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Here's what you need to know...
  • The safety features of the Audi A4 help offset the high cost of insurance based on the vehicle’s MSRP
  • Consider different deductible amounts and decide which one works best with your situation
  • Compare insurance rates online with a quote tool so you can save time and see many companies’ rates at once

Audi A4 car insurance rates vary greatly between different individuals, and the rate you are offered by different companies can vary greatly as well.

The Audi A4 is part of a lineup of cars that is known for their performance capabilities, luxury, and all around quality of engineering.

To ensure that you get the lowest rate possible when insuring an Audi A4, you will have to shop around getting quotes from as many providers as you can.

Each company has a different method of calculating the risk of insuring someone and weigh different aspects of a person’s driving habits and history accordingly.

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Audi A4 Safety Features


  1. Tire Pressure Monitors
  2. Electronic Stability Control
  3. Four Wheel Anti-Lock Brakes
  4. Traction Control
  5. Child Seat Lowering Anchors
  6. Airbags (front, side, head, side head curtain)
  7. Daytime Running Lights
  8. Adjustable Seat Belt Heights With Tensioners

The Audi A4 insurance costs should be relatively fair considering that these vehicles come with a plethora of safety features. Depending on the individual insurance company, the actual influence these features will have on your rate will vary.

Some providers give up front discounts that lower your policy rate right from the start, while others may not offer any discount at all for certain features. Comparing multiple quotes will be the only way to ensure you get the best deal on your A4 auto insurance.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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Audi A4 Government Crash Test Ratings

The general safety a vehicle is able to afford its passenger is of the utmost importance when insurance companies are trying to determine the risk involved to insure a particular driver and vehicle.

In government crash tests the A4 scored a perfect five stars for frontal impacts concerning both the driver and front passenger.

Side impact tests also received a perfect five-star rating. Since the vehicle has been proven to fair very well in crash tests, it is reasonable to assume that rates should remain in the fair range for Audi A4 insurance costs.

Tips For Getting The Lowest Insurance Rate Possible


While the average American pays $880 a year for auto insurance, the high value of a new Audi A4 means that you can expect to pay more than that.

How much more is hard to know until you get an actual rate, but you should assume it will at least cost around $1,500 if not a lot more depending on how the insurance companies view you specifically as a risk to ensure.

Here are some tips to keep your rate low:

  • Insurance providers consider issues like your credit history and claim history when determining what rate they will actually charge you. Having a good credit score won’t just help you get a credit card, it can seriously reduce your insurance premium as well.
  • An extensive claims history will also be detrimental to keeping your rates low because providers view a lot of previous claims as making you a higher insurance risk.
  • Consider getting a higher deductible which will help lower your Audi A4 car insurance costs, but could cost more if you actually need insurance.
  • Some states also have special low-cost insurance programs for qualified drivers.
  • How much you drive will be considered as well, and limiting unnecessary driving will help lower your rate.

The only way to make sure you get the best Audi A4 auto insurance rate is to compare prices for as many competitors as possible.

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