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Esurance Car Insurance Review

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Here's what you need to know...
  • With Esurance, you can fully manage your account online
  • Esurance offers many discounts
  • If you are an Esurance customer and are involved in an accident where your vehicle needs repair, you can follow the repairs online as they are done
If you are considering changing your car insurance or buying a new car insurance policy, you should take a look at Esurance. This company has been providing insurance services online since the 1990s. Esurance will give you a quote online in 6 minutes.

If you want a car insurance policy that you can manage online, you should review an Esurance car insurance policy. Once you get a quote, you can save it and go back to review it. Esurance is not the best car insurance company for everyone then, so make sure to do your due diligence.

Use our FREE tool above and just enter your zip code and get a full car insurance comparison today!

Discounts with Esurance


  • Multi-Car Discount – You can take advantage of the multi-car discount with Esurance if you insure more than one vehicle.
  • Safe Driver Discount – If you have not had any accidents within a certain timeframe, you are eligible to use this discount. Esurance does not state exactly what the discount is. Some states will allow Esurance to apply a good driver discount after your driving record has been evaluated.
  • Anti-Theft Devices – If your vehicle has an alarm or other anti-theft devices, you may be able to get a discount.
  • Safety Equipment – Esurance applies discounts for safety equipment on your vehicle automatically.

Your Esurance car insurance quote will list all of your discounts.

Esurance Customer Service

When you buy an Esurance car insurance policy, you are taking advantage of being able to manage all aspects of your insurance account online. There is a toll-free number for Esurance also but most of your communication with Esurance will be done online.

There is an automated coverage tool that can help you select the right amount of coverage. Esurance offers a lot of articles on commonly asked questions regarding car insurance.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

or call (855) 425-8122 for free quotes

Reporting an Esurance Claim

You can report an Esurance claim online. There are customers service representatives available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week at a toll-free number.

There is a service that you can use to see your vehicle as it is being repaired. You simply log in and then if your vehicle is at an E-Star direct repair facility, you will be able to see your vehicle going through the stages of repair.

Esurance does have a learning center where you can find definitions for common car insurance terms. The toll-free number for Esurance is clearly visible on every page of the website.

It could be difficult for another company to beat the convenience of Esurance.

However, you should still shop around for insurance companies as each company is different. Get started comparing auto insurance today!

3 Reviews for Esurance Car Insurance Review

  1. John S says:
    • 33333

    I switched to Esurance to save a little money after switching my state of residence. Moving to Florida meant I’d pay a lot more for quite a bit less coverage than I had. Turned out to be a pretty easy transition – with the exception of the email phone number mix-ups. For some reason, the underwriters didn’t use my contact information that I included when I signed up to try to contact me.

    Instead, they tried to use other methods, and when they failed, were planning on cancelling my policy. It was all straightened out relatively easily, but I hope they will be a little bit more reliable if there ever is a need for a claim. I’m happy with the discounts, but just not quite confident in their system yet.

  2. Aaron says:
    • 11111

    You get what you pay for and Esurance is very cheap. If you are insured by them i hope you never file a claim. It will suck.

    On the first call, I was told “we are more self-service” when I asked for an email with my claim information in it.

    Then a follow-up voicemail from someone random at Esurance telling me my deductible was $1000 for a hit and run.

    Then after several days of phone tag, I finally gave up and started the repair process on my own.

    6 days after my initial call, I finally talked to a live person who i told my unsatisfied experience too. Within the hour I then got a pissed and defensive adjuster who made me feel like it was my fault that someone hit my car in front of my house.

    At that point, I was frustrated with the entire experience and closed the claim. I don’t have thousands to spend on anything but I AM TAKING CARE OF IT MYSELF TO AVOID TALKING TO THOSE PEOPLE AGAIN. It’s disappointing that it went this way but my day is hard enough without this type of added stress.

  3. Sean says:
    • 44444

    I switched to Esurance when I moved my insurance from Iowa to Colorado. The other options were very, very expensive, although I always had a great relationship with State Farm in the past. The prices were decent, and after I got married, it was easy to add my wife’s car to the policy.

    After 4 years, two of our cars were damaged in a hail storm. Filing a claim online was easy enough, however it was a little disappointing that I needed to go through the process twice, one for each vehicle. It was also a little disappointing that I needed to deal with each vehicle separately through the entire process, including two different adjusters on two different visits over a week apart.

    The insurance adjusters, both of which are from an outsourced company called Claims Solutions, were polite and quick, however, they were also pretty thorough, seeing damage that was not easily visible, and including replacement of weatherstrip that probably did not need to be replaced. Also giving me information to contact them if the repairs were more than their estimate.

    Dealing with different people at the Esurance call center was a bit of a burden since I needed to go over the details with each one, however, it really only took a few minutes, and they were all helpful, guiding me through what needed to be done. One one vehicle, I had paid the loan off after I took out the insurance policy, and this needed to be updated in their system, which required me to fax a copy of the new title showing the lien had been cancelled. Once this was done, I was paid directly for the damage to each car, and then took the cars to get fixed.

    Overall, there were a few things that I learned about the way that insurance worked, but I got both vehicles fixed, my claims were paid, and I’m happy with the repairs.

    I’ll probably check the other insurance options again, and see if I can find a good deal, but since I have these two claims, I may not get better options.

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