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Auto Insurance for Welfare Recipients

Share Tweet Pin +1Auto insurance is required to drive in all states. For welfare recipients, it can be overwhelming to afford the high cost of insurance. Don’t let the cost of car insurance hinder you from doing the things you need to do on a daily basis. There are low-cost programs that may be available […]

Auto Insurance for Twins

The costs of purchasing an auto insurance coverage for a teenager can be a little too steep for most American parents. It gets worse if you have twins who have recently acquired driver’s permits and are eager to hit the open road sans supervision. Purchasing coverage for a single teen is already expensive; now double […]

Auto Insurance for Single Mothers

As a single mother, your time and your money are precious to you. You likely spend more time in your vehicle with your children than other parents who are in a committed relationship. That commitment to your children makes finding the right auto insurance at an affordable price even more important. Using a price comparison […]

Car Insurance for Cyclists

The good news for cyclists is that there is no requirement for you to have insurance in order to ride your bicycle. However, if you are hit by a car while riding your bicycle, then you could expect to recover for your personal injuries from the auto insurance provider of the person driving a car […]

Can’t get insurance on a car, what do I do?

When you are trying to obtain car insurance coverage, you may find yourself being turned away by traditional insurance carriers. There are different reasons this can occur, but they normally relate to high-risk factors that the insurance carrier is unable to provide coverage for. If you are running into difficulties when trying to obtain coverage, […]

Do car insurance companies share information?

Car insurance companies compete against one another for market share. Most companies want to acquire the most market share, but there are a few that care less about market share and more about premiums. Unlike some other competitors who focus on keeping information on their clients secret, competitors in the insurance marketplace share information. Car insurance […]

Does your car insurance address have to match your registration?

Typically, a car is registered to and insured by the same individual. However, there may be instances where the owner of a car will allow someone else to pay for the coverage. The problem is that this may not be allowed by your company, and it may not even be legal in some states. Start […]

What is zero deductible car insurance?

Your insurance company might offer a zero deductible option for certain coverages in some limited situations. However, for the basic auto liability policy that every driver is required to have, a deductible really does not apply to your coverage in any event. A deductible comes into play for your comprehensive and collision coverage, which helps […]

Is my child covered on my car insurance?

Just because you give your child permission to drive your car doesn’t mean they are automatically covered under your auto insurance policy. Before you decide to be the “cool” mom or dad who lets your teen borrow their car, be sure to check and see if the existing insurance that you have will cover them […]

How do I find out when my car insurance is due?

It is fairly easy to determine when payment for your auto insurance premium is due even if you are not able to find an invoice or billing statement. The quickest way to find this information out is to call your auto insurance company or agent to look into the specific payment arrangements for your auto […]

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