Obtaining Affordable Insurance for Young Drivers

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UPDATED: Jan 3, 2017

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Here's what you need to know...
  • Insuring teen drivers is going to cost more than older, experienced drivers
  • There are ways to keep the premiums for a teen’s insurance lower, including buying an economical car that doesn’t need full coverage
  • Teens can get discounts on insurance. One of these discounts is for having good grades in high school or college

Parents are well aware that adding their teen drivers to their car insurance policies will significantly raise their rates.

Parents with teenagers who are about to receive their licenses may be asking if it’s possible for them to get affordable car insurance for young drivers.

Affordable car insurance for teens absolutely can be found, and it happens with a little planning.

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Is it better to add a teen to the parent’s policy or purchase a separate policy?


One way to obtain the most affordable car insurance for young drivers is to add them to their parents’ policies. Adding them to an existing policy will result in higher premiums, but a policy only in the name of the young driver would be much more costly.

Drivers who are in their first three years of having their licenses are in a high-risk category. These drivers cause several auto accidents due to their inexperience.

Car insurance companies will charge a very high premium if the new young driver is applying for car insurance on his or her own. The problem will be even worse if the young driver is male.

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Obtain Quotes from Other Car Insurance Companies


If the parents are quoted a price that is too high after they ask to add their teenagers to their policies, they still have the possibility of receiving affordable car insurance.

If they compare quotes from other car insurance companies, they may find that another company has lower car insurance rates for them.

Lower car insurance quotes offer these parents an opportunity. Armed with several lower quotes, parents can take the quotes to their current car insurance companies and suggest that they are considering taking their business to another company.

This threat can encourage their current car insurance companies to lower their rates to the other company’s quote. There are many other ways to lower your car insurance costs.

Reducing Rates While Away at School

When teenagers go away to college, this presents their parents with another chance to obtain more affordable car insurance for young drivers.

If these teens can be convinced to leave their vehicles in their parents’ garages while they are away at school, their rates can decrease as a result.

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Being a Low-Mileage Driver Makes Car Insurance Affordable

If teenagers are going away to college and they are taking their vehicles with them, they can still qualify for some of the lower car insurance rates.

Those who are moving to a new state will need to purchase car insurance in that state.

Obtaining lower quotes means stressing the fact that they are low-mileage drivers. College students who are living on campus or close to it can qualify for the low-mileage discount.

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Earn Good Grades for a Good Student Discount

While teens are in school (high school or college), parents can coach them to work as hard as they can to earn the best grades.

Car insurance companies will offer a lower quote or a reduction in rates when parents present proof that their teenagers were high achievers in their schools.

Say “I Do” for a Marriage Discount

A good way for young drivers to obtain affordable car insurance is to get married. Some car insurance companies will reduce their rates as much as 40 percent.

For a young male driver who is typically charged higher rates than most, the simple fact of becoming someone’s husband can pay off very well for them in their car insurance rates.

Purchase an Economical Vehicle

Affordable car insurance quotes are due young drivers if they drive the most economical cars. Parents then have the opportunity to purchase a used car for their teens that is safe as well as inexpensive.

Furthermore, used cars often do not need to be covered by collision and comprehensive insurance coverage.

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Purchasing the Most Affordable-to-Insure New Car

People must not think that they cannot purchase a new vehicle for their teens if they want to keep their premiums low.

They can buy a new car for their teens and qualify for low premiums if it isn’t a sports car, it has several safety features that help prevent accidents, and it has several airbags and automatic seat belts.

Lowering Premiums on Collision and Comprehensive Coverage


They may need to add collision and comprehensive coverage that will increase the rates, but this doesn’t mean that they will have the highest rates. Teenagers can qualify for the same discounts that adults can if:

  • Their parents are insuring more than one vehicle with the same car insurance company.
  • They purchase a homeowner’s policy and/or a life insurance policy with car insurance.
  • They park the car in a garage rather than the driveway or the street.
  • They drive the car in a safe area.

Compare Quotes for Affordable Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Comparing quotes is going to be the best tactic that parents and teens can use to find affordable car insurance for young drivers.

It’s easy for this demographic to find the company that will charge high rates, but it takes an effort to be placed in contact with car insurance companies that will charge low rates.

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