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Here's what you need to know...

  • High-performance cars require special car insurance.
  • There are ways to save money even on high-performance car insurance plans
  • An online rate comparison tool is a great way to compare many insurance companies and narrow down which ones to research more in your search for the best company for you

When you acquire a high-performance vehicle there is no way around purchasing a high-performance car insurance policy.

Although obtaining high-performance car insurance can come with a heavy price tag, you can get the best price options by performing thorough online research at direct comparison sites.

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Obtaining the perfect dream car does not have to mean added expenses in the event of an accident. Added expenses may be avoided when consumers prepare for unexpected events by reviewing all aspects of performance car insurance.

What are the most important aspects of performance car insurance?

  • Vehicle specifications
  • Mileage of performance vehicles
  • Vehicle security
  • Your driving habits

How do speed specifications impact high-performance car insurance?


One aspect that insurance carriers look at when giving consumers a quote for performance car insurance is the speed of the vehicle.

Why do insurance companies take the amount of acceleration that a vehicle can obtain so seriously?

Without a doubt, the most important reason that insurance carriers take speed so seriously is that statistics have shown that high-accelerating vehicles usually result in higher claim amounts for insurance companies over time.

Consumers must know that the higher the speed their vehicle can obtain, the higher car insurance costs will be compared to standard vehicle models.

How do repair costs impact high-performance car insurance?

Another aspect of performance car insurance costs takes into consideration the costs of repair. Consumers must obtain repair cost information before they purchase any vehicle with high-speed ability.

They must ask themselves if they are prepared to take on any cost associated with a collision that is not covered by their performance car insurance.

Consumers must also understand which parts are covered by their performance car insurance carrier in the event of unexpected repair. When consumers purchase a car with hard-to-find parts this may mean more expenses.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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How does mileage save money?

Many consumers purchase their high-performance vehicles just to drive them on special occasions. If this is the case, the mileage on their vehicles may remain low, which can often mean significant savings on car insurance for the driver.

In most cases, when individuals drive their car less during a policy term it makes them less of a risk for accidents, repair, and ultimately insurance claims.

Therefore, insurance companies may give out discounts when customers drive their vehicle less often during the terms of a policy.

How does security impact performance car insurance?


Although high-performance vehicles are hot items for consumer collectors and connoisseurs, they can also be hot items on the lists of thieves.

Therefore, when consumers make the security of their vehicle a high priority, most insurance carriers will reward that with a discount.

Consumers must research approved security measures for the high-performance car insurance carriers they are considering. Tracking devices can often offer consumers the best chance of insurance discounts.

Devices such as immobilizers may also offer consumers a great opportunity to improve the security of their high-performance vehicle and receive discounts from their carrier.

What do I need to know about safety features and discounts?

 image source

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Going beyond the speed limit while driving a high-performance car, can often be a huge temptation for many drivers.

However, when consumers are committed to driving safely and staying within the bounds of standard-speed limitations, it can often mean significant savings on performance car insurance.

Still, consumers have the advantage to research and save money on performance car insurance by using an online quote tool:

  • Consumers can simply enter their local zip codes to begin searching for savings, rates and immediate discounts on performance car insurance.
  • Customers have the ability to receive hundreds of quotes for national top car insurance carriers for the aspect of insurance which is most important for them to receive.
  • Customers obtain the ability to understand important-policy aspects from the performance car insurance carrier of their choice.
  • Vital coverage levels can be revealed in detail upon narrowing down top choices.

The advantage of researching online comparisons for performance car insurance is the perfect choice for consumers because it is 100% free of charge.

In general, consumers should expect standard policy aspects from all performance car insurance carriers. Look for the following features from all companies you considering when doing online-comparison research:

  • All policy holders should receive genuine replacement parts in the event of necessary repair.
  • Consumers should receive suitable claim service during any 24/7 period.
  • Loyal consumers should be able to obtain exclusive relationships with car insurance providers for repair or replacement.
  • Consumers should also receive guarantees of workmanship for repairs for the lifetime of the vehicle at authorized facilities.

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