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Here's what you need to know...
  • Indianapolis has miles upon miles of highways crossing and circling the city
  • In Indiana, drivers are required to be financially responsible for any accident they cause
  • Car insurance companies will consider several factors when determining your rates
  • Make sure you compare car insurance companies to find which one can offer you the best coverage at the best rate
  • Indianapolis car insurance rates are slightly lower than the national average

Indianapolis is called the “Crossroads of America” for a reason, and every driver in Indianapolis needs car insurance.

Major highways come into the city from all directions where they converge on the I-465 expressway. This expressway stretches for 53 miles as it circles the city, providing residents with a fast route to go from one side to another.

Indianapolis features a planned downtown with the streets laid out in a grid that is easy to navigate.

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From concerts to museums, Indianapolis continues to prove that it has a lot to offer. Every year, the population rises as a result of the many industries that call this town their home.

If you are considering making a move to Indianapolis, here is everything you would need to know about your car insurance and finding a car insurance company.

Financial Responsibility Law


Indiana is an at-fault state, and Indianapolis drivers are required to be able to pay for any expenses they may incur by causing an accident. Driver’s can prove they have the financial means to pay for expenses by filing a bond with the state.

Following the rules of state car insurance is important and not something someone should take lightly!

They must have $40,000 in either cash or securities that is held in trust by the state of Indiana. Drivers in Indianapolis who are not able to demonstrate that they meet the requirements for financial responsibility are required to carry auto insurance.

Minimum Insurance Levels


It is important to remember that the car insurance coverage levels chosen represent the maximum amounts the insurance company will pay for any accident. If coverage levels are too low, you could still be held personally responsible for the balance.

While the state minimums are the lowest amounts that Indianapolis residents can carry, it’s highly advisable to choose higher coverage levels to protect yourself from lawsuits.

  • Personal injury protection for other people in the amounts of $25,000 per individual and $50,000 per accident.
  • Liability protection for property damage in the amount of $10,000 per accident.
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist protection is also a required part of all insurance policies. Bodily injury protection for underinsured motorists is $25,000/ $50,000 while property damage limit must be covered at $10,000.

Underinsured motorist bodily injury is also required at a minimum of $50,000. Customers can opt out of these fees in writing, but it is strongly recommended that you keep the added protection.

The Indianapolis Laws

Driving without insurance – Indiana has strict consequences for people who don’t follow their car insurance laws. Those people who can not show financial responsibility and choose not to carry insurance can have their license suspended for 90 days.

Getting the license reissued will require a $150 reinstatement fee. Repeat the offense and the reinstatement fee goes up to $225 after the suspension. The third offense carries a fine of $300 and if it happens twice in the same year, drivers will lose their license for a full year.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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  • Driver Exclusion – Customers can exclude certain drivers in their households on their Indianapolis insurance policy. Doing so frees the insurance company from any liability should that person still get behind the wheel and cause an accident.
  • Determining Premiums – By law, Indianapolis insurance companies can use several different factors when determining what the rates should be. They are allowed to consider:
  • Tort State – Indiana is a tort state and requires that someone be assigned blame for any accident. There are no restrictions or limitations on lawsuits, so if you are in an accident you can sue the other party.
  • Insurance Identification Card – The state and the city require that drivers carry an insurance card with them at all times to show proof of car insurance. If you are stopped by an officer for any reason be prepared to show that card along with your license and registration.

Conferences and Rental Cars

Indianapolis is a huge destination for conferences, making for a booming rental car industry. Rental car companies in the area are required to provide visitors with the required minimum coverage levels, at a cost of $7 to $14 a day.

Drivers with insurance that will cover rental cars can waive this service and avoid the fee.

Indianapolis Weather


Indianapolis sees a full range of weather patterns. The summers get hot and the winters will see a steady blanket of snow on the ground. Drivers in the city can expect to contend with ice and snow as well as rain.

Comprehensive insurance is what you will need to get your car fixed should you slide off the road and hit a tree or fence.

While it will raise your rates slightly, it is definitely worth having comprehensive coverage for the added peace of mind and protection.

Car Insurance Companies and Agents in Indianapolis

When choosing an insurance company, it’s vital that you pick one that is licensed in the state of Indiana. Not all insurance companies are licensed in every state, so if you are moving into the area for the first time check with your current company.

In addition to the national names like All State and Farmers, Indianapolis also has local companies that offer insurance protection. Find the top car insurance companies and make sure you are properly covered!

It is possible to buy straight from the company, working with random customer service agents when needed. However, an agent will give you more personal service. Your agent can direct you to valuable savings and car insurance discounts.

They can also help you get bundled packages for life insurance and homeowner’s insurance in some cases. Insurance agencies can also help walk you through the claims process should you ever encounter a problem.

Fewer Accidents

Despite the hundreds of miles of interstate crossing the city, Indianapolis roads are surprisingly safe. reports on Indianapolis that in 2014 there were only 83 people killed in traffic accidents, and only six of those accidents were caused by drivers who were under the influence.

The 500

One thing to keep in mind when living in Indianapolis is the Indy 500, especially if you live near the Speedway on the east side of town. This event draws thousands of people annually and the roads in the area will become extremely congested.

If you aren’t going to the race or any of the pre-race activities, your best bet may be to simply avoid the area. Otherwise, drive with an added level of caution so you can avoid accidents.

It’s also important to watch for pedestrians in the area as many people will park at businesses located some distance away and walk to the Speedway.

Car Insurance Rates for Indianapolis


Rates are slightly lower than the national average in Indianapolis.

Most drivers with a clean record can expect to pay about $100 a month for insurance coverage.

This amount will go up or down, depending on the coverage levels you select and your deductible. It is possible to ask for discounts based on taking safe driving courses or special safety equipment your car might have.

Talk to your agent to be sure that you are receiving all possible discounts.

Choosing a Company

Comparing rates is only the first step to finding a great auto insurance company in Indianapolis. Here are some tips to help you make accurate comparisons and choose the best company for you.

  • Make a List – Before you start comparing prices, make a list of the coverage levels you require. Consider all your assets and try to get coverage that will fully protect you in case of a lawsuit. Consider choosing a higher deductible to help keep the premiums low.
  • Apples to Apples Comparisons – When you look at the premium amounts, be sure all the companies are quoting the same coverage and deductible levels. Insurance for $300,000 of liability insurance will naturally be higher than the premiums for state minimum levels.
  • Honesty Required –When looking at automated systems that give you quotes from different companies, it is important to be honest about your driving record. Even if you are moving in from another state, the insurance company will still check your record before officially writing the contract.

With this information in hand, you are prepared to compare quotes on Indianapolis auto insurance from different companies.

Once you have a quote that you like, be sure to check out the company’s ratings with companies like A.M. Best and JD Power so you can choose one that is financially sound and offers excellent customer service.

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