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Here's what you need to know...

  • New Hampshire does not require its drivers to have auto insurance
  • Drivers who have waived the option to prove they are financially able to cover any expenses should they be found “at fault.”
  • Collision and comprehensive coverage are not required by New Hampshire law

New Hampshire has a long history of independence and its policies regarding car insurance are no exception. Alone out of the fifty states, New Hampshire does not require its drivers to have auto insurance.

While auto insurance is not mandatory, New Hampshire car insurance laws do require drivers who have waived the option to prove they are financially able to cover any expenses should they be found “at fault.”

Known as the New Hampshire Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Requirements, if an at-fault driver is unable to meet his or her financial obligations to cover the expense of any damage incurred, he or she may have their driving privileges suspended.

Serious consequences can be the result of driving without insurance; because of this, most New Hampshire drivers opt to insure their vehicles in spite of there being no legal requirement to do so.

Even in an accident in which a driver is not at fault, the possibility of litigation for reasons such as reckless driving still exists.

Insurance can provide drivers with valuable peace of mind as they are behind the wheel. Make sure you don’t pay too much for peace of mind with our free car insurance quote research tool.

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Minimum Coverage Guideline


A New Hampshire car insurance minimum requirement law exists for anyone with auto insurance. A driver is not legally required to have auto insurance coverage, but once they do have it, certain state requirements go into effect.

New Hampshire requires insured drivers to have a minimum of 25/50/25, or:

  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury
  • $50,000 if 2 or more persons are injured
  • $25,000 for property damage

It should be noted that the liability insurance above does not include or cover collision or comprehensive insurance, nor are they required by New Hampshire law.

These further forms of insurance are considered legally optional by the state. Many drivers opt to add this coverage to their policies in spite of it not being mandatory to do so.

Collision covers the vehicle in the event that it collides with another car or with a stationary object such as a tree.

Comprehensive car insurance covers damage to the vehicle that is not the result of a road accident.Falling tree limbs, storm damage, fire, and other natural disasters are included. Many banks will require a driver to have these two forms of coverage if the vehicle is still being paid off.

New Hampshire Auto Insurance Providers


New Hampshire has more than 100 auto insurance agencies or providers. Most of the nationally-known car insurance companies offer coverage for New Hampshire drivers, as well as there being many independent insurance options.

While certainly, not all- inclusive, these are some of the top insurance providers for the state:

— Geico

Geico does not have a physical office in New Hampshire; rather, it operates as a call center or can be accessed on its internet site.

Famous for its television advertisements, Geico offers many online car insurance coverage options and aims to provide them with the least expense.

— Progressive

Another internet-based or call center insurance provider, Progressive promises to give prospective clients free side-by-side car insurance quotes comparing its rates to other national companies.

— Nationwide

This company offers New Hampshire drivers a variety of convenient locations and cost-effective bundling of home and auto insurance policies.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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Call for FREE quotes: (855) 425-8122

— Allstate

This national insurance agency offers many New Hampshire locations and provides special resources to new drivers and their parents.

— The Hartford

This decades-old insurance agency has been providing New Hampshire drivers with auto insurance from its many locations across the state.

— State Farm

With dozens of locations and agents, this national insurance company has a local feel. State Farm is the largest insurer of automobiles in New Hampshire.

— Davis and Towle Insurance Group

An independent, family-owned insurance agency serving all of New Hampshire, their aim is to be competitive with national auto insurance providers.

— Concord Group Insurance

Serving Northern New England, this company is based in Concord, New Hampshire. They offer standard policies, as well as enhanced coverage options not required by state law.

— Able Insurance Agency

Offering insurance coverage to the greater Concord area, this company advertises free online comparative car insurance rate quotes for auto insurance coverage.

— Foy Insurance Group, Inc.


This company has been offering personalized service since 1893. Serving greater New Hampshire with more than a dozen locations, Foy provides a full range of auto insurance options to its clients.

— The Insurance Center, Inc.

Serving New Hampshire and Vermont, this independent company offers a full range of coverage options and several convenient locations throughout the state.

— Insurance Express

With a call center and an easily-navigable website, this independent insurance agency offers all the convenience of the national insurance chains with the personalized feel of a local company.

— The Proctor Agency

Serving New Hampshire drivers, this insurance provider has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and offers multiple car insurance discounts for families with many drivers.

Selecting the Best Insurance for You


With the number of agencies available, it is easy to find insurers, but the savvy shopper should always compare rates of a number of providers to find the best coverage for the money.

Most insurance agencies will provide prospective customers with premium quotes at little or no charge.

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