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Here's what you should know...

  • Most people qualify for auto insurance discounts and don’t even know it
  • Learning about the different car insurance discounts can save you thousands a year on premiums
  • People of all ages can receive discounts on their auto insurance, including teenagers

With the high cost of living affecting almost everyone, a list of car insurance discounts may come in handy. The economy is prompting most people to look for discounts anywhere they can be found. For drivers all over the country, a list of car insurance discounts is a good resource for a mandatory expense that is wrecking budgets everywhere.

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Many major car insurance carriers are using clever discount programs and incentives to attract your business. However, it is up to you to determine how much car insurance coverage your family needs and choose a company that can fulfill them with the cheapest premiums.

Moreover, the company with the cheapest premiums may not offer you the best customer service and convenience. This is where as a consumer you have to list your priorities. This is the point where you have to decide you are willing to sacrifice value for price.

List of Car Insurance Discounts Offered by Major Companies


Major car insurance companies spend millions of dollars in advertising to attract your business. Most of these are in the form of commercials we see and hear every day in the media.

This type of advertising works because most people are too busy to do their own research.

People want convenience, instant information, savings and gratification, the latter including the former. When research is necessary, especially to save money, lists seem to get straight to the point. Lists are highlighted in bullet form or bold print so that your eyes are drawn directly to them.

Clever discount ideas are inspired by customer demands and of course creativity, trial and error. When they are presented to the public, their success is determined by the numbers. Some of those that have been tried and found to continuously work are:

  • Advanced Premium Payments
  • Multiple Vehicles
  • Multiple Policies
  • Good Driver
  • Military

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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Major car insurance companies always appreciate those who are willing and able to make premium payments in advance. It may be convenient for you to pay this way so you will not have to remember to write a check and mail it every month. The majors also appreciate when you have more than one vehicle to insure or when you are in need of both car and home insurance.

To show their appreciation, insurance providers began offering discounts because it increases their bottom line, and it attracts similar customers.

The good driver with excellent credit helps insurance companies maintain lower risk factors, while responsible and stable people allow them to anticipate future income. These drivers are also a bit more established in their jobs or careers, which means their age is usually over 25 years old.

List of Car Insurance Discounts for High-Risk Drivers


High-risk drivers, on the other hand, are less predictable, while their circumstances change more frequently. High-risk drivers also cost insurance companies more money, which in turn is passed on to these drivers. However, even high-risk drivers can find ways to save money.

Even if you are a high-risk driver because of your DWIs or DUIs, you may have money to pay in advance. This is a sure way to save instantly in addition to opting for a higher deductible. Other ways to receive instant discounts for high-risk drivers include:

Whenever you can opt for a 12-month policy it is going to give you instant savings as opposed to a six-month or nine-month policy.

DWI or DUI violators and speeders can redeem themselves by taking a safety driving course. This will usually knock six points off your driving record. Then, if you can limit your driving to your commute back and forth to work, you will be able to receive a low mileage discount depending on the length of the trip.

You can even purchase insurance by the mile nowadays. You can purchase insurance in increments of 6,000 miles or so for $.05 per mile or comparable rate. After three or four years you can negotiate a better rate with your insurer.

List of Car Insurance Discounts for Teens and Seniors

Although teens and seniors are considered high-risk drivers, car insurance companies welcome these drivers. Teens are welcomed since their insurance is usually connected with responsible and loyal parents. Seniors may have already demonstrated their loyalty if they have been with the company for many years.

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FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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