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Here's what you need to know...
  • There are drivers with high-risk vehicles and then there are drivers who are considered high-risk
  • High-risk drivers speed, tailgate, turn without braking, and generally make all the other drivers on the road nervous
  • If a driver’s record is exceptionally bad, an insurance company may choose not to renew the policy altogether

Don’t worry, we’re not here to lecture your lead-foot. However, it’s only a matter of common sense that if you are regularly stopped by police cars and or involved in major traffic collisions, your car insurance premiums will increase.

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What is the high risk category?
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High-risk drivers usually have tainted records including:

  • Traffic collisions
  • Tickets
  • DUI or DWI convictions
  • Policy lapses or no prior coverage

Additionally, teen and younger motorists are considered high-risk drivers by age alone, since statistically their demographic is involved in more car accidents than drivers above the age of 30.

If you are a high-risk category driver then take a strategic approach to finding an affordable insurance policy.

  1. Start by checking the DMV record and actually examining the citations that have affected your risk category.
  2. Always be sure you are up to date on fines for pending violations.
  3. After you pay any fines, you may contact the DMV and inquire about clearing your history of traffic violations.

Are there Other Options to Pursue?

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One of the main reasons high-risk drivers have to pay higher premiums is because they do not consider their options before signing an unfair deal in desperation.

They do not believe that they could ever find cheaper rates, since they have presumably driven themselves into a hole of high risk.

To some extent, it is true that auto insurance companies are limited in what discounts they can offer a high-risk driver.

The insurance company is carrying the risk and cannot afford to offer the same policy to a high-risk driver that they would for a lower-risk driver—say, a 50-year-old female driver with no recent traffic tickets or collisions.

The insurance company must consider factors like loss ration, and market share—not to mention the past examples of damages they have had to cover, insuring their high-risk driver.

In addition to driving history, an insurance company also considers driver demographics, claim history and credit information.

Instead of settling on a high premium policy, instead, why not invest in a defensive driving course?  Learning defensive driving is one of the best ways you can protect yourself from collisions.

Naturally, going the speed limit and staying out of the fast lane will reduce your chances of getting a speeding ticket.

Yes, it might hurt your pride to switch over to a lower-value vehicle than your current ride, but it will get you a slight discount on your premiums. Face it; it’s just much easier to insure a 1997 model sedan than a 2009 sports car.

Just make sure your vehicle has automatic seatbelts and airbags, since cars without these newer safety features tend to cost more to insure.

Last but not least, if you can’t seem to get a break on car insurance, look into joining someone else’s policy (such as a roommate or a parent) or even insuring more than one car under your name.

Either of these options may provide a small discount on your premiums.

Look for Insurance Companies that Want Your Business


If you feel that you are paying beyond what is reasonable then it may be time to look for a new insurance provider. Obviously, it’s not wise to go on looking at a traditional insurance company.

For the best results, look for an agent that offers high-risk driver insurance.

This type of policy is written for drivers who have had a history of traffic collisions or tickets. These are not “unsafe” drivers—they are drivers who are trying to recover from a past mistake.

If they can show the insurance agent that they are serious about improving their driving skills, and are taking precautions to avoid accidents, he/she may be able to offer you a better policy.

There are some companies and agents who actually target riskier drivers, knowing there is a market for these consumers.

You can find an insurance company willing to work with you, regardless of your past. What matters is that you turn over a new leaf, improve your driving skills, and actively search for a better deal online.

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