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Here's what you need to know...
  • The Taurus has been in production for over 30 years and continues to be a popular vehicle
  • Your age and driving history play a big role in determining your car insurance premiums
  • The Taurus’ safety features help keep your insurance rates low

The Ford Taurus was introduced in 1985 and is still in production today. Considering the MSRP starts at $27,110, it may not be an expensive car to insure at an average of $1,100 per year.

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Insurance costs vary widely based on many factors, including where you live and what the current trends are in your neighborhood. If your car is a high theft item then your insurance premiums are going to reflect it.

The trim options for the Taurus are as follows:

  • SE
  • SEL
  • Limited
  • SHO

The MSRPs on these base models range from $26,180 to $38,780.

If you buy the more expensive Ford Taurus SHO you can expect to pay more for car insurance than if you buy total car insurance for your Ford Taurus SE.

Total insurance or full coverage includes liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage.

What are the ways that car insurance rates for a Ford Taurus are determined?

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Your driving record is the most important factor that insurance companies look at when determining your rates for insuring a Ford Taurus.

For example, if you have a clean driving record with no at-fault accidents and no moving violations, you will most likely save money on your insurance rates. This is because a driver with a clean record is less of a risk to insurance companies and is considered a preferred driver.

Preferred drivers often get lower rates.

Another factor is the number of miles that are driven with the Ford Taurus each year. If you drive your Taurus 10,000 miles or less per year, you will pay less than if you drive a higher amount.

The more time you spend on the road, the greater the opportunity that you will have an insurance claim or a moving violation.

Younger drivers also have higher insurance rates.

This is because they have less experience driving, and are considered a higher risk than older, more experienced drivers.

Why does car insurance cost more for the 1996 Ford Taurus?

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If you have a 1996 Ford Taurus you may be paying more for your car insurance premiums than if you had another model year Ford Taurus. That is because in 2002 the 1996 Ford Taurus was one of the top ranked cars for auto theft.

Although that was over a decade ago, the Taurus remains a popular target for thieves. Out of the top most stolen cars in 2002, the 1996 Ford Taurus ranked number nine. Anytime a car is a hot commodity for car thieves, car insurance companies raise the rates.

You can usually lower you car insurance by installing certain safety features. Depending on where you live, though, you may have very little control over the insurance rates. If you live in a high-risk neighborhood your rates will reflect it.

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How do I find the cheapest car insurance for a Ford Taurus?

The Ford Taurus is not currently on the list of the most stolen vehicles, so you may be able to get your car insurance reduced if you are still paying a higher rate. If you are paying more for your car insurance because of where you live, there may not be much you can do about it.

However, there are ways to reduce your car insurance rates.

  • If you keep your Ford Taurus in the garage you may be able to get a discount. The same is true if you keep it in a secured lot when you go to work.
  • Your Ford Taurus is most likely equipped with airbags and other safety features. Tell your insurance agent so that you can get a safety discount.
  • If your car did not come with a factory installed alarm system, get one installed aftermarket. The cost is negligible because you will get a discount on your insurance as well as the comfort of knowing that your car is armed.
  • Having good credit and an excellent driving record can help keep your rates down.
  • You may also be able to reduce your rates just for passing a defensive driving course or getting good grades (if you are a student).

What does total car insurance mean for a Ford Taurus?


Getting a Ford Taurus is a commitment. It is not a car that you are buying to pass the season until you can afford something better. Protect your investment with total car insurance. Total car insurance includes liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage.

There is really no package that includes all three components, although collision and comprehensive can be bundled together.

You are always going to carry liability insurance on your car so that you are not breaking the law. However, you may want to carry higher coverage limits than the state requires just to be sure you have enough coverage to protect all of your finances in the case of a lawsuit.

With a new Ford Taurus, you can buy collision car insurance to give you coverage if your car gets damaged in an accident and you are the party at fault.

Comprehensive car insurance will pay you benefits for car repairs or a car replacement per your policy for any number of non-collision related events.

What are some other ways to save money on car insurance for a Ford Taurus?

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Like many of the other models of Ford vehicles, the Taurus comes with a special safety feature known as MyKey.

This gives parents the ability to set up the car with certain limitations such as controlling the maximum speed, volume of the radio, and use of the built-in Bluetooth when their children are driving.

Since most car insurance companies charge higher premiums for policies with younger drivers, this is one way that parents can save money on rates. Another way is to ask your insurance company if there are other discounts for which you’d qualify.

For example, many insurance companies offer a good student discount. This is usually up to 5% off the total premium if there is a driver under the age of 23 on the policy that has a grade point average of “B” or higher in either high school or college.

Having two or more policies can also save money. If you have insurance coverage on a Ford Taurus, you can save money by getting another insurance policy with the same insurance company. This coverage can be for another vehicle, or even for renter’s, homeowner’s, or life insurance.

It is easy to get total car insurance for your Ford Taurus. Car insurance quotes can be compared for FREE right now just by entering your ZIP code below!

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