Group Car Insurance (Three Ways To Get Group Rates)

Group car insurance is offered at discounted rates to members of school, employer, and affinity groups. MetLife is best-known for group auto insurance, but other top companies offer affinity group discounts as well.

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Here's what you need to know...

  • Many jobs offer group insurance options for employees
  • Alumni from some colleges and universities may qualify for group insurance
  • Certain clubs and organizations make group plans available to members
  • Group plans occasionally have drawbacks, so do your homework before making any decisions

Buying group car insurance can give you a number of benefits. In fact, if you may already belong to a group through which you can reap those benefits. In some cases, cheap car insurance can be found in groups associated with your job, education, and profession of interests.

We know that looking for car insurance can be anything but easy at times — that’s why we’re here to help.

In this guide, we’ll be exploring several avenues through which group auto insurance plans that might allow you to obtain an insurance policy. We’ll also talk about the perks of using group car insurance plans and some restrictions as well.

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Affinity Group Car Insurance Through Your Employer

Employers are well-known for offering group health plans, but you may be wondering, “Is car insurance offered through an employer?”

That option may already exist at your place of employment. If it doesn’t, however, you may be able to persuade your employer to look into it, especially if you have enough backing from fellow employees.

Larger companies may be more apt than smaller firms to provide group options for car insurance, and they may also be able to provide the biggest perks along with it. This is due to sheer volume alone, with more employees leading to more advantages when it comes to insuring a group.

Employers that are exceedingly large may be able to offer group insurance options that extend far beyond health and car insurance.

The state of Idaho, for example, offers group insurance programs across the board to its current and retired employees as well as their dependents, according to the state’s Office of Group Insurance website.

MetLife also offers group insurance programs to its customers. On their website, this is the case for their life insurance policy and their car insurance policy. Call the MetLife group car insurance number at 1-844-887-1795. There you will be able to find if MetLife offers good auto insurance and learn all things MetLife, including MetLife car claims.

If you already are a MetLife member, you may be able to find group opportunities when you login at MetLife car insurance online. While MetLife may not be as popular as Progressive auto insurance, MetLife auto insurance reviews are readily available for your discretion.

If your company does offer a car insurance group option, you will probably have to pay for it out of your own pocket. The price and method would depend on the personalized options you choose with your company. Keep in mind that it would also be affected by the bare state minimum auto insurance required.

Just as not every employer offers health plans, not every company offers car insurance group options. In addition, every employee may not be eligible for group car insurance plans.

Requirements may include several different factors, including working a minimum amount of hours each week, having tenure with the company, or being in a specific profession with the firm.

How can I find out more about employer group insurance?

To find out more about what car insurance group options your employer may offer, if any, you may want to start by contacting your company’s Human Resources Department. The information may also be published in your employee handbook or on the firm’s website.

If you happen to work for a car insurance company, one could only hope one of the perks is group car insurance options for its employees. This is only a theory, however, not a practice mandated by any rules or regulations.

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Affinity Group Car Insurance Through Schools

Full-time high school students often get a break with car insurance discounts if they maintain good grades. But current students are not the only ones who may get a break on car insurance rates.

Geico is one company that offers discounts to alumni of certain schools.

Depending on where you received your advanced education or additional training beyond high school, you may be part of a group that has a car insurance option already in place.

Colleges or trade schools may offer car insurance group options, with one example coming from the City University of New York (CUNY).

Car insurance discounts are on the list of the many benefits that come with being a CUNY alumnus, according to the benefits segment of the Alumni Association website. Alumni benefits include discounts on a number of other items as well. Among those benefits were:

  • home insurance
  • dining and travel
  • theater and movie tickets
  • access to CUNY libraries, professional development, and continuing education programs

One reason CUNY is able to offer a wide range of perks is the sheer amount of students that have attended one of its universities. The City University network contains 24 colleges throughout New York City’s five boroughs. Its alumni headcount currently exceeds one million.

To be eligible for the benefits that come from being a graduate of a specific school or institution, you are usually required to officially join that particular alumni organization or group as a paying member.

The price of annual membership, however, can balance out the money you save if you take advantage of the car insurance breaks and other cash-saving benefits.

Schools may require graduation as a term for membership rather than attendance. Find out more about group options through your school by contacting the development staff or alumni headquarters.

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Affinity Group Car Insurance Through Other Companies

If I belong to a professional group can I get cheaper car insurance rates? Your profession or your interests may also come into play for car insurance group options if you are part of a professional group or organization.

Many vocations have one or more professional groups associated with them, such as societies for journalists, attorneys, accountants, teachers, and actors.

Honorary groups and societies are another batch of organizations that may offer car insurance group options to its members.

One example is the Golden Key International Honor Society, which lists insurance discounts as one of the membership benefits on the official website. Membership also merits additional discounts from banks and bookstores.

Even if the group is not related to your profession or education, those that focus on special interests may also offer group options for car insurance. These may include organizations for individuals interested in certain activities and hobbies, such as gardeners or train enthusiasts.

The field can be wide open for membership perks from each particular group, depending on the size, budget, and connections of each specific organization.

Because the perks that come with being a paying member to a particular organization are usually a huge selling point, you may be able to research the availability of car insurance group options directly on an organization’s website. If not, you can always contact the head of the group or chapter in your area to glean the specifics.

Benefits of Car Insurance Group Plans

Perhaps the biggest benefit of obtaining car insurance as part of a group rather than an individual is the cost. Because insurance companies are extending coverage to a larger amount of people, they can offer prices that allow each individual to save money.

If the car insurance company is saving money by working with a group, they can more easily pass along the savings to members of the group.

Car insurance companies may also be able to offer other discounts in addition to lower premiums. These include:

  • discounts for parking in select parking garages or facilities
  • discounts on car rentals, car accessories
  • services related to your car, such as towing or repairs

Group car insurance plans may also allow for greater flexibility when it comes to the method of payment. For instance, some companies may allow you to automatically pay your premiums through payroll deductions that may be pre-tax.

Or you may get additional leeway when it comes to setting up payment plans, such as those scheduled on a monthly, annual, or semi-annual basis.

In order to encourage loyalty to your employer as well as the car insurance company, your car insurance policy could also become less expensive the longer you remain employed.

Tenure discounts may be the term you hear relating to such a break. Car insurance companies may offer similar discounts to individuals, calling them loyalty discounts.

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Cons of Car Insurance Group Plans

Anyone who is a free spirit may dislike the idea of a group plan due to the potential limitations it may impose. An organization that offers group plan options may only do so through a specific auto insurance carrier.

That means you may have to abandon a company you have long enjoyed while setting up a trusting relationship with a new one.

This can particularly backfire if the car insurance company offered as part of your group plan has its own set of detriments, such as:

  • poor customer satisfaction
  • an unstable financial portfolio
  • harsh or ridiculous guidelines for filing claims
  • sparse coverage

If you leave or lose your job for any reason, you are also out of the group car insurance plan.

While you may be able to retain the same type of coverage and level of car insurance with the same insurance company, you can probably bet your rates will increase, and you’ll no longer enjoy the perks that came with being part of a larger group.

The same potential hazards apply if you drop out of any organization from which you received a car insurance group plan option.

Tips on Shopping for Car Insurance

One of the top tips for getting the best coverage at the best rates is to compare various car insurance companies.

Below you will find the average annual rates for the top US-based car insurance companies.

Average Annual Car Insurance Rates from Top Car Insurance Companies
CompaniesAverage Annual Rate
State Farm$3,267.63
American Family$3,443.09
Liberty Mutual$6,095.54
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These rates may be cheaper through an affinity group, so keep that in mind as you are comparing companies. Also, be sure that you are getting the state’s legal requirements when you are looking for car insurance. Here’s a look at minimum car insurance by state.

Car Insurance Requirements by State
StatesInsurance RequiredMinimum Liability Limits
ALBI & PD Liab25/50/25
AKBI & PD Liab50/100/25
AZBI & PD Liab15/30/10
ARBI & PD Liab, PIP25/50/25
CABI & PD Liab15/30/5 (3)
COBI & PD Liab25/50/15
CTBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM25/50/20*
DEBI & PD Liab, PIP25/50/10
DCBI & PD Liab, UM25/50/10
FLPD Liab, PIP10/20/10 (4)
GABI & PD Liab25/50/25
HIBI & PD Liab, PIP20/40/10
IDBI & PD Liab25/50/15
ILBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM25/50/20
INBI & PD Liab25/50/25*
IABI & PD Liab20/40/15
KSBI & PD Liab, PIP25/50/25
KYBI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM25/50/25 (4)*
LABI & PD Liab15/30/25
MEBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM, Medpay50/100/25 (5)
MDBI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM30/60/15
MABI & PD Liab, PIP20/40/5
MIBI & PD Liab, PIP20/40/10
MNBI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM30/60/10
MSBI & PD Liab25/50/25
MOBI & PD Liab, UM25/50/25*
MTBI & PD Liab25/50/20
NEBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM25/50/25
NVBI & PD Liab25/50/20
NHFR only25/50/25
NJBI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM15/30/5 (6)
NMBI & PD Liab25/50/10
NYBI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM25/50/10 (7)
NCBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM30/60/25
NDBI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM25/50/25
OHBI & PD Liab25/50/25
OKBI & PD Liab25/50/25
ORBI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM25/50/20
PABI & PD Liab, PIP15/30/5
RIBI & PD Liab25/50/25
SCBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM25/50/25
SDBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM25/50/25
TNBI & PD Liab25/50/15 (4)
TXBI & PD Liab, PIP30/60/25
UTBI & PD Liab, PIP25/65/15 (4)
VTBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM25/50/10
VABI & PD Liab (9), UM, UIM25/50/20
WABI & PD Liab25/50/10
WVBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM25/50/25
WIBI & PD Liab, UM, Medpay25/50/10
WYBI & PD Liab25/50/20
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And while this may not apply if you are offered only one company option for group plans, you can still compare other companies to make sure you are getting the best deal.

The group car insurance rate may weigh in cheaper than an individual rate all around, but you should still look at other factors that are just as important as a low premium.

These include customer satisfaction, ease and convenience of filing claims, company reputation, a strong financial outlook, and how comfortable you are with the company’s policies.

Ask about additional discounts that may apply, even beyond the group rate discount you may already be getting.

You may be offered a reduced premium for things like being a good driver, low annual mileage, and having a number of safety and security features installed on your vehicle.

Common Car Insurance Discounts Offered by Top Companies
Adaptive Cruise Control
Adaptive Headlights
Anti-lock Brakes
Claim Free
Continuous Coverage
Daytime Running Lights
Defensive Driver
Distant Student
Driver's Ed
Driving Device/App
Early Signing
Electronic Stability
Emergency Deployment
Engaged Couple
Family Legacy
Family Plan
Farm Vehicle
Fast 5
Federal Employee
Forward Collision Warning
Full Payment
Further Education
Good Credit
Good Student
Green Vehicle
Lane Departure Warning
Life Insurance
Low Mileage
Military Garaging
Multiple Drivers
Multiple Policies
Multiple Vehicles
New Address
New Customer/New Plan
New Graduate
Newer Vehicle
Newly Licensed
Occasional Operatior
On Time Payments
Online Shopper
Paperless Documents
Paperless/Auto Billing
Passive Restraint
Recent Retirees
Roadside Assistance
Safe Driver
Seat Belt Use
Senior Driver
Stable Residence
Students & Alumni
Switching Provider
Utility Vehicle
Vehicle Recovery
VIN Etching
Young Driver
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If you don’t ask, you may never know about these additional discounts.

To start comparing and finding multiple insurance rates today, feel free to enter your ZIP code in our free tool below.

Frequently Asked Questions: Group Car Insurance

If you’re still missing a few answers to your questions, you may find them here.

#1 – What does an insurance group mean?

This is a term used in the UK. It doesn’t apply to U.S. car insurance, so if you’re wondering what cars are in the group 1 insurance, or what is the cheapest car insurance group, a UK site may be better suited to answer your questions.

#2 – Who are the top 5 insurance companies?

By market share, the top five insurance companies in the U.S. are:

  • State Farm
  • Geico
  • Progressive
  • Allstate
  • USAA

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