Your Car is on Fire! Hilarious Insurance Commercials

What are the funniest insurance commercials of all time? In fact, what is the THE funniest insurance commercial of all time? Well, check out eight of the best insurance commercials that have ever been aired and judge for yourself!

Car insurance isn’t exactly the most exciting product to sell to the masses, but the car insurance companies certainly try their best to entertain us and capture our attention. Since we’ve got to buy it, we might as well sit back and enjoy the free entertainment, right?

Some of their commercials are funny, some weirdly funny, and other just plain weird. Whatever it takes to get a bit of our attention span to buy an insurance policy is what they’re after; watch what they’ll do to get it.

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1. The Bouncing Tire

This commercial from Bangkok Insurance tells a little story about what really happens to a tire when it rolls straight off of your vehicle on a major highway.

Notice the amount of realism by making it appear to be shot from a security camera above the freeway. The only thing they left out is a caption reading, “based on a true story.”

2. Drive-By Trucker

This is an Austrian commercial for Vienna Insurance Group, and it goes to show that you never know what might happen on the road.

The little bicycle horn is a nice counterpoint to the huge tractor trailer horn at the end of the clip. Remember: never sleep and drive!

3. Anybody Can Get Car Insurance!

Is it really that hard to get car insurance? This commercial from the alphabetically named “A-AAAble Auto Insurance” makes it seem as if acquiring a policy for your vehicle is harder than getting a job.

Maybe that’s the problem with these people in the commercial. Depending on who you are, this may be funny or just a tad strange.

4. Get You Some of That Insurance

This commercial is probably broadcast after 2:00 in the morning, in between those poker tournament shows and infomercials about real estate investing with no money down.

Or, for people who have been caught without insurance, which is what SR-22 is for. Lincoln Auto Insurance might be able to help, but you’ve got to be suspicious about how much they’re spending on props for their commercial.

5. Honk for Fonk Insurance

DWI? Yes! SR-22? Our Jedi will shoot that down. Too many tickets? We’ll cut through that with a chainsaw. Take that to the bank.

This commercial for Washington’s Vern Fonk Insurance is wildly entertaining, and just one of forty commercials you can view here. We’re just glad people with problems like this can be insured and on the road with us.

6. Hot Ride

We’re not sure how this contrasting of car culture and musical styles is capable of selling car insurance, but this YouTube video for Delta Lloyd Insurance has over four hundred and fifty thousand views.

Probably one or two people picked up a policy from watching this, right?

7. Super Cheesy

This may be the most cheese-tastic commercial of the bunch. Even the name of the insurance company, Survival, doesn’t really sound like the best name for insuring your car.

This just goes to show that some companies are playing the marketing game, just to get your attention.

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