Cost of Car Insurance for Boys Higher Than Girls

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Here's what you need to know...
  • A higher percentage of males under 25 are arrested for DUIs, have more accidents, engage in reckless driving and don’t wear their seatbelts when compared to females under the age of 25
  • Once a male hits the age of 25, the statistics in regards to reckless driving drop.
  • One of the best ways to find an affordable policy is to comparison shop

The cost of car insurance is more expensive for boys than girls due to statistics on the driving habits and risk-taking activities of boys compared to girls.

Whether you are a teen or a parent of a teen, you will soon be dealing with the very real scenario of teenage motorists. You might be blown away by the price to insure your son versus what you paid to insure your daughters.

Learn why there is such a discrepancy and what you can do to manage that cost.

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How Insurance Companies Figure Premiums

The first thing you have to understand about insurance is that prices and quotes are mostly based on statistics. Your gender, your age, even your location are used to create a profile which has a direct effect on premium rates.

Teenage boys fall into a high-risk profile automatically and are usually stuck with higher rates than are girls.

One of the theories for the rate difference is that male teenagers tend to be full of testosterone at this young age, and can be much more aggressive while driving.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

 Secured with SHA-256 Encryption

Why is car insurance more expensive for males?

A higher percentage of males under 25 have the following offenses on their records compared to females of the same age:

  • arrested for DUIs
  • have more accidents
  • engage in reckless driving
  •  don’t wear their seatbelts

Statistically speaking teenage boys are simply higher risks for the insurance company than are their same age female counterparts.

The insurance company sees the statistics.

Once a male hits the age of 25, the statistics in regards to reckless driving drop. Thankfully, as males get older, they also mature and become aware of how important driving safely actually is!

What Can You Do for a Better Price?


Unfortunately, statistic-based reason overpowers individual freedom. Unless you want your son to hitch a ride on the bus, you have to learn how to deal with insurance companies and play the statistics game.

If you are a young man disgruntled by high insurance rates, then try to understand that car insurance companies aren’t the “bad guys.”

If you are a teen boy, strive to drive with caution every time you go out. If you are a parent, encourage your teen to abide by all traffic regulations and suggestions (particularly in the area of defensive driving).

Shop Around

One of the best ways to be sure you are getting a good rate is to shop around. With the prevalence of the Internet today, getting multiple free car insurance quotes is now a snap.

If you have gotten the rate quotes and still don’t like the numbers you are seeing there are a few ways to lower your own or your teenage son’s premiums.

Ask for Discounts


An insurance company might not come right out and tell you all the ways to save, but something as simple as asking about a discount might make those totals a little smaller. Many companies are now offering premium discounts for good grades.

Boys with higher grade point averages are statistically more responsible drivers, and that can lower their rates. Stay awake in math class, kids. It pays off!

Ultimately, a young person starts out driving under his parents’ insurance policy. Still, he can pay his fair share by contributing towards a combined family coverage or “multi-policy.”

Instead of creating his own insurance profile for his own car, he joins the policy already in progress by your parents.

Will Your Premiums Ever Decrease?

Although teenage boys are likely to object to driving the old man’s car, this saves a bundle on car insurance. A teen boy (of legal age) can drive a car under his own policy name but must expect to pay a much higher monthly premium.

What’s that young man? You would die if caught driving around in an old Toyota Corolla? Your style is probably a BMW sports car, right? Earn the right with a great driving record first.

The good news is that since a child has a good clean driving record, the rates are likely to decrease when it is time to renew his insurance policy.

Later on, a young man (probably over the age of 25 by now) may even find it economic to change to a single policy instead of adding a car onto the family policy.

Driver’s education courses may also help lower rates, as well as safety devices like an anti-theft alarm system, and anti-lock brakes installed on the car.

Why not use a car insurance rate quote tool right now and find a policy that is affordable for your family and a teenage son or just you or your teenage daughter? Enter your zip code below to start saving money now!

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