What is a Utility Vehicle discount?

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Here's what you need to know...

  • A special discount may be available for utility vehicle drivers
  • Currently, four auto insurance companies offer utility vehicle discounts
  • Great savings on policies are possible through discounts

A standard truck might not be up to the task of doing new jobs that you require at home or for work. With so many outstanding utility vehicles available for sale, buying a new or used one better designed to handle unique tasks becomes fairly easy.

Moving or towing a heavy load, for example, won’t be a huge burden when the right utility vehicle pulls up to the job site.

Buying a great utility vehicle means investing in not only the cost of the truck, the driver must acquire highly-reliable insurance. Since a utility vehicle could be used to carry out somewhat risky tasks, buying a policy with significant amounts of insurance makes sense.

Does the purchase always come with high premiums?

The costs may be lower than you think. Owners and soon-to-be owners of utility vehicles may be able to save money with a utility vehicle discount.

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What is a utility vehicle discount?


A utility vehicle discount might not be as well-known as anti-theft or new car discounts, but they do exist.

If you own a utility vehicle, you may be able to save a decent amount of money by simply requesting an available discount. One insurance company reduces premiums by up to 15 percent for utility vehicles that qualify.

The year of the vehicle may factor into whether it qualifies for the discount.

Not all insurance companies offer this particular discount. A bit of comparison shopping helps the cause of locating the discount. Currently, the following four insurance providers discount utility vehicle policies:

Drivers should be aware that other insurance companies may choose to add or subtract discounts at any time. The number of companies presenting a discount could be extended in the future.

For this reason, utility vehicle drivers should keep an eye on the arrival of new discount offers to the market.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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How can a discount lead to better coverage?

Since a discount reduces the costs associated with purchasing a policy, you can pay less for more insurance coverage. Adding optional coverage such as collision or comprehensive plays a role in reducing expenses related to unexpected damage.

Cargo stored on a utility vehicle could very well attract lightning. If the driver has purchased comprehensive coverage, damage caused by lightning strikes would be covered minus the deductible.

Most states mandate auto liability insurance coverage. In no-fault states, additional requirements for personal injury protection and medical payments are required.

Due to the perceived high costs of insurance, drivers might not add coverage that isn’t mandated by law. Discounts and comparison shopping makes it possible to purchase affordable coverage.

With a utility vehicle, the driver might rely on the vehicle for important work. Farmers, roofers, contractors, and more find themselves in a difficult position when a vehicle is inoperable or, worse, totaled.

Comprehensive or collision coverage could pay for damages and keep the driver in business.

Also worth considering is uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. When a vehicle is hit by someone who fails to carry auto insurance, the only recourse to recover money is to sue. If the uninsured motorist doesn’t have any funds to acquire, the lawsuit would be pointless.

Finding an attorney to even take such a case could be nearly impossible.

With uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, you would file a claim against your own insurance company. After an investigation finishes, a settlement could be forthcoming.

The amount of money should cover the losses to the vehicle. Without uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, you would have to accept the loss. A utility vehicle discounts could make buying this and other types of coverage easier.

Can you stack more than one discount?


Combining more than one discount can be done depending on the insurance provider’s rules. When reviewing quotes, it never hurts to ask questions about all possible available discounts.

A utility vehicle owner who also owns another car likely could seek a multicar discount as well. The possibility may exist to bundle auto insurance with homeowner’s insurance.

A utility vehicle discount is nice, but discounts shouldn’t be the only things sought in an insurance policy. Look at both overall pricing and coverage benefits. Even when you are happy with your current policy, check out several new quotes every six months or so.

This approach increases the chances of getting the best auto insurance policy on your vehicle.

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