Does attending driving school affect my car insurance rates?

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Here's what you need to know...
  • Some, but not all, insurance companies offer insurance for drivers who attend driving school
  • Driving school could provide decreased car insurance rates for you, your teens, and your family
  • Make sure you check your provider’s requirements for getting a discount from attending driving school

Some car insurance companies offer discounts to individuals who attended driving school.

However, not all insurance companies and states offer insurance for individuals who attend driving school.

Before participating in a state sponsored driving school, check with your insurance company to see if they offer this discount before enrolling.

You also want to make sure that you ask how much of a discount that attending driving school will offer you. Often insurance companies will offer anything from a three to five percent.

Check to see if there is a special driving school you must attend to get the discount. Normally, that means it has to be a state-sponsored safe driving course.

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Will attending driving school decrease my own car insurance rates?


If the driving school you select is a state sponsored driving school there is a good chance that your insurance company will offer you a discount.

However, this is not a guarantee; it is important that you ask your agent if this type of discount is offered on your insurance policy.

While there are many discounts offered, not all insurance companies offer discounts for attending driving school.

You need to educate yourself about the type of discounts that your insurance company offers.

Some insurance companies offer homeowner discounts, good student discounts, and safe driving discounts.

Your insurance company will not necessarily ask you or make sure you are getting these discounts. You must ask your insurance provider if you qualify for any discounts.

Will attending driving school decrease car insurance for my teen drivers?


When a policyholder has a teenage child who is nearing driving age, they typically worry about more than just their child on the road.

Most budget-conscious families begin to worry about how adding their teenager will significantly increase their annual car insurance premiums.

Teenagers, especially male teens, are the most expensive group to insure because they are less experienced drivers and are therefore more likely to be in an accident.

In the case of male teenagers, car insurance companies consider them to be more likely to take risks on the road and, as a result, even more of an insurance liability.

One way that parents can offset the toll their teenagers will take on their car insurance rates is by making their teen attend a driver’s education course.

In the past, the responsibility to teach a teen to drive fell solely on his parent’s shoulders. Today, teens can take a class at high school from a qualified instructor.

Most schools today offer their own driver’s education course, but if the policyholder’s school does not, there are driving schools in most cities.

Driver’s education courses are a good idea because they do not just teach the teen the rules of the road but also special defensive driving techniques that help to prevent accidents altogether.

Once the teenager has taken and passed the driver’s education course, the parent can submit their certificate to their car insurance provider for a discount.

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Will attending driving school decrease car insurance rates for my family?

Depending on your insurance company, if everyone listed on the policy as a driver attends a state-sponsored driving school, there is a good chance that the company may offer a discount for each driver.

However, some insurance companies only offer discount for the main driver or policyholder on the policy. If you are a parent then having your teen driver take classes is a great idea.

Chances are your insurer will view that as lessening the risk of coverage for a young driver. In addition to the financial incentive, these classes will help your child to be a safer driver.

Will attending driving school decrease car insurance rates for me in my state?


There is no law mandating what discounts an insurance company must offer in any state. It all depends on your insurance company if they offer a driving school discount.

Again, not every insurance company offers the same discounts, nor do they always inform their customers of available discounts.

The best way to find out what discounts are offered is to speak directly to your insurance agent so that you get accurate information about the discounts available.

Always talk to an insurance agent about available discounts and ways to save money on your policy to help keep your family and vehicles protected as well as save you money.

What other discounts are available for drivers?


Most car insurance companies offer many different discounts so no matter what, their policyholders can be eligible for one or more of them.

Some common car insurance discounts are multi-policy discounts, multi-car discounts, accident-free discounts, good student discounts, long-term policyholder discounts, anti-theft discounts, and car safety discounts.

The majority of drivers today qualify for anti-theft and car safety discounts since safety features have come standard on the majority of new cars for years.

Car alarms, seatbelts, anti-lock brakes, and airbags are all features that can make a car eligible for a discount.

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