The Top 10 Car Insurance Commercials 2016

You’ve just settled down on your sofa, and the moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived. You’re finally going to see what happened in the season finale of your favorite show. But just as you begin eating your popcorn, you realize you’re watching commercials.

Commercials usually fall into two categories: Something you enjoy or something that makes you sorry you ever turned on your TV in the first place.

While many commercials fall under the latter category, there are a few that are worth watching. Before you scramble for the remote, check out our 15 favorite car insurance commercials of 2016 below

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The Top 15 Car Insurance Commercials of 2016

#15 – State Farm, “Jacked up”

In this commercial, State Farm takes you on a journey as you experience the highs and lows of car ownership. From over-the-top elation of getting your first car to the first time your car was jacked, State Farm’s got you covered.

Founded in 1922 by retired farmer George J.Mecherele, State Farm was originally a mutual car insurance company that was owned by its policyholders.

Now home to over 18,000 agents and 65,000 employees, State Farm has become known as the “Like a Good Neighbor” insurance company that is recognized worldwide.

#14 – Geico, “Stuck in a Tree”

Watch the commercial here.

Whether he’s touring the city of New York or chowing down on some delicious Chinese food, our favorite gecko is always there when you need him.

Geico scores with their colorful take about drivers who always seem to find themselves in precarious situations.

After making his debut in February 2000, this wide-eyed gecko quickly became Geico’s mascot and revolutionized the way car insurance companies marketed their services. Chris the Gecko quickly replaced Geico’s quirky cavemen advertisements and started an ad campaign that has lasted for years.

#13 – State Farm, “Dropping Dimes”

In this hilarious commercial, Kevin Love and Damian Lillard rap about saving money on your car insurance. And even though adult heads superimposed on the bodies of babies is a bit creepy, you ha

J.K. Simmons delights in this Farmers Insurance ad as he plays an agent who leads his protege through Farmer’s “Hall of Claims,” an ad campaign that features bizarre past claims and unbelievable canine antics.

With over 50,000 exclusive and independent agents and approximately 22,000 employees, Farmer’s Independent is one of the leading insurance carriers in America, offering group insurance policies for homeowners, coverage for small businesses, and auto insurance for the masses.

#11 – Lincoln Auto Insurance, “Dangerous Dan”

You know the type of guy who is so cheesy you just can’t look away? That’s Dangerous Dan, the accident man. Whether this commercial makes you laugh or makes you cringe, it will at least make a lasting impression.

With over 55 years of business in the Chicago area, Lincoln Auto Insurance obviously knows how to get someone’s attention.

#10 – Progressive, “Hype Man”

This commercial features an insurance salesman who swears it’s all about the hype! Laying in on thick is what this salesman is all about, and you’re left having to decide whether the hype actually works.

Established in 1937, Progressive took insurance claim processing to a new level by designing the first drive-in claims service.

#9 – Geico, “Objection”

Watch the commercial here.

While Geico continues to make hilarious commercials, we must admit that this one lacks a sense of realism. Lucky for us, the point of the ad is clear: you could save 15 percent or more by switching to Geico!

Co-founders Leo and Lillian Goodwin built an insurance mecca when they created Geico. With over $28,000 million in assets, Geico doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon.

#8 – Farmers, “Hot Dog”

This commercial takes us back to the “Hall of Claims” ad campaign as we watch a pup give new meaning to the term “hot dog.” Of course, the most important detail is that the adorable dog made it out unscathed.

#7 – Allstate, “Teenage Girl in Pink”

This commercial puts a hilarious spin on the typical teenage girl having an OMG moment while driving. Allstate has been using its Mayhem ad campaign for over six years now, and people are clearly enjoying all the action.

Allstate is currently the largest property and casualty insurer in the USA, serving over 16 million customers. Nationwide is definitely on our side.

#6 – Cure Auto, “Distractions”

Or how about this gorgeous gal catching a young suitor’s eye at the wrong moment? Not only does Cure produce entertaining advertisements, but they also prove that they have people’s best interest in mind.

Cure Auto’s nondiscriminatory policy makes them a favorite among many as they promise not to take a person’s driving history or credit score into account when developing an insurance premium. If you live in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, this company is one you should look into.

#5 – Progressive, “Double Life”

Or how about this biker dude who’s trying to keep a stiff upper lip? Luckily, we know he’s really a big softie on the inside.

Progressive’s spin on everyday situations is what makes their commercials likable.

One major way they have improved on their advertisements is by starting a major ad campaign with Flo at the center. She is cute and funny — and maybe a bit strange — and she makes car insurance much more enjoyable.

#4 – Allstate, “Pure Power”

In this commercial for Allstate, SNL’s Leslie Jones takes girl power to an all new level. She’s funny and flirtatious, and she drives home the point that, with Allstate, you’re always in good hands.

#3 – Nationwide, “One Up”

In this hilarious ad, a married couple proves that we would do almost anything to avoid calling an insurance company.

Nationwide’s advertising strategy was right on target with this tongue-in-cheek commercial that suggests their customers don’t have to dread making a call to an agent.

#2 – Progressive, “Mommeostasis” and “Daddeostasis”

In these advertisements, Progressive makes light of the whole idea that, eventually, we may just become the parents who raised us, and our significant others will just have to get on board.

#1 – Esurance, “Relationships”

And last but not least, our favorite car insurance commercial of 2016 comes from Esurance.

This hilarious ad features different couples who have invested in “relationship insurance” to protect their relationships along with their sanity.

Founded in 1999, Esurance is one of the first auto insurance companies to sell directly to consumers online.

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