Is RV insurance required?

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Here's what you need to know...
  • Your car insurance policy will not cover your RV
  • Your homeowner’s insurance policy will not fully cover your RV
  • You will need special coverage if you plan to travel to Mexico
  • There are many types of RV insurance plans and you will have to decide which is best for you

If you decide to have the great American family summer vacation and purchase an RV to travel to our magnificent national parks, numerous campgrounds or just to see the backroads of the U.S., you will need not just special car insurance, but actual RV insurance.

Many people, when they purchase an RV, simply figure their current car insurance policy will cover their newly purchased RV. This is not true.

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So, buy that RV for your summer excursion with the family or loved ones, but make sure you know what things you need to be aware of when purchasing RV insurance.

You don’t want your travel marred by an unfortunate accident or event that your current car insurance does not cover fully or — worse yet — at all.

Doesn’t my homeowner’s insurance cover my RV?

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Some homeowner policies may cover some of the personal property inside your RV if you have an unfortunate event in which some of your belongings are ruined or stolen, but to say the homeowner’s insurance alone will cover all issues related to your RV is false.

Personal property not in the primary residence is usually not covered, or only partially covered, in many homeowner insurance plans.

So, don’t think that with even great homeowner coverage that your RV will be fully covered – you will need more.

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What are some of the big differences between RV insurance and regular car insurance?

Although there are some similarities between RV and a regular auto insurance policy, there are numerous differences that one needs to think about and know when purchasing a reliable RV insurance coverage:

  • Think of RV insurance as a hybrid of both your car and homeowners insurance rolled up into one unique plan.
  • Any gadgets or gizmos like DVD players, furniture, computers, and televisions are not covered regular car insurance, so an RV plan is needed.
  • You need to cover the entire RV’s large and small parts – awnings, stairs, sliding doors, etc.
  • Towing an RV is much more expensive than a regular car and your normal auto policy will not cover this expense fully, if at all.

One of the great benefits of having RV insurance is that you can be covered if your RV is in an accident or collision, is broken into, or is stolen during a trip or vacation.

Depending on the type of coverage you procure, you will be able to get reimbursed or covered for any food, transportation and lodging needs due to your RV being in an accident or incident that renders the vehicle unfit to drive.

Does my RV insurance cover me if I drive over to Canada or Mexico?

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Although all car insurance companies offer slightly different policies, and you should always consult with your RV insurance agent when you are leaving the state with your vehicle, here are some general truths:

  • You should be covered in Canada the same as you would be in the U.S. – Generally speaking, driving into Canada doesn’t usually necessitate purchasing additional RV insurance than the one you currently possess.
  • You will need special insurance to travel with your RV in Mexico – You will need a Mexican rider added onto your current RV insurance plan to cover collision and comprehensive, but you will still need to buy Mexican auto insurance to cover your liability.

It would be rather unwise not to purchase liability insurance for even a short stay in Mexico.

If you get into an accident and injure another party while south of the U.S. border and don’t own Mexican auto insurance then your U.S. insurance can’t help you. You will be personally liable for the entire amount of that individual’s injuries and medical costs.

How costly is RV insurance?

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The cost of RV insurance coverage depends on the carrier, the state you live in, and what you have covered. Cost can run from the low $1,000’s to somewhere in the $4,000 range per year. Like in any auto insurance a few factors can impact the cost of your premiums:

  • Driving record
  • Safety features on your RV
  • The amount of liability and collision coverage you take out for your RV
  • Your age and sex
  • Cost of the RV

You will find the cost of coverage well worth it if your RV is stolen during your trip. Also, remember that if you finance your vehicle you will have to take out a required amount of collision and liability insurance, as you would if you purchased a car.

You are able to purchase coverage so that if your RV is totaled or stolen, you can either be reimbursed its current value, or have coverage that pays the cost of a brand new model.

To get a better grasp of how insurance coverage works, you need to compare RV and car insurance quotes from around the country by typing in your ZIP code now!

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