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The Ultimate Cross Country Motor Home Trip Guide

Here's what you need to know...
  • Our RV road trip planner guide below will give you everything you need to know to plan a motorhome road trip extravaganza
  • If you plan on sightseeing off the beaten path, then you likely will want an extra vehicle
  • Talk to your insurance provider, as it’s critical to have health insurance when driving such long distances
Have you ever thought about leaving your home base and roaming free in a totally epic RV trip? Many individuals and families have done just that, taking on an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

But undertaking such a mammoth journey requires deft preparation, so you’ll need to start planning far in advance to ensure a smooth trip.

Although a successful cross country RV trip involves a lot of work up front, the rewards are worth it to see America via the road!

Embarking on a great cross country road trip adventure via camper can seem overwhelming. Even the most experienced Cross Country Road Trip Planner can ask some of the basic questions. Should I find an RV for sale?

Should I use a cheap pop up camper or a more expensive Gulfstream RV? What kind of car insurance do I need? How much should I budget for gas? All of these questions and many more can weigh on you before you even get going on your cross-country RV trip.

Don’t worry because…

Our across the USA RV road trip planner guide below will give you everything you need to know to plan a motorhome road trip extravaganza!

Make sure you have the proper insurance on your recreational vehicle by using the FREE search tool at the top of this page! Simply enter your ZIP code to get started.

Recreational Vehicle Options

AdobeStock_45059942-1600x1600If you’re a true RV trip planner, you know you are going to need transportation if you don’t already have it – and your choice will depend largely on how many passengers you have.

Remember, an RV is tight quarters, and a long trip will make you think twice about how you’re going to fit everyone.

Your best bet is to find something used for a good price; an RV is a significant investment and depending on whether or not you plan on using it again, going for a secondhand model is probably your best bet.

Check out eBay Motors or CraigsList.

Additional Vehicle vs. RV Trailer

Unless you plan on wielding a huge RV wherever you go, you might want to consider towing an extra car. This will allow you to do even more exploring than otherwise possible.

But it depends on your situation: are you really going to use it?

If you plan on sightseeing off the beaten path, then you likely will want an extra vehicle.

Sometimes, the best alternative is to have an RV trailer you can park, then have a truck to take where you wish.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

Get Your Vehicle in Tip-Top Shape!

No one wants to hit the road and have mechanical problems while on vacation.

Make sure you have a licensed professional take a look at your rig and have it prepped to go before you head out.

No one wants to be stranded in the middle of the Mojave Desert, or during a blizzard in Maine.

Motor Home Car Insurance Options

Make sure you have great insurance for your RV. Since you’ll be spending so much time on the road, having a carefully planned policy is a very smart move.

Remember, anything could happen while you’re on the road. Make sure you have the right coverage and a reasonable deductible while you’re out there – if something happens, it will be worth it!

Your Route, Your Choice

RV Circuitous Road Trip

You could plan on making several stops…

RV Cross Country Road Trip

…Or drive straight through, coast-to-coast.

For many, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see anything in America: from Graceland to the Grand Canyon, from Yellowstone to Yosemite. You have so many choices once you hit the open road!

Many want to do a coast-to-coast tour, while others want to see everything the USA has to offer by taking a more leisurely route.

There are others that have taken some interesting cross country RV routes; visit Road Trip USA for plenty of route planning ideas.


During your trip, you’ll want to stay connected with people, research your next stop, and possibly get a little bit of work done on the internet. The best way is to get a data plan from your wireless carrier.

Multiple people in your party can then connect through the service through a special wireless router or hotspot. For example, most wireless companies have hotspot options for mobile internet.

You can also get a special satellite, but that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars to set up and run. Click here for a look at your options.

Track Your Expenses

AdobeStock_62082716-1600x1600Budgeting properly for your Motorhome trip is very important so that you don’t end up like Albert Brooks in his classic cross-country RV comedy Lost in America.

Defining your budget will go a long way on route planning and other important factors. Depending on how long you plan to travel, consider using an online tracking tool like to monitor your spending.

Stay as close as you can to your Cross Country trip planner, so that you do not spend more money than budgeted.

A cross country travel planner will help greatly in keeping your trip organized and fun!

Get Digital

Be sure to have rugged and road-ready gear to help you chronicle your trip! This will include a study digital camera, a camcorder, and of course a laptop.

Make sure that you opt for a notebook that is rugged and won’t fall apart on the trip.

Dainty gadgets aren’t going to be able to handle a long road trip like the adventure you’re planning.

For rankings on the best electronics, head over to CNET. If you’re looking for RV specific gear, check out an RV shop to personalize your vehicle.

Enter your home ZIP code below to get started comparing FREE car insurance quotes and then hit the road towards the ultimate cross-country road trip!

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