3 Simple Ways to Insure a Vehicle Not in Your Name

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UPDATED: Mar 14, 2018

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Here's what you need to know...

  • If you already have auto insurance, you can add a vehicle to your policy
  • You can purchase a non-owner car insurance policy but there are exceptions to this coverage
  • You should begin your car insurance search with a rate comparison tool like the one found on this page

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How does one purchase auto insurance on a car that is registered to someone else?

Well, car insurance is just one of those things that you can’t do without if you own a vehicle.

If you ever have an auto accident, you will quickly learn to appreciate what your auto insurance has to offer you.

While everyone who owns a vehicle has to have auto insurance, the question does come up from time to time as to whether it is possible to get auto insurance for a vehicle that you don’t own.

The simple answer to this question is yes, it is not only possible, but it happens very often.

There are three ways that this type of coverage is possible. Read on and you can learn which option is best for you and then also be sure and enter your ZIP code to start comparing free quotes for car insurance today!

#1 – Add to an Existing Policy

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When you already have your own auto insurance for a car that you own, you may be able to add another vehicle to your policy.

There are some things that you need to prepare for, however, that prevent total strangers from insuring a vehicle for nefarious reasons.

What You NeedWhy
Your Insurance Company's AgreementYour insurance company has to agree with adding the vehicle to your existing policy. Not every company will, so you may need to find a new insurance company that can better meet your needs.
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)This information will not necessarily affect your rate, but it will ensure that you actually have access to the vehicle and know the person who owns the vehicle.
List of DriversAdding the vehicle to your policy does not cover the person who owns the vehicle, only you. While you can add that person to your policy (take for instance if it is one of your children or your spouse), keep in mind that your rates will increase if they have poor driving records or fall into the under-27 age category for drivers (the younger they are the more they will cost).

If you want to insure the vehicle for your driving purposes only, then you will not need to add other drivers to your policy.

#2 – Non-Owner Coverage

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There is also a policy option for people who want to have the option of driving someone else’s vehicle from time to time when that person’s insurance does not cover other drivers.

This option is called non-owner insurance.

Non-owner insurance is a very limited policy that allows you to drive someone else’s vehicle.

It provides liability coverage, but generally no protection for the vehicle you’re driving. If you cause an accident or drive into a tree or the vehicle is hit by an animal while you are driving, this type of insurance will not cover those situations.

You will not qualify for this type of coverage if the following is true:

The expectation is that if you are a regular driver of a vehicle, the vehicle owner will add your name to their policy, thereby providing you with complete coverage that their policy has to offer.

If that person doesn’t want to add you to their policy, you do have one more option to consider.

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#3 – A Regular Insurance Policy

If you don’t meet the criteria for non-owner insurance and the owner of the car you want to drive doesn’t want to add you to their policy, you can purchase a separate policy for that vehicle.

This option provides you with the same coverage that you would expect from any other policy that you would buy if you owned the car for yourself.

In order to be allowed by your insurer to purchase this coverage, you’ll need to prove insurable interest. Basically, you will have to prove that you would suffer a financial loss should the vehicle you’re insuring be damaged.

In this situation, you are able to purchase any amount of coverage that you want for the vehicle, including comprehensive coverage for those odd things that might happen when the vehicle is in your care.

If you drive a vehicle regularly then it is up to you to be responsible for getting the proper coverage for when you drive it.

Choosing the Correct Insurance

Now that you understand what your options are, it is time for you to pick the right auto insurance for your situation. This part of the process can become quite overwhelming if you have never bought auto insurance before.

The easiest method for you to try is to use a free quote tool like the one that is available at the top of this page.

Quote tools are quite valuable for those individuals who are looking for a deal when it comes to their auto insurance purchase. Here are some ways quote tools are beneficial:

  • While it is easy enough for you to get a quote from individual websites, you can’t get quotes from every company that provides insurance in the state that you live in unless you have a great deal of time.
  • Filling out the same forms over and over can get quite tiring.
  • They don’t require you to put in your social security number or give us your other personal information to get a quote like insurance sites do.

Your information is yours to keep until you make your final decision about your insurance company.

You will also need to decide whether or not you want collision and comprehensive coverage types on the vehicle that you are driving.

Because you are driving someone else’s vehicle, you need to be considerate of their needs and desires regarding this part.

If their vehicle is still being paid for, you must purchase a full coverage plan to satisfy their agreement with their lender. If you don’t, you could risk them losing their vehicle or facing a fine from the lending company.

You may also want to read other articles like this one that discuss the benefits of different types of coverage. This will give you a clear and comprehensive idea of what type of insurance is right for you.

In addition, it will help you understand why there are different rates for different cities and states and even different zip codes. The more you know the more informed your decision will be.

While getting auto insurance isn’t as cheap as most people would like it to be, it is a necessity if you are going to drive someone’s car or truck.

Get the coverage that you need to ensure that your friend’s vehicle has the protection necessary to protect them from financial trouble if you should get into an accident while driving their vehicle.

If you want free quotes fast with no obligation, take ten minutes to use our free quote tool. Just click on the tool at the bottom of the page to enter your ZIP code below and find the best insurance you can find at the best rates possible for FREE!

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