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Some of the highest rated car insurance companies that offer car insurance to Oregon drivers are:
  • Oregon Mutual Insurance Company
  • Allstate
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Farmers Insurance
  • Progressive

While a single car insurance company doesn’t offer the best insurance package for every person, there are some Oregon insurance companies that consistently receive higher ratings from their customers than other Oregon companies in the areas of auto insurance discounts, customer service, and price.

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Options for Insurance in Oregon


These are well-known companies that have been serving their customers for years. Some only offer auto insurance, while others give discounts to Oregon drivers who combine their home, auto, boat and personal insurance policies.

— Oregon Mutual Insurance Company

Oregon Mutual Insurance offers insurance to drivers in Oregon and throughout the Northwestern U.S. They are a small insurance company that is focused on personal service and knowing their customers.

Their rates for auto, personal and business insurance are probably not the cheapest, but they offer a great value to customers who are looking for a trustworthy agent that knows them personally and cares about their family.

Oregon Mutual Insurance Company is one of the few companies headquartered in Oregon, with their main office located in McMinnville.

— Allstate

Allstate is a national insurance company that is known for their eye-catching commercials. They have hundreds of agents located throughout Oregon to serve diverse drivers from the beaver state.

Some of the programs that drivers who are insured by Allstate appreciate are deductible rewards and accident forgiveness.

Accident forgiveness is a guarantee that Allstate will avoid raising their insured driver’s premiums because they were involved in an accident, even if it was their fault.

Allstate’s deductible rewards program gives drivers who don’t have any accidents or tickets on their record are given a $100 credit off their deductible when their Allstate policy goes into effect and another $100 credit each year for every year they are not involved in an accident. This benefit is capped at $500.

— Liberty Mutual Group


Liberty Mutual is another national insurance company that Oregon drivers often turn to for auto insurance coverage. In addition to their popular automotive insurance policies, Liberty Mutual Insurance offers business insurance for large and small businesses as well as auto insurance and home insurance.

Liberty Mutual is known for their better car replacement program. This program gives their insured drivers enough money to purchase a vehicle that is one year newer than theirs and has 15,000 less miles on it if their car is declared a total loss.

Another feature that many Oregonians appreciate about Liberty Mutual is their relationship with Enterprise Rent a Car. They have negotiated special rates for their customers so that even customers who choose not to purchase rental coverage get discounted rates for rental cars while their vehicles are being repaired.

— Farmers Insurance Group

Farmers Insurance is a large, Swiss-owned group that provides auto and other forms of insurance for more than ten million people in Oregon and throughout the United States. They also offer financial services to their customers.

Farmers Insurance has holds an excellent rating from A.M. Best Company and a very strong rating from Standard and Poor’s.

They are known for their blue and red wagon wheel logo as well as their consistently low premium rates for a variety of insurance products including online auto insurance policies that cover motorcycles, recreational vehicles and boats.

— Progressive Corporation

Progressive is another one of the largest auto insurance companies in the U.S., providing automobile insurance coverage for about ten million drivers throughout Oregon and the rest of the United States.

Progressive services most of their customers either online or over the telephone.

Progressive is known throughout the insurance industry for their low rates. They are also known for offering each customer several quotes from competing insurance agencies so that the driver can see that their quote is the lowest available to them before completing their purchase.

Several discount programs are offered by Progressive, including their snapshot program. This program allows drivers to temporarily install a device in their own vehicle that records their driving habits.

They send the device back to Progressive and receive discounts if their driving meets Progressive’s safe driving standards.

— PEMCO Insurance

PEMCO is based in Washington, but they also serve drivers in Oregon and several other states. The company only provided insurance to public employees when they began, so their name stands for Public Employees Mutual Insurance Company.

PEMCO now offers auto insurance to most drivers, regardless of their occupation.

PEMCO offers home, auto, life and boat insurance to their customers.

Their policyholders appreciate PEMCO’s excellent customer service and local agents.

They enjoy talking to a person right away when they call about their policy and don’t mind paying a slightly higher insurance rate to see smiling faces in their local insurance office.

88 percent of the PEMCO customers polled said that they would recommend their auto insurance company to their friends and family.

Buying Auto Insurance


Auto insurance isn’t something that most people think about until they are paying their premiums or are involved in an accident. Customers should always compare several different auto insurance policies to find the right insurance company for their needs.

Some insurance companies offer lower car insurance rates, but many of their services are automated and customers are expected to make policy changes online. Other insurance companies are locally owned businesses that support the community in many ways.

Drivers should request insurance quotes at the end of each policy period to ensure that their current insurance company is still providing them with the best combination of coverage, service and low premiums.

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FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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