Car Insurance Discounts for Seat Belts

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Here's what you need to know...
  • You can get insurance discounts/incentives for seat belts, child car seats, and airbags
  • When you purchase a new policy, ask about these discounts
  • Buckle up! Seat belts can prevent car accident fatalities

Getting the seat belt usage discount is simple. Just tell your car insurance agent that you put on your seat belt every time you drive, and you could get a small discount. Not all auto insurance providers offer this discount, but there are also other seat belt programs available that may help you save.

There are several different ways that drivers can have seat belt discounts applied to their car insurance policies. Cars that have automatic seat belts and parents that purchase new child car seats and booster chairs can also receive incentives.

You won’t know which discounts you can get until you take inventory of all of your car’s features and then call your car insurance provider.

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Seat Belts Can Help You Save on Your Premiums

Man fastening seat belt.

When you use a seat belt each and every time you drive a car, you are at a reduced risk of being injured if you get in an accident. Many car accident fatalities could be avoided if the passengers and drivers were wearing their seat belts.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has released studies that come to the same conclusion. Even if your car insurance provider doesn’t offer this discount, wearing a seat belt at all times is still a smart move.

Receiving the seat belt usage car insurance discount is like being on an honor system.

If you truthfully answer the questions asked of you, you will have nothing to worry about. However, if you ever get in an accident and you were not wearing your seat belt, your discount will be removed and your premiums could be increased sharply.

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Automatic Seat Belt Car Insurance Discount

Sometimes, you won’t even have to tell your insurance agent that you have a car equipped with automatic seat belts in order to get the discount. Car insurance providers have access to a database that lets them know which vehicles come with automatic seat belts as a standard feature.

You can also get an automatic seat belt discount by applying for quotes online. Since most major insurance providers have detailed applications that ask many different questions, there will probably be a place for you to indicate that your car is equipped with automatic seat belts.

Discounts Related to the Automatic Seat Belt Discount

Cars that come with automatic seat belts usually have airbags as well. Some car manufacturers include airbags in base model vehicles, while others consider it to be an upgrade. You can get an even larger discount if you have airbags installed in both the passenger and driver’s side of your car.

Many states have laws that require small children to be strapped into car seats and booster chairs. Not many car insurance providers have discount programs for car seat usage, but some do help motorists by giving them monetary incentives.

Automatic Seat Belt Discount with a New Car


Adding a new car onto your auto insurance policy will cost you more money, but there are things that can be done to help reduce your expenses. Brand new vehicles have many new features that were not previously available.

Some models come with controls that allow you to parallel park easier, while others have sensors that go off when you come too close to another vehicle.

If you are the first person to register your car, you may also be able to get a discount because your car will be free of any structural flaws.

If you have purchased a new car, it probably has automatic seat belts. Check with your car insurance agent to be sure, but the automatic seat belt discount should be applied without you being required to take any further action.

When to Ask for Seat Belt-Related Discounts

When you purchase a new policy with a car insurance provider, you are beginning a new relationship. This is the best time to ask for the seat belt and automatic seat belt discount if it applies to you. You may find that your car insurance company does not offer any of these discounts; however, you also have choices.

If you believe that you will be able to reduce your car insurance premiums by receiving the automatic seat belt and seat belt usage discounts, this is the perfect time to make the switch. Get several car insurance quotes online, and go with the insurer that will help you to save the most.

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