rate and a figure based off your mileage.

If you’re only looking into monthly car insurance because you’re on a tight budget, consider the cost of unexpected travel and a higher bill from Metromile. For many drivers, the one-time premium for a 12-month policy is an easier finance to manage.

Step #5 – Review the App and Start Your Quote

You can request a quote online (like this guide will show you) or on the app. If you decide to purchase a Metromile policy, you’ll use the app to pay your bill, manage your policy, as well as gain access to unique benefits and features.

After you’ve read through the App page, you’ll reach a quote box. This is the place to start your request. Here’s the link if you’d like to head to the quote page directly: metromile.com/insurance-quote/

Step #6 – Enter Your Name

Metromile is minimal when it comes to personal information. To get started, you’ll just need your legal first and last names.

Step #7 – Specify Your Location

Provide your residential address.

Step #8 – Enter Your Age

Provide your date of birth and make sure you agree to the Terms of Use and Metromile Privacy Policy linked in the fine print.

Step #9 – Talk About Your Car

Add your car’s year, make, and model using the menus provided. You’ll need to estimate your annual mileage to give you a projection for your average monthly costs.

You’ll need to repeat this process for every vehicle you’d like to have insured.

Step #10 – Add Drivers (And Your Own Details)

Metromile will ask you to add information about every member in your household (whether they drive your vehicle and are insured). You can then include and exclude individuals from your policy and quote.

Step #11 – Get Your Estimate

Review the estimate that Metromile gives you. From here, you can either go on to enroll and buy a policy or take note of your quote and continue to compare other companies.

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