How to Insure an Off-road Vehicle

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Here's what you should know..:

  • Off-road vehicles come in various forms, from dirt bikes to 4x4s
  • Each state has its own unique off-road insurance requirements
  • You should look for insurance companies that offer benefits such as emergency roadside assistance if you own an off-road vehicle

Each individual has their own taste when it comes to cars. Some vehicles, however, are less conventional. Take Off-Road Vehicles (ORVs), for example.

ORV has become the umbrella expression for a general group of recreational vehicles capable of driving in areas that are generally not paved, smooth, or comfortable to travel on.

The necessity for insurance for off-road vehicles has increased along with their popularity. Today, there are more all-terrain vehicle owners than ever, and they need protection just like regular car owners.

Various vehicles fall into the all-terrain vehicle category and therefore qualify for off-road insurance. A few examples of ORVs that need insurance are dirt bikes, caravans, trailers, 4 x 4s, and quad bikes.

Additionally, there’s also the potential that they can come into contact with animals since “off-roading” is generally done is less human-populated areas.

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What does off-road insurance cover?

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Laws vary from state to state as to whether or not ORV insurance is required, or if it is, how much, for how long, and for whom.

Nevertheless, even if it’s not a requirement, it’s still a good idea to purchase it anyway, for your own protection, as well as anyone who will be riding.

The insurance coverage for off-road vehicles is quite similar to the coverage for general, on-road vehicles. For example, it includes all the regular hazards and issues, such as fires, theft, and collisions.

The additional components are there to protect against any such matters that come up when you use your vehicle for off road adventures.

These components include various accessories attached to the vehicle, such as lights and roll bars.

Additionally, your insurance company will recompense out for any property damage that occurs during usage from nature’s elements or things such as trees, gravel, boulders, etc.

Many insurance firms now offer emergency roadside assistance. This can include moving both driver and vehicle, sometimes with medical transportation, if necessary. 

Also, these emergency services will transport both to the appropriate locations for which help is given, such as repair shop, and even a medical facility.

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What factors affect your off-road insurance

Just like auto insurance, many factors will affect your insurance premium. Companies look at these factors to determine what type of risk you are and then decide how much they will charge you.

Things like the type of vehicle, your past and current driving record, the distance you travel regularly, your age, where the vehicle will be stored, and your experience with driving that particular type of vehicle.

Once you decide to contact an insurance company, check to be certain that they offer off-road coverage, as with any insurance, it’s most beneficial to ultimately select a firm with both knowledge and experience in the insurance of off-road vehicles.

It’s important to shop around first, and make a final determination only after doing all your “homework.”

The Cost of Off Road Car Insurance


Since new ATVs can cost between $4,000 and $9,000, many owners tend to purchase complete coverage with their policies including full liability, collision and comprehensive insurance.

Insurance companies bear in mind many the same aspects utilized for auto insurance for determining your car insurance premiums, such as age, driving record, and the type of vehicle being insured.

With off-road driving becoming increasingly popular with people from all walks of life, it’s important to protect yourself from damages and liability.

When doing research for off-road insurance, it’s crucial to consider the many factors, which make your ultimate choice in insurance an important one.

By considering knowledge, as well as experience, you’re more likely to make the right decision, so that your time off-roading will continue to be enjoyable.

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