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3D Printed Cars Are Changing the Industry (Including YOUR Insurance)

Car manufacturers have been using 3D printing for two decades. Up until recently, prototyping was the main function of 3D printing for vehicles. For prototype vehicles, 3D printers are capable of making the unique car parts and even nearly complete cars more inexpensively than traditional means which include retooling the production line to even make […]

American Auto Shield Review

Car insurance warranties are promises from the manufacturer to cover damages. The damages that are covered by a warranty vary according to what exactly is in the paperwork. A service contract is different from a warranty in that they typically provide coverage once a warranty expires. However, service contracts are similar in that they only […]

Is Hyundai’s safety rating for midsize SUVs better than Volkswagen’s?

When you are trying to decide which of the many stunning midsize SUVs for 2017 you should buy, you may be comparing the following factors to make the best decision possible: features sales prices reliability factors warranty details You should not overlook the importance of safety ratings when making a buying decision. It is easy […]

Is Hyundai’s safety rating for midsize SUVs better than Mazda’s?

When you are in the market to purchase a new midsize SUV, you understandably may be taking a closer look at what the Mazda and Hyundai models offer. These two established automotive brands have stylish models that are loaded with thoughtful, innovative features. Some drivers who have experienced the exceptional driving experience that many vehicles […]

Is Hyundai’s safety rating for midsize SUVs better than Honda’s?

One of the reasons why you may be taking a closer look at either the 2017 Honda Pilot, the Hyundai Santa Fe, or the Santa Fe Sport is because of how large and roomy these vehicles are. SUVs in the midsize class often lull drivers into feeling safe and secure behind the wheel because of […]

Is Hyundai’s safety rating for midsize SUVs better than GMC’s?

Your selection of a new midsize SUV can affect your comfort level and budget for years to come, and it can also play a role in your overall safety. Because of how large and well-designed many midsize SUVs are, you may reasonably assume that the safety ratings for each of the stylish vehicles in this […]

What insurance do I need for my tiny house in Massachusetts?

Tiny homeowners are often seeking a new adventure away from traditional homes. However, it’s just as important for tiny homes to have the appropriate insurance coverage as traditional homes. There are also additional coverage issues for tiny homes that must be taken into consideration that aren’t an issue with traditional homes. It is imperative tiny […]

Is Ford’s safety rating for large trucks better than Ram’s?

When you are in the market to buy a new large pickup truck, you understandably want to find a rugged, stylish truck that appeals to your taste and that has desirable features loaded into it. Price and reliability may also be top concerns, but you do not want to overlook the important factor of safety. […]

Is Ford’s safety rating for large trucks better than Nissan’s?

Deciding which type of large truck to purchase is rarely a simple task. While you may be drawn to the style or features of a specific model of truck, you may also be looking at prices and safety ratings. The reality is that you could, unfortunately, be impacted by a truck accident at any time. […]

What is the penalty for driving without insurance in Texas?

Texas might be known as The Lone Star State, but it’s not alone in the sense that the state has mandatory auto insurance laws. If you live in the heart of Texas or anywhere within state lines, you’re required by law to purchase auto insurance on any car that you own. As long as you […]

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