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Here's what you need to know...

  • AAA is an established, reputable member club with many benefits
  • Nationwide is a younger company that is rapidly growing
  • AAA and Nationwide offer various discounts to their clients

Are you considering AAA or Nationwide for car insurance? It’s a good idea to first learn some facts and company ratings so you can make an informed decision.

Read through this Nationwide and AAA comparison and then use the free tool on this page to compare car insurance rates from many different companies in your area!

Over 100 Years Of AAA

The AAA member club used to be called the American Automobile Association. AAA was created in March of 1900 to lobby for roads to be fixed and built. Its purpose was to make driving safer across the US. In 1909, AAA published its first US road maps.

AAA started in Chicago, Illinois with about 1,000 original members. The organization now has 50 million members in North America.

Its road services include travel guides, emergency automobile assistance, and maps for the states in the U.S.

AAA Products

AAA is different from any other insurer because its automobile insurance is exclusively provided through its 69 clubs that are located in state regions across the U.S.

AAA’s automobile insurance is called the Automobile Club Group or ACG. ACG insurance products include:

  • Automobile
  • Life
  • Travel
  • Homeowners
  • Dental
  • Medical

AAA Special Discounts

You can receive a discount on your premium if you buy your life, automobile, and homeowners insurance from AAA.

Members are also given a discount on their deductible in an automobile collision when the other driver is also an AAA member.

How does AAA insurance rate in customer satisfaction?

J.D. Power & Associates conducted a 2015 National Homeowners Insurance Survey on the major insurance companies. The survey ranked companies on a scale of 1, meaning less than the rest of the companies, to as high as 5, meaning being among the best.

Here are the results:

  1. Policy Offerings – 3
  2. Pricing – 3
  3. Billing and Payment – 3
  4. Contacting the Insurer – 2
  5. Claims – 2
  6. Customer overall experience – 3

Nationwide Insurance Still Growing

Nationwide started out in December of 1925 in Columbus, Ohio and became a public corporation over 72 years later in 1997. It was initially named the Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company.

Nationwide Products And Services

Nationwide insurance company is the 6th biggest auto insurer according to its recorded premiums.

Their insurance products and financial services include:

Nationwide’s Unique Insurance Discounts

You can receive a discount on your homeowners and car insurance if they are both covered by Nationwide.

Also, you can get as much as 20% off your premiums if all the cars you own are insured by Nationwide.

More discounts are offered when you remain free of accidents for 5 years and if your teenage child maintains a B average grade in school.

Nationwide’s Customer Service Rating

Nationwide was also reviewed in the “2009 National Homeowners Study” conducted by J. D. Power & Associates.

Here are the ratings:

  1. Policy Offerings – 3
  2. Pricing – 3
  3. Billing and Payment – 3
  4. Contacting the Insurer – 3
  5. Claims – 3
  6. Customer overall experience – 3

Nationwide or AAA car insurance?

When deciding between AAA or Nationwide, remember that there are many different companies to compare.

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