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Here's what you need to know...
  • AAA clubs offer many discounts to their members
  • The clubs are best known for their roadside assistance plans
  • AAA has regional clubs, so check with the one in your area to be sure of its policies and offerings

With a AAA club membership, motorists have the ability to enroll in auto repair discount programs or qualify for additional discounts on auto parts, roadside services, and towing.

AAA clubs also offer auto insurance products.  Although you will need to pay a yearly membership fee, the savings can quickly add up.

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A basic AAA club membership enables drivers to get emergency roadside assistance.  If your car breaks down, you can use your membership card to get your vehicle towed and repaired at a steep discount.

Each AAA chapter covers a specific region, so you will need to research what programs and products are available in your local area.

AAA Discounts


– Good Credit

Many insurance agencies calculate your premium based on your credit.  AAA clubs typically pull a credit check before quoting a premium.  The better your credit, the lower your premium.

For most insurance providers, this is due to studies that have shown that individuals with poor credit are less likely to pay their policy premiums.  Individuals who fail to pay policy premiums create a risk for the insurance company.

– Reduce Coverage

AAA clubs often recommend reducing the coverage on older vehicles which are often not worth their insurance value. If you lower the coverage, your policy premiums will also be lower.

As time goes on, your vehicle’s value decreases as well as the cost to fix it or replace it, so it might be worth it to lower the coverage.

– Reduce Mileage

AAA clubs often offer discounts to individuals who drive less than the national average.  The national average is 10,000 miles a year.

Instead of driving, try walking, riding your bike, or carpooling.  By making these changes, not only will you save money on your insurance policy, but also on your gasoline consumption and wear and tear on your car.

– Safe Drivers

AAA clubs typically reward safe drivers with discounts.  Most driving records clear every three years, but it depends on the state and the infractions on the record.  However, if you have less than three points on your record, you usually qualify for a safe driver discount on your insurance policy.

If you have the opportunity to clear up your driving record or avoid points due to a driving infraction, be sure to do so.

There are programs that can help you clear your record or remove points from it.

– High Deductibles

AAA clubs can provide a discount in the form of a lower premium if you raise your car insurance deductible. The higher the deductible, the less the AAA club has to pay when you become involved in an accident.

– Drivers Safety Courses

Some AAA clubs offer discounts when members take approved driver safety courses. Individuals who enroll and complete a driver safety course receive a minimum of a five percent reduction in the cost of their premium. Defensive driving courses are run by state agencies as well as independent parties.

Once your defensive driving course is complete, you will be eligible for a policy discount with your car insurance provider.

– Drug Alcohol Awareness Testing

Teens who take the Drug Alcohol Awareness Testing usually receive a discount on the test from the AAA club.  Teens are expensive to insure, so take advantage of a discount before they get their license.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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What other car-related discounts can you get with an AAA club card?

Some drivers purchase extended warranties on their vehicles so that they can avoid making expensive repair bills.  Car warranties that come from the manufacturer usually cover major mechanical issues; however, there are also many clauses and stipulations.

Here is an example:

AAA auto warranties can apply to repairs that are needed as a result of getting into a collision or simply if your car will no longer start. AAA club members can also often get their cars financed through the club.  

Now that AAA clubs are expanding into car loan financing, you should be able to get even more out of your membership. You can find more information on financial matters and banking regulations via the Federal Reserve’s website.

AAA Membership


If you insure your vehicle through an AAA club, you can receive discounts on many of the products that the club offers. Here are some examples of typical places you can get a discount as a AAA member:

  • hotels
  • amusement parks
  • shopping, restaurants
  • sporting events
  • rental cars
  • automobile repair
  • roadside assistance

Becoming an AAA club auto insurance policyholder not only saves you money on your car insurance, but also on the many other products and services for which AAA is known.

With which car insurance companies do AAA clubs work?

Although AAA clubs don’t have partnerships with any major car insurance companies, you can use this membership to lower your car-related expenditures.

For instance, you can use the AAA roadside assistance program instead of adding this feature onto your existing car insurance policy.  

If you have to pay a deductible, your AAA club membership can be used to offset your replacement auto parts bill.

In order to get a substantial discount on your car insurance with your AAA club membership, you will need to purchase an auto insurance policy through the AAA club.  Other insurance products, like homeowners coverage, are also typically offered by AAA clubs.

How can a AAA membership help you to reduce your car insurance premiums?


If you buy an AAA club membership, you will likely be better able to finance all emergency car-related expenses.

Additionally, you won’t have to sign up for most of the optional programs available from your car insurance company.  By purchasing a standard policy for auto insurance, you will have lower rates.

Some consumers do not feel that AAA club memberships are a good value simply because they have never needed to make use of their services.

Many years ago, AAA clubs only offered the basic emergency roadside assistance program.  You can go to them first before consulting with your car insurance agent now that these clubs also offer the following:

  • extended warranty programs
  • finance options
  • car repair services

Motorists that only own one car or those that have recently purchased a brand-new vehicle might not benefit from an AAA club membership.

However, if you have several drivers on your policy and you insure two or more cars, your auto insurance premiums can go down continuously as a result of making use of your AAA club membership.

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