Car Insurance Rates for the Disabled

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Here's what you need to know...

  • The average premium for disabled car insurance is around $1,000 per year
  • Some insurance companies may charge higher premiums for disabled drivers
  • If you are searching for disability car insurance, compare rates from several companies to find the best deal

As a disabled driver, initial costs to modify your vehicle for safety — including hand controls or wheelchair access — can increase monthly and lifetime maintenance costs of your car.

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Maintaining a properly modified vehicle can help you save on auto insurance rates.

If you haven’t compared your rates over the past year, identifying the most affordable disabled driver car insurance may help you save money.

What To Do Before Buying


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, at least one in five Americans is disabled.

Many Americans must deal with driving obstacles that other drivers aren’t required to face. Disabled drivers may pay higher car insurance rates even if they haven’t had an accident or moving violation for three years or more.

The best ways to save on disabled car insurance rates include:

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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Call for FREE quotes: (855) 425-8122

Vehicle Modification

Some car insurance providers claim that your modified vehicle is heavily modified. Drivers modify a vehicle for many reasons.

A street racer may modify a classic car although the modification isn’t required for safety. This kind of modification may add higher car insurance rates to the costs of owning and maintaining the car.

However, a vehicle modified to proper safety standards for a disabled driver is different than a heavily modified street racer.

Your vehicle may have hand controls to allow you to steer safely and operate the car.

If you use a wheelchair, your vehicle may have ramps. Let your insurance agent know these modifications are required for safe driving.

Properly disclose the existence of these modifications to your vehicle by writing a letter to your insurance company.

Then let your car insurance provider know you’re interested in affordable disabled driver car insurance.

Car insurance helps protect you and your vehicle from the financial impact of personal injury and vehicle damage in an auto accident.

Disclosing your vehicle’s modifications is important to your insurance company’s ability to underwrite your policy.

In the event of a car accident, the insurance company must pay to repair or replace the modifications made to your car. Make sure your policy lists the safety-required modifications made to your car as a disabled driver.

Many disabled drivers have safe driving records. Perhaps you’ve never had an accident, and you’re always especially careful when driving a car.

You’ve taken defensive driving courses and received special training for operating the hand controls installed in your car.

That’s another reason your car insurance provider may potentially lower your car insurance rates.

Do Your Research


Many people dislike shopping for car insurance, and disabled drivers may worry that their existing provider is the only outlet for their needs.

That’s certainly not the case today. As the aging of the Baby Boom generation continues, demographers predict higher rates of disability in the American population.

Car insurance companies continue to add disabled coverage for that reason.

If you work with an attorney, ask her about what companies she prefers for disabled car insurance. Premium rates shouldn’t be your only consideration.

Once you’ve identified the field of disabled car insurance providers, contact your state insurance department to inquire about customer complaints.

If an insurance provider has many customer complaints (especially those that remain open after 12 months), ask questions.

Your goal to identify affordable rates shouldn’t include accepting an insurance company without sufficient financial resources.

Make sure to learn about any insurance company’s financial rating from A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, or other nationally recognized statistical raters.

A car insurance provider without financial resources may not have the ability to pay a claim presented in the future!

Make sure to disclose properly any limitations on your driver’s license or any medical issues that could affect your ability to safely operate a vehicle.

By providing this information at the insurance quote stage, you’ll receive accurate quotes for disabled car insurance coverage.

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