Crazy Driving Laws

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Here's what you need to know...

  • Many states have obscure traffic laws that are no longer enforced but are still in the books
  • Traffic laws involving animals often have the creatures’ best interest in mind
  • You should be aware of any specific driving laws your state has

As if it wasn’t hard enough to obey all of the basic traffic laws, we now present to you the most ridiculous driving laws known to man!

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Famous Fictional Cars

We all know how important it is to drive carefully and in most instances, safety is the reason for rules and regulations when it comes to getting behind the wheel. The laws we are about to show you, however, seem both crazy and unnecessary!

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While some cops will let you off for a lot of these strange offenses, the official position of most law enforcement officers is that ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Wild Traffic Laws: Animals


A lot of the stranger traffic laws in our nation deal with animals. Animals and automobiles often don’t mix.

Bumper stickers like “I brake for wildlife” are a testament to some drivers’ desire to see all creatures, great and small, live unencumbered by vehicles.

Here are some of the weirdest animal-related traffic laws we’ve managed to find:

  • In Alaska, it is illegal to strap your dog to the roof of your car.
  • Both California and Tennessee have made it a crime to shoot any animal from your car with one odd exception: whales.
  • In Montana, you may not — under any circumstances — leave your sheep unattended in your truck!
  • Rural Pennsylvania has such esteem for the safety of animals that they made it a law that when driving down a country road one must stop every mile and set off a signal rocket to make sure that there is no livestock in your path.

Dumb Driving Laws: Place/Time Specific

Car on the empty road at sunset.

Some traffic laws only apply after or during certain hours, such as:

  • Driving a black car at night on a Sunday in Denver, CO.
  • Driving a red car on Lake Street in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Blaring your horn after 9 p.m. in any area in the state of Arkansas where people are serving ice cold beverages and sandwiches.
  • Driving in a cemetery in North Carolina

Weird and Funny Traffic Laws: Roundup

mixed emotions

Some of these laws are so crazy that they defy categorization.

  • Memphis and New Orleans both boast a seldom-enforced law mandating that female drivers must have a man in front of the car waving a warning flag. We’ve come a long way…
  • Canton, OH, has made it a crime to share the road with anyone in roller skates.
  • The city of New Britain, CT, dictates that no firetruck shall exceed a speed of 25 miles per hour. “Where’s the fire, buddy?”
  • California women are forbidden from driving while wearing a housecoat.
  • In a law that would be almost impossible to obey in any state, let alone the Garden State, New Jersey has made it illegal to frown at a police officer while you are being pulled over.

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