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  • Since the Chevrolet Epica was not released in the US, use the Chevy Malibu when searching for car insurance quotes since the cars are similar in weight, size, etc.
  • European safety standards are slightly different than US standards, but since the Chevy Malibu has five-star safety ratings, it can be assumed the Chevy Epica would also.
  • Replacement costs for the Chevrolet Epica would be slightly higher than normal because it is not produced for the American market.

If you’re the American owner of a Chevrolet Epica, you can bask in the fact that you’re one of only a few. The Epica was never introduced in the States; rather, it was Chevy’s first vehicle built and targeted at drivers in the UK.

The car is built by GM’s Daewoo division and was released as the Chevrolet Tosca in Iceland, the Holden Epic in Australia, and the Daewoo Tosca in South Korea.

If you’re wondering how much car insurance cost for a Chevrolet Epica, you need to compare it to a similar Chevy model released in the U.S.

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How would insurance companies figure car insurance cost for a Chevrolet Epica?

The demographic information of the car’s driver will always be the same regardless of the car he drives. So factors such as age, sex, driving history, and how often the vehicle is driven will remain constant whether or not the insured drives the Chevrolet Epica or the Malibu.

As a general rule of thumb, the person who drives safely and within the limits of the law at all times will have lower insurance costs throughout his lifetime.

Car insurance companies will also consider safety and replacement cost when determining the car insurance cost for a Chevrolet Epica.

Since replacement cost is dependent on replacing a totaled or stolen vehicle with the same or a similar model, and the Epica is not available in the States, an insurance company will look at comparable models available in the U.S.

Based on the replacement cost of comparable Malibu, the average annual premium for Chevrolet Epica in the U.S. would be in the neighborhood of $1,300, assuming the Epica is a front-wheel-drive, four-door sedan.

What safety features are considered when figuring car insurance cost for a Chevrolet Epica?

Crash test safety ratings are a significant factor in figuring the cost of car insurance. Insurance companies must assess the risk of bodily injury and any claims that could be made against them as a result of such injury.

The 2009 Chevy Malibu received five-star ratings for both front and side impact on all four models.

While European standards for safety are somewhat different than US standards, it’s safe to assume the Chevrolet Epica would show similar results in U.S. crash tests.

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Safety features built into the car are another factor to be considered by an insurance company. The car insurance cost for a Chevrolet Epica would be kept at a minimum with features like:

  • Front and side airbags for each passenger
  • Electronic stability control system
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Theft deterrent systems

The comparable Malibu is one of the cheapest cars to insure in the U.S.; we would expect nothing different for the Chevrolet Epica.

Would the car insurance cost for a Chevrolet Epica include replacement with the same model?

how much would car insurance cost for a chevrolet malibu

Because this car is not produced for American markets, a driver who insisted on replacing a totaled or stolen Epica with the same model would likely have to make up some of the cost himself.

The insurance payout would cover the costs of a similar model like the Malibu, but there would be extra costs involved in getting a new Epica Stateside.

You would be required to pay transportation costs, various taxes and duties, and probably additional fees. If you don’t have the extra money to spend, you’re better off getting a similar US-based model.

The Chevrolet Epica has proven to be a great success in the UK while the Australian, South Korean, and Icelandic versions have also done equally well.

If you should find yourself in possession of one of these vehicles, and you live in the U.S., purchasing insurance is not impossible.

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