Car Insurance Discounts For Teachers

Teachers car insurance discounts often include low mileage and a higher level of education discounts. Updated safety features on your car and owning a home can also qualify teachers for more discounts. Certain companies specialize in educators insurance discounts so getting discounted car insurance for teachers is easy if you compare quotes online.

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UPDATED: May 26, 2020

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Here's what you need to know...

  • All jobs have effects on car insurance rates
  • Teachers qualify for car insurance discounts such as having safety features, a clean driving record, and low mileage on their cars
  • Being a homeowner can also decrease a teacher’s car insurance rates
  • Researching several insurance companies is the best way to find a deal on auto insurance rates for teachers

Teachers are a critical part of our society because they have a hand in the next generation.

Unfortunately, the full importance of teachers is not equally reflected in the amount they are pay for auto insurance. Teachers have to give special attention to their budgets, so a discount on car insurance can go a long way.

There are many common car insurance discounts for which a teacher qualifies.

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Do teachers get discounts on car insurance?

Car insurance companies realize that offering discounts is an excellent way to encourage people to switch companies, as well as a way to keep the policyholders they already have from leaving.

Car insurance discounts are often given to people with a newer car because of the following things:

  • Safety features
  • Having a clean driving record
  • How much they drive
  • Having a certain level of driving education
  • Being affiliated with certain groups
  • For being a loyal policyholder


It is very common for teachers to live close to the school where they teach, which means they could qualify for a discount for low mileage.

Drivers that do not drive as far on their daily commute are less likely to be in an accident, so most car insurance companies will offer a low mileage discount.


Having a degree can also save a teacher on car insurance. A teacher could also qualify for a car insurance discount while they are still in school with good grades.

Some car insurance providers offer a special car insurance discount for people with college degrees, and most car insurance providers offer a good student discount to high school and college-age students that have a high-grade point average.

Defensive Driving

A teacher could also earn a car insurance discount for continuing their education by attending a defensive driving course. A defensive driving course teaches drivers practical techniques on how to avoid a car accident.

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Safety Features

The type of car the teacher drives can also qualify them for multiple discounts. Usually, the newer the car is, the more advanced the safety features are.

By having more advanced safety features, it is less likely that the policyholder will be seriously injured in the event of a car accident. The insurance companies will pay less for medical payments related to car accidents.

A newer car is more likely to have a more advanced alarm system, which lessens the risk of the car being stolen and thereby reduces the potential financial risk that the insurance company takes by insuring it.

Certain car safety features like airbags, daytime running lights, and anti-lock brake systems all usually qualify the policyholder for a discount.

In addition to safety features, new cars that are environment-friendly often qualify for car insurance discounts. These discounts are commonly referred to as green discounts.

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How does owning a home affect a teacher’s car insurance rates?

Owning a home also qualifies you for an auto insurance discount. Homeowners are considered more responsible and, in turn, safer drivers. Two ways a policyholder qualifies for a car insurance discount by owning a home:

  1. The first is that some insurance companies offer a discount just for owning a home.
  2. The other common way to save by owning a home is by having both car insurance and a home insurance policy with the same insurance provider.

This type of discount is typically referred to as a multi-policy discount, multi-line discount, or a bundled discount. These discounts can save policyholders as much as 20 percent with most car insurance companies.

How can research save teachers money on their car insurance?

The most important thing a teacher can do to save money on their car insurance is to research several car insurance companies before deciding on one.

If they choose a company that already has lower rates and then apply for that company’s various discounts, they will save more money than by choosing a company that is more expensive, to begin with.

Insurance companies can be easily researched in terms of their financial strength and credit rating by the website for A.M. Best Company.

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Car Insurance Discounts for Teachers

Car insurance discounts for teachers can include travel discounts, car purchases, and store memberships. Companies like Teacher Insurance and Horace Mann Insurance offer similar car insurance discounts for teachers.

  • Educators receive discounted auto insurance rates from car insurance companies that specialize in reduced rates for teachers
  • Two companies that offer discounted auto insurance rates for educators in any school system are Teachers Insurance and Horace Mann Insurance
  • Members of the National Education Agency (NEA) may receive discounted auto insurance as a benefit of membership in the organization as well as additional discounts for travel, car purchases, and store memberships such as Costco
  • Educators should always compare insurance rates with several insurance providers before choosing one from which to buy coverage


Teachers are not only integral and important members of the community, but they are also some of the safest drivers on the roadways. That’s why insurance companies often offer educator’s discounts for those in this industry.

If you serve as an educator, you should shop around for the most competitive rate before settling on a provider. Doing so will ensure you your hard earned money as a teacher to the best use.

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Shopping Around for Car Insurance for Educators

When you are seeking an educator’s discount from a car insurance company, be prepared to prove your employment status. Some auto insurance providers will contact the school where you teach. Others will accept documentation from your employer.

You will be required to prove your credentials to the auto insurance provider to receive the discount, in most cases.

Obtain free quotes from the car insurance providers that specialize in providing insurance to teachers. With these quotes in hand, research some of the other car insurance providers to find out about their educator discount offerings.

Request free quotes from the tool for your selected auto insurance providers. Also, request the educator discounts offered by each company and then compare rates to get the best possible discount and deal for your auto insurance.

Compile a list of policies and rates from the car insurance providers that offer educator discounts.

Research the companies on your list to become an educated car insurance consumer.

After all, even though an auto insurance company may offer great rates and discounts for educators, you will want to be sure that the company will pay on claims and is known for their great customer service.

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Where Can I Get Teacher Discounts?

To research the car insurance companies on your list, check sites such as AM Best for the financial health of the company. Check your state’s regulatory agency to determine the market share in your state for each of your selected companies.

Review customer satisfaction survey data from JD Power and Associates to find where your selected car insurance companies rank in the national data.

Finally, read customer reviews about your selected insurance companies. Customer reviews provide unedited comments and reviews about experiences people have had with the various companies. Look for continuity in customer reviews.

If customers feel that they are well cared for by the car insurance company, you should see many positive reviews about the provider.

A few other considerations to ask your auto insurance provider before purchasing a policy include:

May I skip payments in the summer when school is not in session?

Teachers often experience a lag in their income during the summer months. Some car insurance providers will allow teachers to skip payments, or schedule their payments around the summer months.

Are my supplies covered if stolen out of my car?

Ask your insurance provider if you need to carry custom coverage to protect school supplies while in your car. Many auto insurance providers will accommodate teachers with such protection.

Get the Best Rates and Discounts

Educators will get the best car insurance rates and discounts by shopping around and comparing auto insurance carriers. The web-based auto insurance comparison tool makes the task of shopping around and comparing auto insurance companies quick and easy to accomplish.

Spending an hour or so using a comparison tool to perform side by side comparisons of different companies and rates will enable you to get the best possible deal on your car insurance rates.

Other useful sites when shopping for car insurance and discounts are review sites such as and has been in existence since the late 1990s and is perhaps the most widely-known and reputable consumer review site. uses customer reviews to rank companies, including auto insurance companies.

Spending some time researching car insurance providers will allow you to find the educator discount you deserve and to receive the best possible car insurance rates for your needs.

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Teachers: Car Insurance Doesn’t Have to Cost a Lot of Money

Car insurance savings for teachers can come from discounts for (1) having a degree, (2) commuting a short distance, (3) owning a home, and more.

  • Teachers can usually take advantage of discount on car insurance specific to educators
  • Having a college degree helps you pay less for car insurance
  • Many factors go into your individual premium

For teachers, car insurance doesn’t have to be a huge expense. Teachers, statically speaking, are on average better drivers than other types of drivers. This means that they get to take advantage of deeper discounts than drivers with other professions do.

As a teacher, car insurance is no more or less important than it is for anyone else. You are held by the same laws as other drivers are to carry a certain amount of insurance on your vehicle.

As a teacher, however, you probably make a little less than other degreed professionals, which means that you need to pinch pennies when and where you can.

Fortunately, for teachers, car insurance companies will typically offer discounts for educators in general. This is in addition to some of the other discounts that you can qualify for as a driver.

There are even auto insurance companies that only sell auto insurance to educators, which helps the insurance company keep their overall risk costs down because, as was stated earlier, teachers are statistically better drivers.

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Car Insurance for Teachers Should Cost Less

Perhaps you don’t like to brag or call attention to yourself, but as a teacher, you have every right to take a great amount of pride in what you do for a living.

What’s more, you should not feel that you are somehow gaming the system in getting discounts on things that other people don’t.

While there are parents all over the country who know the value of their child’s teacher, there is no doubt that teachers, in general, are unsung heroes of many people.

Fortunately, for teachers, car insurance companies don’t need you to wear medals or join a special club to know that you deserve a little bit extra savings when you make a necessary purchase.

What’s more, since studies bear out that teachers are safer drivers, insurance companies are in a position offer them even deeper discounts.

It is important to note that not every insurance company offers an additional discount for teachers. That is why it is important that you, as a teacher, take the time to get car insurance quotes from multiple sources.

You might be surprised at how different the quotes are from one another based on the insurance company’s willingness to offer a teachers car insurance discount base on their choice of profession.

You will also be able to determine which companies offer teacher discounts on insurance and which ones don’t.

There are many cases when an exceptionally low quote from an auto insurance company is a throw away quote, in other words, the insurance company somehow missed all the factors or calculated wrong.

As a teacher, however, you may see a significant difference based on the discount structure. This means you shouldn’t disregard any quote, no matter how low it is compared to other insurance quotes.

Car Insurance Discounts Are Available for Teachers

In addition to a teacher’s car insurance discount, there are other discounts that you should check to see if you qualify. For example, did you know that many insurance companies offer discounts if you have a college education?

As a teacher, you are a degreed person and you should be able to take advantage of that discount. Consider these discounts:

  • Degree – The reason that insurance companies offer discounts for people with a degree is that they believe that someone who will take the time to get a degree is a person who will be more responsible when they drive
  • Distance – Another discount that is common among teachers is a discount for driving for short distances. Many teachers can take advantage of  this because most teachers live within 10 miles of the school where they teach
  • Owning a home – If you own your home, you can get a discount for that as well. Once again, statistics bear out the fact that people who own their own homes tend to be safer drivers
  • Being married Teachers that are married can qualify for an additional discount too. There is no limit on how long you have to be married so newlyweds and educators celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary will qualify for the same discount
  • Safe driving – As a safe driver, you will qualify for great discounts as well. The longer you go without an accident or a claim, the cheaper your auto insurance will be
  • Car Type – The type of car you drive will have an impact on your discount options as well. For example, additional safety features, such as an alarm system, anti-lock breaks and so on will all affect your bottom line

Some car insurance companies offer even more discounts while others, typically smaller companies offer fewer discounts.

When you get a quote for auto insurance, some of the more common discounts will already be applied to your quote.

However, once you contact the insurance company about purchasing a policy,  you may discover the possibility of even more discounts.

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Car Insurance Prices for Teachers are Affected by Many Things

If you are you are a terrible driver or high-risk driver, have a lot of claims on your driving record, or live and drive in an area that has a high rate of accidents, you could see an increase in your overall rates.

Being a teacher is not enough to garner you low insurance rates, you will still have to meet the other requirements of the insurance company to qualify for lower rates.

There are some areas, however, that can positively lower your rates:

  • Zip Code
  • Credit Score
  • Age of Driver
  • Driving Record
  • Gender of Driver
  • When You Drive
  • Where You Drive
  • Total Claims Made
  • How Far You Drive
  • Type of Car You Drive
  • If Your Policy Has Ever Lapsed
  • Who Will Be Driving Your Vehicle
  • How Often You Let Your Policy Lapse
  • How Often You Change Insurance Companies

While every insurance company has their own considerations, this list covers the basics and will affect your initial rates before your discounts start to apply.

That is why it is so important to get quotes before you purchase.

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