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Here's what you need to know...
  • Sacramento residents need to have car insurance coverage in order to drive in the state of California
  • Sacramento has specific requirements for auto insurance such as providing proof of financial responsibility
  • Sacramento offers low-cost auto insurance to those who have a difficult time finding cheap rates

Sacramento is the county seat and the capital of the state of California.

Sacramento holds the position of being the sixth largest city of California.

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Requirements for Auto Insurance in Sacramento


According to California regulations, the owner or driver of any car using the California roadways must first show financial responsibility.

The proof of financial responsibility must be provided whenever required by law enforcement officers.

This responsibility can be proven in any one of the following ways:

  • Holding a vehicle liability insurance policy
  • Depositing $35,000 cash with the Sacramento DMV
  • Carrying a DMV issued self-insurance certification
  • Having a $35,000 surety bond from a company with license to conduct business in California

If the owner of the vehicle has an insurance policy, then it must be liability insurance which compensates someone other than the holder of the policy for personal injury or damage to property.

Comprehensive or collision insurance policies do not fulfill the financial responsibility standards.

The minimum required car insurance is $15,000 for injury or death to one person in one accident, $30,000 for injury or death to more than one person in one accident and $5,000 for damaging property.

These requirements are the absolute state minimum for car insurance. Needless to say, if a brand new car or a car that is very expensive is involved in an accident, then the cost to repair the damage will most likely be significantly more.

Most drivers get more than the minimum insurance amount needed to fully protect themselves.

Car Insurance Laws


The Sacramento’s city car insurance laws were changed in 2006 in an effort to remove uninsured vehicles from the roadways and to make drivers financially responsibility for the destruction of property or injury due to an accident, regardless of whose fault it is was.

It was made mandatory by law for the car insurance companies in California to electronically report vehicle insurance information of private vehicles to DMV.

Information on vehicles covered under commercial or business insurance policies do not have to be reported.

This law makes it possible for the DMV to keep an eye on insurance coverage and take action, like suspending vehicle registration, when needed.

Vehicle registrations can be suspended if:

  • The DMV gets a notification that a policy has been canceled, and a replacement policy has not been acquired within 45 days
  • The DMV does not get insurance information within 30 days of issuing a registration card after the initial registration or ownership transfer
  • The DMV finds out that the registration was obtained by giving falsified evidence of insurance

Car Insurance Companies & Agencies

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It is possible to find brokers in Sacramento that deal with a large variety of insurance firms and thus can provide many types of car insurance policies from a variety of insurers.

Since each policy comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks, such brokers can clearly explain the fine points of each policy.

In this way, one can compare and decide which policy will be best suited for individual needs.

Whether the insurance policy is purchased online after comparing the cheapest options with our free search tool, or by going to the broker’s office, the insurance company has entered into a contract with the purchaser once the premiums are accepted by the company.

The company is then obligated to pay when the need arises, provided their conditions are satisfied.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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Average Rates for Car Insurance

In February 2011, the Sacramento city council approved a crash tax that will be imposed on non-local drivers who get into accidents while visiting the city.

According to current rates, such consumers will be charged $495 for standard crashes and up to $2,275 if a helicopter is used.

Given the current economic conditions in the country, other U.S. cities may follow suit since other cities are also having a difficult time financing fire and police costs.

This translates to a potential auto insurance rate increase in the coming few years as insurers rush to adjust quotes.

Certain insurance companies provide discounts to drivers who improve their driving by taking driving lessons and then maintain a clean driving record.

To help cut insurance costs, the California makes available a low-cost insurance program for income eligible drivers with safe driving records.

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