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Wisconsin Summary StatisticsDetails
Road MilesTotal in State: 115,543
Vehicle Miles Driven: 65.3 billion
VehiclesRegistered in State: 6.07 million
Stolen: 9,919
Most Popular VehicleChevrolet Silverado 1500
Uninsured Drivers14.3%
Rank: 15th
Traffic Fatalities2017
Total: 613
Speeding: 180
Drunk Driving: 190
Average Annual PremiumsLiability: $374
Collision: $226
Comprehensive: $137
Combined: $737
Cheapest ProviderAmerican Family

MVP. Most Valuable Player. Yeah, Wisconsin, the Badger State, knows a thing or two about those.

Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers is a two-time NFL MVP and MVP of Super Bowl XLV. Christian Yelich of the Milwaukee Brewers is the reigning 2018 National League MVP. Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks (also known as the Greek Freak) just won the 2018-2019 NBA MVP award.

Citizens of the Badger State understand the importance of appreciating talents of great worth and value. However, you shouldn’t let your appreciation of value be relegated to the arena athletics.

You can use this guide to car insurance in Wisconsin to find the best value for auto insurance premiums among the state’s top carriers.

Enter your zip code to get the most valuable offers from the top insurance carriers in Wisconsin.

Table of Contents

Wisconsin Insurance Coverage and Rates

Trying to wade through the waters of confusing laws and jargon about the hundreds of car insurance companies in Wisconsin is a tough an uncomfortable task.

Mercifully, we’ve mucked our way through all the discomforting data and details, so you don’t have to. We will show you all the relevant facts and figures you need to make your choice for your car insurance needs as comfortable as Brett Favre in a pair of Wrangler jeans.

We’ll help you to understand the requirements of Wisconsin, what you may want for coverage, and where you can get it at the best rates.

– Wisconsin Minimum Coverage

Wisconsin is a traditional, “at fault” state, meaning that the person who was at fault for causing the car accident is also responsible for any resulting harm and damages.

All drivers in Wisconsin are required to carry minimum liability insurance levels of 25/50/10 to satisfy basic overage. This means that car owners must carry the following minimum levels of liability insurance:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury or death per person in an accident caused by the owner of the insured vehicle
  • $50,000 for total bodily injury or death per accident caused by the owner of the insured vehicle
  • $10,000 for property damage per accident caused by the owner of the insured vehicle

The state of Wisconsin requires its residents to carry the following limits for uninsured (UM) and underinsured (UIM) motorist coverage:

  • $25,000 for injury per person for both UM and UIM
  • $50,000 for injury per accident for UM and UIM

Motorists who are unable or unwilling to provide proof of insurance at a traffic stop of after an accident may face a $10 fine, but driving without insurance at all can result in a fine of up to $500.

How much risk you’re willing to assume is solely up to you. You must do a cost-benefit analysis to decide whether the basic, legal minimums required by the state of Wisconsin is enough to protect your current and future assets.

The experts at the Wall Street Journal advise drivers that have substantial wealth to protect to purchase liability coverage with increased the limits of 100/300/50.

Moving on, we will look at the average amount of money that motorists in Wisconsin spend on auto insurance. The amount you will actually pay will more than likely differ from these given amounts; however, this data should serve as an informative baseline that you can use to draw conclusions about your personal circumstance.

– Premiums as a Percentage of Income

There is a saying about the American tax law that states the following: “The guy who said that the truth never hurts never had to fill out a form 1040.”

This anonymous one-liner highlights the major impact of income taxes on Disposable Personal Income (DPI). Your DPI is the amount of money you get to keep after taxes are taken out by the government.

STATEFull Coverage
Income 2014
Insurance as %
of Income 2014
Full Coverage
Income 2013
Insurance as %
of Income 2013
Full Coverage
Income 2012
Insurance as %
of Income 2012


A full coverage policy will include liability, comprehensive, and collision insurance. Here’s a peek at the average cost of each individual element:

Coverage TypeAverage Annual Cost in 2015National Average

Now that we have sorted through some data about auto insurance costs to the individual consumer, let’s take a look at some important statistics about the insurance companies themselves.

– Loss Ratio

First, let’s take a look at loss ratio and how it affects your insurance. What exactly is a loss ratio? How is it calculated and why should you even care about it?

The insurance loss ratio is the proportion of incurred losses compared to earned premiums expressed as a percentage. A high loss ratio means that an insurance company has paid out too many claims, which will subsequently lead to a rise in future premiums for all consumers.

For example, an auto insurer collects $100,000 of premiums in a given year and pays out $55,000 in claims, the company’s loss ratio is 55 percent ($55,000 incurred losses/$100,000 earned premiums).

– Add-ons, Endorsements, Riders

A little over 14 percent of drivers in Wisconsin (14.3 to be exact) are driving without insurance, which ranks as just the 15th highest percentage in the nation.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) has created the Wisconsin Motorist Handbook intended to help residents of Wisconsin increase their knowledge of auto insurance options in the state so that they can best protect their vehicles.

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Pay-by-the-mile car insurance plans offered by companies like Metromile are growing in their popularity, unfortunately, they are not yet active in Wisconsin.

Other Usage-Based Insurance programs (UBI) are active and available to drivers in Wisconsin. Programs like KnowYourDrive from American Family Auto or Drive Safe & Save from State Farm or Snapshot from Progressive offer discounts to drivers based on their driving habits and capabilities.

In addition to these add-ons, there are several more optional enhancements that you can explore to decide which ones may be right for you:

– Male Vs. Female Rates in Wisconsin

In Pitch Perfect 2, Packers modern-day legend Clay Matthews and his teammates travel from the gridiron to the glee club. Clay and his compadres tackle the age-old battle of the sexes on the field of competitive acapella.

Throughout the narrative of all three Pitch Perfect movies, both the all-female singing groups and the all-male singing groups prove to be worthy adversaries and “frenemies” as well as virtual equals as vocalists.

But is that same equality reflected in the car insurance rates they’ll receive from the top insurers in the Badger State? Let’s take a look at the table below to see which group of singers would enjoy the more affordable rates as drivers.

CompanySingle 17-year old femaleSingle 17-year old maleSingle 25-year old femaleSingle 25-year old maleMarried 35-year old femaleMarried 35-year old maleMarried 60-year old femaleMarried 60-year old male
Allstate P&C$7,334.19$9,404.12$2,294.78$2,492.10$2,260.76$2,382.47$2,088.63$2,308.36
American Family Ins$2,844.04$3,134.61$1,135.28$1,209.31$958.90$1,002.57$907.25$914.15
Mid-Century Ins Co$9,058.32$9,384.83$2,174.00$2,277.36$1,914.63$1,915.25$1,697.53$1,797.98
Geico Cas$4,301.84$4,635.16$1,195.24$1,231.20$1,292.65$1,428.00$1,341.28$1,540.98
SAFECO Ins Co of IL$5,989.99$6,720.07$1,882.36$2,040.80$1,770.81$1,933.28$1,431.26$1,626.57
AMCO Insurance$7,388.96$11,333.17$4,379.28$5,192.67$3,597.48$3,785.31$2,981.78$3,141.26
Artisan and Truckers Casualty$6,692.88$7,551.66$2,112.73$2,290.54$1,760.63$1,676.02$1,442.61$1,504.23
State Farm Mutual Auto$3,833.87$4,845.21$1,516.77$1,732.41$1,345.30$1,345.30$1,195.81$1,195.81

Here’s a look at the Most Expensive Demographic rates in Wisconsin. Which company offers the best value for you and your loved ones?

CompanyDemographicAverage Annual RateRank
AMCO InsuranceSingle 17-year old male$11,333.171
Allstate P&CSingle 17-year old male$9,404.122
Mid-Century Ins CoSingle 17-year old male$9,384.833
Mid-Century Ins CoSingle 17-year old female$9,058.324
Artisan and Truckers CasualtySingle 17-year old male$7,551.665
AMCO InsuranceSingle 17-year old female$7,388.966
Allstate P&CSingle 17-year old female$7,334.197
SAFECO Ins Co of ILSingle 17-year old male$6,720.078
Artisan and Truckers CasualtySingle 17-year old female$6,692.889
SAFECO Ins Co of ILSingle 17-year old female$5,989.9910
AMCO InsuranceSingle 25-year old male$5,192.6711
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 17-year old male$4,845.2112
Geico CasSingle 17-year old male$4,635.1613
AMCO InsuranceSingle 25-year old female$4,379.2814
Geico CasSingle 17-year old female$4,301.8415
USAASingle 17-year old male$3,901.4616
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 17-year old female$3,833.8717
AMCO InsuranceMarried 35-year old male$3,785.3118
AMCO InsuranceMarried 35-year old female$3,597.4819
USAASingle 17-year old female$3,367.3520
AMCO InsuranceMarried 60-year old male$3,141.2621
American Family InsSingle 17-year old male$3,134.6122
AMCO InsuranceMarried 60-year old female$2,981.7823
American Family InsSingle 17-year old female$2,844.0424
Allstate P&CSingle 25-year old male$2,492.1025
Allstate P&CMarried 35-year old male$2,382.4726
Allstate P&CMarried 60-year old male$2,308.3627
Allstate P&CSingle 25-year old female$2,294.7828
Artisan and Truckers CasualtySingle 25-year old male$2,290.5429
Mid-Century Ins CoSingle 25-year old male$2,277.3630
Allstate P&CMarried 35-year old female$2,260.7631
Mid-Century Ins CoSingle 25-year old female$2,174.0032
Artisan and Truckers CasualtySingle 25-year old female$2,112.7333
Allstate P&CMarried 60-year old female$2,088.6334
SAFECO Ins Co of ILSingle 25-year old male$2,040.8035
SAFECO Ins Co of ILMarried 35-year old male$1,933.2836
Mid-Century Ins CoMarried 35-year old male$1,915.2537
Mid-Century Ins CoMarried 35-year old female$1,914.6338
SAFECO Ins Co of ILSingle 25-year old female$1,882.3639
USAASingle 25-year old male$1,869.6140
Mid-Century Ins CoMarried 60-year old male$1,797.9841
SAFECO Ins Co of ILMarried 35-year old female$1,770.8142
Artisan and Truckers CasualtyMarried 35-year old female$1,760.6343
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 25-year old male$1,732.4144
USAASingle 25-year old female$1,705.4345
Mid-Century Ins CoMarried 60-year old female$1,697.5346
Artisan and Truckers CasualtyMarried 35-year old male$1,676.0247
SAFECO Ins Co of ILMarried 60-year old male$1,626.5748
Geico CasMarried 60-year old male$1,540.9849
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 25-year old female$1,516.7750
Artisan and Truckers CasualtyMarried 60-year old male$1,504.2351
Artisan and Truckers CasualtyMarried 60-year old female$1,442.6152
SAFECO Ins Co of ILMarried 60-year old female$1,431.2653
Geico CasMarried 35-year old male$1,428.0054
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 35-year old female$1,345.3055
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 35-year old male$1,345.3055
Geico CasMarried 60-year old female$1,341.2857
USAAMarried 35-year old female$1,315.4658
USAAMarried 35-year old male$1,311.4559

For example, a married 35-year-old male in Wisconsin will pay $1,428.00 annually on his premiums with Geico compared to $3,785.31 with AMCO.

– Wisconsin Insurance Rates by Zip Code

Are you more likely to get higher car insurance premiums in Madison or Milwaukee? Do the residents of Green Bay enjoy lower premiums than citizens in Appleton?

To answer these questions, we need to take a look at the most expensive zip codes in Wisconsin. Here are charts with the average annual premiums in Wisconsin broken down by zip code for each insurance carrier:

Cheapest ZIP Codes in WisconsinCityAverage by ZIP CodesMost Expensive CompanyMost Expensive Rate2nd Most Expensive Company2nd Most Expensive RateCheapest CompanyCheapest Rate2nd Cheapest Company2nd Cheapest Rate
54130KAUKAUNA$2,491.30Nationwide$4,220.90Farmers$3,365.95American Family$1,325.23GEICO$1,652.89
53081SHEBOYGAN$2,494.36Nationwide$3,861.19Farmers$3,449.82American Family$1,282.73USAA$1,631.12
54136KIMBERLY$2,506.22Nationwide$4,220.90Farmers$3,392.03American Family$1,324.07GEICO$1,648.45
54311GREEN BAY$2,510.86Nationwide$4,176.89Farmers$3,349.88American Family$1,428.76GEICO$1,670.01
53085SHEBOYGAN FALLS$2,513.86Nationwide$3,861.19Farmers$3,570.64American Family$1,300.22USAA$1,633.42
54113COMBINED LOCKS$2,518.18Nationwide$4,220.90Farmers$3,392.03American Family$1,320.94GEICO$1,652.89
54301GREEN BAY$2,519.58Nationwide$4,176.89Farmers$3,474.80American Family$1,312.84GEICO$1,683.22
53083SHEBOYGAN$2,521.05Nationwide$3,861.19Farmers$3,499.01American Family$1,261.88USAA$1,631.12
54115DE PERE$2,521.59Nationwide$4,176.89Allstate$3,373.77American Family$1,356.11GEICO$1,670.01
53044KOHLER$2,525.46Nationwide$3,861.19Farmers$3,570.64American Family$1,261.88USAA$1,631.12
54304GREEN BAY$2,526.11Nationwide$4,176.89Farmers$3,474.80American Family$1,399.48GEICO$1,683.22
54956NEENAH$2,538.80Nationwide$4,220.90Allstate$3,674.96American Family$1,316.63GEICO$1,648.45
54123FOREST JUNCTION$2,540.14Nationwide$4,174.98Farmers$3,399.89American Family$1,289.92USAA$1,751.92
54302GREEN BAY$2,540.45Nationwide$4,176.89Farmers$3,474.80American Family$1,544.78GEICO$1,683.22
54303GREEN BAY$2,541.33Nationwide$4,176.89Farmers$3,474.80American Family$1,385.56GEICO$1,683.22
54952MENASHA$2,541.36Nationwide$4,174.98Farmers$3,396.10American Family$1,329.05GEICO$1,648.45
54313GREEN BAY$2,545.82Nationwide$4,176.89Farmers$3,349.88American Family$1,325.38GEICO$1,670.01
54915APPLETON$2,552.14Nationwide$4,220.90Allstate$3,683.58American Family$1,308.75GEICO$1,648.45
54110BRILLION$2,556.05Nationwide$4,174.98Farmers$3,423.05American Family$1,289.92USAA$1,751.92
54155ONEIDA$2,556.22Nationwide$4,176.89Allstate$3,353.35American Family$1,356.11USAA$1,788.03
54140LITTLE CHUTE$2,561.22Nationwide$4,220.90Allstate$3,683.58American Family$1,323.76GEICO$1,652.89
53020ELKHART LAKE$2,564.46Nationwide$4,174.98Farmers$3,469.07American Family$1,343.88USAA$1,633.42
54914APPLETON$2,568.06Nationwide$4,220.90Allstate$3,674.96American Family$1,397.78GEICO$1,648.45
53073PLYMOUTH$2,570.18Nationwide$4,174.98Farmers$3,570.64American Family$1,315.70USAA$1,633.42
54913APPLETON$2,573.22Nationwide$4,220.90Allstate$3,674.96American Family$1,349.38GEICO$1,652.89

Next, the most expensive zip codes.

Most Expensive ZIP Codes in WisconsinCityAverage by ZIP CodeMost Expensive CompanyMost Expensive Rate2nd Most Expensive Company2nd Most Expensive RateCheapest CompanyCheapest Rate2nd Cheapest Company2nd Cheapest Rate
53206MILWAUKEE$5,102.46Nationwide$9,162.87Allstate$6,835.70American Family$2,057.23USAA$2,851.01
53216MILWAUKEE$5,010.47Nationwide$9,051.09Allstate$6,835.70American Family$2,095.87USAA$2,859.72
53205MILWAUKEE$4,815.48Nationwide$9,162.87Allstate$6,645.94American Family$2,013.75USAA$2,851.01
53212MILWAUKEE$4,770.80Nationwide$9,162.87Allstate$6,785.91American Family$1,964.02USAA$2,851.01
53210MILWAUKEE$4,751.86Nationwide$9,051.09Allstate$6,331.60American Family$1,989.90USAA$2,859.72
53233MILWAUKEE$4,657.36Nationwide$9,162.87Allstate$6,464.17American Family$2,012.43USAA$2,851.01
53204MILWAUKEE$4,566.46Nationwide$9,162.87Allstate$6,645.94American Family$2,007.62USAA$2,851.01
53218MILWAUKEE$4,508.38Allstate$6,983.45Farmers$6,282.99American Family$2,102.37USAA$2,331.50
53209MILWAUKEE$4,400.48Allstate$6,983.45Farmers$6,282.99American Family$1,764.77USAA$2,247.46
53203MILWAUKEE$4,379.97Nationwide$9,162.87Farmers$5,501.63American Family$2,015.65USAA$2,851.01
53208MILWAUKEE$4,254.76Allstate$6,321.24Nationwide$6,195.71American Family$2,053.73USAA$2,244.28
53215MILWAUKEE$4,169.07Allstate$6,308.98Nationwide$6,195.71American Family$2,045.70USAA$2,449.64
53202MILWAUKEE$4,107.54Nationwide$9,162.87Allstate$4,886.72American Family$2,012.80USAA$2,311.63
53225MILWAUKEE$3,983.62Nationwide$5,835.34Allstate$5,734.60American Family$1,905.69USAA$2,331.50
53224MILWAUKEE$3,958.34Allstate$5,987.59Nationwide$5,835.34American Family$1,939.50USAA$2,281.41
53223MILWAUKEE$3,957.10Allstate$5,987.59Nationwide$5,835.34American Family$2,016.17USAA$2,281.41
53222MILWAUKEE$3,782.96Nationwide$5,835.34Allstate$5,719.90American Family$1,816.85USAA$2,260.05
53211MILWAUKEE$3,747.76Nationwide$6,195.71Allstate$4,883.51American Family$1,922.76USAA$2,127.31
54818BRILL$3,647.62Progressive$7,590.37Nationwide$5,667.48American Family$1,585.14USAA$2,090.03
53219MILWAUKEE$3,629.96Nationwide$6,195.71Farmers$4,649.36American Family$1,861.10USAA$2,073.02
54434JUMP RIVER$3,572.87Progressive$7,590.37Nationwide$5,797.61American Family$1,557.59State Farm$2,072.49
54532HEAFFORD JUNCTION$3,569.38Progressive$7,590.37Nationwide$5,797.61American Family$1,442.50State Farm$2,072.49
54439HANNIBAL$3,561.28Progressive$7,590.37Nationwide$5,797.61American Family$1,453.20State Farm$2,072.49
53214MILWAUKEE$3,554.42Nationwide$6,195.71Farmers$4,649.36American Family$1,987.16USAA$2,060.76
53207MILWAUKEE$3,515.05Nationwide$6,195.71Farmers$4,649.36American Family$2,015.05USAA$2,075.48

– Wisconsin Insurance Rates by City

Where did your hometown rank statewide? Do the co-eds at Marquette University in Milwaukee fare better than the politicians in Madison? Let’s see how your city and neighborhood compares to the state average. These are the lists of the least expensive and most expensive cities in Wisconsin.

Cheapest Cities in WisconsinAverage by CityMost Expensive CompanyMost Expensive Rate2nd Most Expensive Company2nd Most Expensive RateCheapest CompanyCheapest Rate2nd Cheapest Company2nd Cheapest Rate
Kaukauna$2,491.30Nationwide$4,220.90Farmers$3,365.95American Family$1,325.23GEICO$1,652.89
Sheboygan$2,494.36Nationwide$3,861.19Farmers$3,449.82American Family$1,282.73USAA$1,631.12
Kimberly$2,506.22Nationwide$4,220.90Farmers$3,392.03American Family$1,324.07GEICO$1,648.45
Sheboygan Falls$2,513.86Nationwide$3,861.19Farmers$3,570.64American Family$1,300.22USAA$1,633.42
Combined Locks$2,518.18Nationwide$4,220.90Farmers$3,392.03American Family$1,320.94GEICO$1,652.89
Howards Grove$2,521.05Nationwide$3,861.19Farmers$3,499.01American Family$1,261.88USAA$1,631.12
De Pere$2,521.59Nationwide$4,176.89Allstate$3,373.77American Family$1,356.11GEICO$1,670.01
Kohler$2,525.45Nationwide$3,861.19Farmers$3,570.64American Family$1,261.88USAA$1,631.12
Bellevue$2,525.66Nationwide$4,176.89Farmers$3,412.35American Family$1,486.77GEICO$1,676.62
Ashwaubenon$2,535.96Nationwide$4,176.89Farmers$3,412.35American Family$1,362.43GEICO$1,676.62
Neenah$2,538.80Nationwide$4,220.90Allstate$3,674.96American Family$1,316.63GEICO$1,648.45
Forest Junction$2,540.14Nationwide$4,174.98Farmers$3,399.89American Family$1,289.92USAA$1,751.92
Green Bay$2,541.34Nationwide$4,176.89Farmers$3,474.80American Family$1,385.56GEICO$1,683.22
Menasha$2,541.36Nationwide$4,174.98Farmers$3,396.10American Family$1,329.05GEICO$1,648.45
Brillion$2,556.05Nationwide$4,174.98Farmers$3,423.05American Family$1,289.92USAA$1,751.92
Hobart$2,556.22Nationwide$4,176.89Allstate$3,353.35American Family$1,356.11USAA$1,788.03
Allouez$2,561.19Nationwide$4,176.89Farmers$3,576.57American Family$1,333.95GEICO$1,683.22
Little Chute$2,561.22Nationwide$4,220.90Allstate$3,683.58American Family$1,323.76GEICO$1,652.89
Elkhart Lake$2,564.46Nationwide$4,174.98Farmers$3,469.07American Family$1,343.88USAA$1,633.42
Plymouth$2,570.18Nationwide$4,174.98Farmers$3,570.64American Family$1,315.70USAA$1,633.42
Appleton$2,570.34Nationwide$4,220.90Allstate$3,679.27American Family$1,367.48GEICO$1,649.56
Greenville$2,573.51Nationwide$4,220.90Allstate$3,674.96American Family$1,318.93GEICO$1,652.89
Chilton$2,578.45Nationwide$4,174.98Allstate$3,418.28American Family$1,311.89USAA$1,751.92
Cleveland$2,585.53Nationwide$4,175.53Farmers$3,469.07American Family$1,337.15USAA$1,615.95
Suamico$2,588.38Nationwide$4,176.89Farmers$3,515.06American Family$1,340.49GEICO$1,670.01

The most expensive cities are next.

Most Expensive Cities in WisconsinAverage by CityMost Expensive CompanyMost Expensive Rate2nd Most Expensive Company2nd Most Expensive RateCheapest CompanyCheapest Rate2nd Cheapest Company2nd Cheapest Rate
Brown Deer$4,178.79Allstate$6,485.52Nationwide$6,015.52American Family$1,890.47USAA$2,264.43
Milwaukee$4,161.26Nationwide$7,219.59Allstate$5,621.38American Family$1,973.06USAA$2,434.41
Brill$3,647.62Progressive$7,590.37Nationwide$5,667.48American Family$1,585.14USAA$2,090.03
Jump River$3,572.87Progressive$7,590.37Nationwide$5,797.61American Family$1,557.59State Farm$2,072.49
Heafford Junction$3,569.38Progressive$7,590.37Nationwide$5,797.61American Family$1,442.50State Farm$2,072.49
Hannibal$3,561.27Progressive$7,590.37Nationwide$5,797.61American Family$1,453.20State Farm$2,072.49
Galloway$3,475.38Progressive$7,590.37Nationwide$5,117.13American Family$1,557.59USAA$2,046.34
Mikana$3,466.47Farmers$5,843.46Nationwide$5,667.48American Family$1,585.14USAA$2,090.03
St. Francis$3,461.08Nationwide$6,195.71Farmers$4,649.36American Family$1,759.85USAA$2,049.94
Bayside$3,396.38Nationwide$4,938.69Allstate$4,883.51American Family$1,672.72USAA$1,955.86
Elmwood Park$3,363.02Nationwide$5,481.23Allstate$4,580.92American Family$1,795.49USAA$2,140.26
Greenfield$3,358.65Nationwide$5,357.70Farmers$4,606.33American Family$1,714.21USAA$2,010.57
Cudahy$3,345.01Nationwide$6,195.71Farmers$4,649.36American Family$1,620.79USAA$2,049.94
Hertel$3,344.17Nationwide$5,946.74Farmers$4,574.93American Family$1,595.78State Farm$2,116.33
Webster$3,292.41Nationwide$5,946.74Farmers$4,574.93American Family$1,594.49USAA$2,133.57
Hayward$3,264.76Nationwide$5,797.61Farmers$4,176.65American Family$1,519.25USAA$2,155.89
Minong$3,262.41Nationwide$5,946.74Farmers$4,176.65American Family$1,586.80USAA$2,133.57
Gordon$3,261.36Nationwide$6,056.27Farmers$3,991.81American Family$1,606.76USAA$2,167.16
Spooner$3,257.94Nationwide$5,946.74Farmers$4,198.52American Family$1,574.94USAA$2,133.57
Stone Lake$3,252.68Nationwide$5,946.74Farmers$4,176.65American Family$1,595.06USAA$2,133.57
Springbrook$3,252.01Nationwide$5,946.74Farmers$4,176.65American Family$1,595.06USAA$2,133.57
Trego$3,251.33Nationwide$5,946.74Farmers$4,176.65American Family$1,597.88USAA$2,133.57
Shell Lake$3,246.88Nationwide$5,946.74Farmers$4,014.10American Family$1,568.99USAA$2,133.57
Maplewood$3,246.07Progressive$7,590.37Nationwide$4,497.68American Family$1,344.11State Farm$1,778.65
Kenosha$3,245.87Nationwide$5,377.01Allstate$4,602.37American Family$1,726.42USAA$2,238.51

The Best Wisconsin Car Insurance Companies

The late, great Packers QB Bart Starr was a class act on and off the field. His reputation as a leader on the gridiron and as a mentor in the community is above reproach.

Unfortunately, we all can’t be Bart Starr. And very few people on the planet, never mind a car company, can boast a public reputation as stellar as Bryan Bartlett Starr.

The public perception of a car insurance company can be a leading indicator of the kind of rates and service it provides to its consumers. We’ll show how the top companies in Wisconsin rate in the areas of financial stability and customer satisfaction.

– Financial Ratings

AM Best is a credit rating agency. It evaluates insurance companies and grades them based on their financial stability. The table below shows the ten largest insurance companies in Wisconsin as measured by direct premiums written with their AM Best rating.

CompanyDirect Premiums WrittenAM Best Rating
American Family Insurance Group$583,243A
Progressive Group$530,761A+
State Farm Group$468,020A++
Allstate Insurance Group$146,726A+
Acuity a Mutual Insurance Co$111,548A+
Erie Insurance Group$97,480A+
West Bend Mutual Insurance Co$92,535A
Liberty Mutual Group$78,174A
USAA Group$72,958A++

– Customer Satisfaction Ratings


– Companies in Wisconsin with the Most and Least Complaints

Some relationships start out with the best intentions, but they slowly begin to waste away or drift apart under the pressures that life throws their way. Such relationships can be regarded as a kind of Skinny Love

Other relationships feature unlikely unions of disparate parts that, at first glance, would threaten to produce a monstrous disaster; yet, instead, that unexpected grouping results in something extraordinary that will stand the test of time.

One such example is the inclusion of the indie-rock band Bon Iver, led by frontman Justin Vernon from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, on Kanye West’s smash hit of 2010, “Monster,” which also featured fellow titans of hip hop Nicki Minaj, Jay Z, and Rick Ross.

Whatever the initial status of the relationship may have been, when the consumer’s experience with an insurance company has transformed into a dark, twisted fantasy of a nightmare, he or she can file a complaint. Those complaints, justified or not, contribute to a company’s complaint ratios.

The complaint ratio is how many complaints a company receive per one million dollars of business written.

If you wish to file a complaint against an insurance company in the state of Wisconsin, use this online form. The Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance will respond to each complaint in the order in which it was received.

– Largest Car Insurance Companies in Wisconsin

This chart gives a visual representation of the car insurance companies with the largest market share in Wisconsin.

CompanyDirect Premiums WrittenLoss RatioMarket Share
American Family Insurance Group$583,24359.38%18.73%
Progressive Group$530,76158.50%17.05%
State Farm Group$468,02064.86%15.03%
Allstate Insurance Group$146,72659.92%4.71%
Acuity a Mutual Insurance Co$111,54867.80%3.58%
Erie Insurance Group$97,48077.43%3.13%
West Bend Mutual Insurance Co$92,53554.56%2.97%
Liberty Mutual Group$78,17461.17%2.51%
USAA Group$72,95877.68%2.34%

There are 987 car insurance companies registered in the state of Wisconsin. Of the 987, 174 of them are homegrown; while 813 are foreign.

– Wisconsin Car Insurance Rates by Company

Now, we’re going to compare and contrast the top car insurance companies to see which of them give the best rates on average in Wisconsin.

– Wisconsin Rates by Carrier and Commute

Group10-mile commute/6,000 annual mileage25-mile commute/12,000 annual mileage
American Family$1,487.57$1,538.96
Liberty Mutual$2,924.39$2,924.39
State Farm$2,074.01$2,178.62

– Wisconsin Rates by Carrier and Coverage Level

American Family$1,518.91$1,527.11$1,493.77
Liberty Mutual$3,133.59$2,951.27$2,688.32
State Farm$2,236.73$2,132.87$2,009.33

– Wisconsin Rates by Carrier and Credit History

American Family$1,178.86$1,334.71$2,026.23
Liberty Mutual$2,005.82$2,546.86$4,220.50
State Farm$1,386.69$1,820.90$3,171.35

– Wisconsin Rates by Carrier and Driving Record

Needless to say, having cups and cups of alcohol before driving is a reckless decision that will endanger the lives of those around you and will significantly increase your car insurance premiums if you’re convicted of a DUI.

How much your rates increase due to accumulating points on your license will be up to the discretion of each individual insurer. Each insurance company uses its own underwriting protocols when assessing risk. Here is a summary of how top car insurance companies in Wisconsin penalize various driving infractions:

CompanyClean RecordWith 1 Speeding ViolationWith 1 AccidentWith 1 DUI
American Family$1,447.69$1,535.12$1,535.12$1,535.12
Liberty Mutual$2,235.20$2,985.72$3,178.56$3,298.08
State Farm$1,955.72$2,126.31$2,296.91$2,126.31

– Wisconsin Rates by Carrier and Demographic

CompanyDemographicAverage Annual Rate
USAAMarried 35-year old male$1,311.45
USAAMarried 35-year old female$1,315.46
Geico CasMarried 60-year old female$1,341.28
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 35-year old female$1,345.30
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 35-year old male$1,345.30
Geico CasMarried 35-year old male$1,428.00
SAFECO Ins Co of ILMarried 60-year old female$1,431.26
Artisan and Truckers CasualtyMarried 60-year old female$1,442.61
Artisan and Truckers CasualtyMarried 60-year old male$1,504.23
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 25-year old female$1,516.77
Geico CasMarried 60-year old male$1,540.98
SAFECO Ins Co of ILMarried 60-year old male$1,626.57
Artisan and Truckers CasualtyMarried 35-year old male$1,676.02
Mid-Century Ins CoMarried 60-year old female$1,697.53
USAASingle 25-year old female$1,705.43
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 25-year old male$1,732.41
Artisan and Truckers CasualtyMarried 35-year old female$1,760.63
SAFECO Ins Co of ILMarried 35-year old female$1,770.81
Mid-Century Ins CoMarried 60-year old male$1,797.98
USAASingle 25-year old male$1,869.61
SAFECO Ins Co of ILSingle 25-year old female$1,882.36
Mid-Century Ins CoMarried 35-year old female$1,914.63
Mid-Century Ins CoMarried 35-year old male$1,915.25
SAFECO Ins Co of ILMarried 35-year old male$1,933.28
SAFECO Ins Co of ILSingle 25-year old male$2,040.80
Allstate P&CMarried 60-year old female$2,088.63
Artisan and Truckers CasualtySingle 25-year old female$2,112.73
Mid-Century Ins CoSingle 25-year old female$2,174.00
Allstate P&CMarried 35-year old female$2,260.76
Mid-Century Ins CoSingle 25-year old male$2,277.36
Artisan and Truckers CasualtySingle 25-year old male$2,290.54
Allstate P&CSingle 25-year old female$2,294.78
Allstate P&CMarried 60-year old male$2,308.36
Allstate P&CMarried 35-year old male$2,382.47
Allstate P&CSingle 25-year old male$2,492.10
American Family InsSingle 17-year old female$2,844.04
AMCO InsuranceMarried 60-year old female$2,981.78
American Family InsSingle 17-year old male$3,134.61
AMCO InsuranceMarried 60-year old male$3,141.26
USAASingle 17-year old female$3,367.35
AMCO InsuranceMarried 35-year old female$3,597.48
AMCO InsuranceMarried 35-year old male$3,785.31
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 17-year old female$3,833.87
USAASingle 17-year old male$3,901.46
Geico CasSingle 17-year old female$4,301.84
AMCO InsuranceSingle 25-year old female$4,379.28
Geico CasSingle 17-year old male$4,635.16
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 17-year old male$4,845.21
AMCO InsuranceSingle 25-year old male$5,192.67
SAFECO Ins Co of ILSingle 17-year old female$5,989.99
Artisan and Truckers CasualtySingle 17-year old female$6,692.88
SAFECO Ins Co of ILSingle 17-year old male$6,720.07
Allstate P&CSingle 17-year old female$7,334.19
AMCO InsuranceSingle 17-year old female$7,388.96
Artisan and Truckers CasualtySingle 17-year old male$7,551.66
Mid-Century Ins CoSingle 17-year old female$9,058.32
Mid-Century Ins CoSingle 17-year old male$9,384.83
Allstate P&CSingle 17-year old male$9,404.12
AMCO InsuranceSingle 17-year old male$11,333.17

Note: The company you choose should provide the best quality coverage based on your specific needs.

Be sure to make all your dreams of saving money on your car insurance premiums come true by doing it your way, based on your own situation and nobody else’s.

Compare and contrast rates from multiple car insurance companies to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your auto insurance.

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Another way to keep your premiums low is to maintain a spotless driving record. Knowing the traffic laws and following them will help your record to stay as clean as possible. We’ll review the laws of the land in Wisconsin to help you keep your driving record as impressive as Vince Lombardi’s win-loss record with the Packers of 105-35-6.

Wisconsin Laws

Thumbing through page after page of all the state traffic statutes would be hardly the best use of your time. We’ve compiled the most relevant rules and regulations for you to know when driving in Wisconsin.

– Car Insurance Laws

State insurance commissioners are afforded lots of leeway and authority to administer laws and regulations on the auto insurance industry in their respective commonwealths. Each state determines the type of tort law and threshold (if any) that applies in the state, the type and amount of liability insurance required, and the system used for approval of insurer rates and forms.

Insurance companies in Wisconsin are subject to the regulations set by that state insurance commissioner. Ultimately, all rates and regulations must meet the fair competition standards set by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

– High-Risk Insurance

If you are the owner of an uninsured vehicle and had only your registration privileges withdrawn under the safety responsibility law, you are required to carry SR22 insurance for all vehicles owned by you​.

To check the status of an SR-22 filing in Wisconsin, click here.

– Windshield Coverage

Wisconsin law places no specific requirements on insurance companies to provide windshield coverage; however, the companies can choose to offer such protection along with their comprehensive coverage.

The insurance companies can choose aftermarket parts for the windshield if the parts are at least equal in like, kind and quality in terms of fit, quality, and performance. The insurer has the right to select the repair vendor. The customer has the right to choose the repair vendor but may have to pay the difference in the quote.

For a detailed summary of windshield and glass coverage in Wisconsin, click here.

– Automobile Insurance Fraud in Wisconsin

Insurance fraud is the second-largest economic crime in America. Premium rates are raised dramatically by insurance companies and passed on to the consumers in attempts to combat fraud.

There are two classifications of fraud: hard and soft.

  • Hard Fraud – A purposefully fabricated claim or accident
  • Soft Fraud – A misrepresentation of information to the insurance company

Soft fraud is more common than hard fraud. Twenty to 40 percent of consumers admitted to lying to their insurer about one of the following:

  • Number of annual miles driven
  • Number of drivers in the household
  • How the vehicle would be used

Insurance fraud is a crime no matter how you slice it. Even the “little, white lie” you tell to get a lower rate can lead to harmful consequences. That kind of willful misrepresentation of facts is called known as “rate evasion” and is $16 billion annual expense to auto insurers.

If you suspect insurance fraud or have been the victim of fraud, you can contact the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. You can file a complaint using this form. For more information concerning fraud prevention in the state of Wisconsin, visit this website.

– Statute of Limitations

Wisconsin’s statute of limitations for filing a claim is three years for both personal injury and property damage.

– Vehicle Licensing Laws

Wisconsin’s DMV, which is a division of the Department of Transportation (WisDOT), has an online portal where residents can perform tasks such renew their registrations and drivers’ licenses, update or change their address, and retrieve their driving history.

– Proof of Financial Responsibility

Wisconsin’s statutes regarding Proof of Financial Responsibility, which can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Transportation website, require all drivers to show proof of financial responsibility whenever requested by a law enforcement officer. Failure to provide such proof may result in a citation or fine.

– Teen Driver Laws

In Wisconsin, driver’s education is required for permit applicants younger than 18. During the learner’s stage, permit holders may carry three passengers if supervised by a driving instructor in a dual-control vehicle. Permit holders 16 and older may carry one passenger 25 or older who has been licensed at least two years.

Driver’s education is mandatory for all license applicants under the age of 18 in the Badger State.

License TypeMinimum AgeMandatory Holding PeriodRequired Supervised DrivingTime RestrictionsNighttime RestrictionsPassenger Restrictions
Instructional Permit (Class D)15 years, 6 months6 months30 hours, 10 of which must be at nightMidnight to 5 a.m.9 months or until age 18, whichever occurs first (min. age: 16, 9 mos.) 9 months or until age 18, whichever occurs first (min. age: 16, 9 mos.);
No more than one passenger except for immediate family
Probationary License169 months or until age 18If under the age of 18: 30 hours, 10 of which must be at nightMidnight to 5 a.m. if under the age of 189 months or until age 18, whichever occurs first (min. age: 16, 9 mos.)9 months or until age 18, whichever occurs first (min. age: 16, 9 mos.);
If under the age of 18, no more than one passenger except for immediate family
Regular License19NANANoneNoneNone

The safety of teenage drivers is a top priority of the Wisconsin DOT. The Department of Transportation has curated a handful of additional resources and information to assist teenage drivers and their families.

One such example is this FAQ Brochure about Wisconsin’s Graduate License program. For more information about Wisconsin’s GDL, click this link.

– Older Driver License Renewal

The state of Wisconsin practices equal opportunity when it comes to its license renewal procedures. All drivers must renew every eight years. Drivers of all ages must show proof of adequate vision at every renewal. And no renewals are yet eligible to be done online or through the mail.

– New Resident Licensing

New Wisconsin residents with an out-of-state driver license or nondriver license have 60 days to register for a Wisconsin license and must provide the following documents:

For additional information regarding new resident licensing and registration, visit this webpage.


Wisconsin is in full compliance with the REAL ID Act passed by Congress and enforced by Homeland Security. This means that a driver’s license or state ID issued by the Badger State is an acceptable form of identification at federal facilities, airports, and nuclear power plants.

As of October 1, 2020, anyone wishing to fly on a commercial flight or enter a federal facility must have a REAL ID-compliant form of identification.

– Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Wisconsin

The Department of Transportation makes the rules in Wisconsin. Your job is to make sure you follow those rules or face serious consequences. You can be caught one of three ways for driving without insurance in Wisconsin.

The first way is through your lender. They check your insurance policy regularly to ensure you have one. If you don’t, they send you a notice requiring immediate action or they issue a policy for you.

You can also be caught driving without insurance if you’re pulled over for any reason or involved in a car accident. If either of these things occurs, you’re facing serious penalties.

If you are caught driving without insurance, you’re forced to pay up to $510 in fines.

Your license and registration are then suspended until you buy insurance and prove you have a policy. Once you do this, you can pay a $60 fee to reinstate your license with the state. You are then required to prove you have a valid insurance policy every month for three years.

If you are caught driving without insurance because you are involved in an accident, the penalties are worse.

  • The fines are the same
  • You’re also required to pay for repairs to your car
  • You have to cover your medical bills
  • You could become the victim of a lawsuit if the other driver chooses to sue
  • Your license and registration are suspended up to three years

If this happens, you don’t get to purchase insurance and then reinstate your license at your own pace. You must purchase insurance and prove it monthly for three years, but you must also wait out the terms of your suspension.

Once your suspension is lifted, you may reinstate your license and registration for $110.

– Rules of the Road

Wisconsinites are known as polite motorists, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that driving through the Badger State is without its share of hazards. Whether you’re driving in perfect conditions or traveling in inclement weather, here’s what you need to know about the traffic laws in Wisconsin.

– Keep Right and Move Over Laws

Wisconsin law requires drivers to keep right if driving slower than the average speed of traffic around you
unless passing or turning left.

WisDOT created a handy brochure to help Wisconsin residents better understand its “Move Over” Law.

– Speed Limits

Type of RoadwaySpeed Limit
Rural Interstates70 mph
Urban Interstates70 mph
Other Limited Access Roads70 mph
Other Roads55 mph

– Seat Belt Laws

Seat belts are required for the driver and all front seat passengers age 8 and older.

– Car Seat Laws

Children younger than one-year-old and all children who weigh less than 20 pounds are required to be in a rear-facing car seat. Children ages 1-3 years old who weigh at least 20 pounds but less than 40 pounds must be in either a rear-facing or a forward-facing car seat.

Children who are between the ages of 4-7 who both weigh at least 40 pounds but less than 80 pounds and who are less than 57 inches tall are required to be in a forward-facing car seat or booster seat.

WisDOT has provided this helpful brochure with car seat recommendations for families to consider.

– Pickup Trucks Cargo Area

Wisconsin law prohibits or puts restrictions on riding in the cargo areas of a truck with the following exceptions: farm operations, parades, deer hunting; employees, and people riding in truck bodies in spaces intended for merchandise.

– Safety Laws

Promoting safety and preventing chaos are the ultimate goals of any traffic laws. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) has developed resources and initiatives in the hopes of reducing roadways fatalities and injuries. Also, WisDOT’s Traffic Safety division has developed resources such as training videos and mobile apps and initiatives such as “The Power of Zero” to promote traffic safety and stem the tide of vehicular fatalities in the state.

The Badger State has produced its Strategic Highway Safety Plan in accordance with the National Highway Traffic Saftey Administration (NHTSA).

– DUI Laws

The Blood-Alcohol Content (BAC) limit in Wisconsin is 0.08 percent; the High BAC limit is between 0.17 percent and above.

The OWI (Operating While Impaired) penalties in the state of Wisconsin can be found in the underneath table.

OWI in Wisconsin1st Offense2nd Offense3rd Offense4th Offense5th Offense
JailNA; Unless passenger under 16 in vehicle: Five days to Six monthsUp to Six months45 days to Two years; Possible felony chargesClass H felony; 60 days to Six yearsClass G felony; Six months to 10 years
Fines and Penalties$150 to $300$150 to $1,100$600 to $2,000$600 to $10,000$600 to $25,000
License SuspensionUp to Nine months12 to 18 months24 to 36 months24 to 36 months24 to 36 months
IID** RequiredYes for High BAC; Six points on licenseYes; alcohol assement required; Six points on licenseYes; alcohol assement required; Six points on licenseRequired for One to Three YearsRequired for One to Three Years

– Drug-Impaired Driving Laws

At present, Wisconsin has a zero-tolerance policy for THC only.

Wisconsin Can’t-Miss Facts

Here are some fascinating trinkets of knowledge about Wisconsin, the Badger State.

– Vehicle Theft in Wisconsin

Home is where the heart is, but it’s also where most auto thefts take place. Here is the chart of the top stolen vehicles in the state of Wisconsin.

Make/ModelYear of VehicleThefts
Dodge Caravan20021,035
Honda Civic1998470
Honda Accord1997450
Chrysler Town & Country2002313
Chevrolet Impala2007232
Dodge Stratus2002209
Toyota Camry2007191
Chevrolet Malibu2015179
Dodge Intrepid2002179
Honda CR-V2000172

As you can see, motor vehicles manufactured in either the United States or in Japan are the prime targets for larceny in the state of Wisconsin.

– Vehicle Theft by City

The table below gives a breakdown of the top cities for auto theft within the state.

Green Bay98
West Allis92
Eau Claire48
La Crosse43
Fond du Lac31
Oak Creek29
Mount Pleasant26
West Milwaukee22
South Milwaukee19
Sun Prairie17
Town of Madison317
Wisconsin Rapids16
West Bend14
Brown Deer12
Grand Chute12
Menomonee Falls10
River Falls9
Chippewa Falls8
Pleasant Prairie8
Beloit Town7
Brookfield Township7
Lake Hallie7
Port Washington7
Town of Menasha7
Two Rivers7
Delavan Town6
Lake Delton6
Lake Geneva5
North Fond du Lac5
Stevens Point5
Eagle River4
Elm Grove4
Fort Atkinson4
Mineral Point4
Sheboygan Falls4
St. Francis4
Wisconsin Dells4
De Pere3
East Troy3
New London3
St. Croix Falls3
West Salem3
Whitefish Bay3
Black River Falls2
Campbell Township2
Cottage Grove2
Hales Corners2
New Glarus2
New Richmond2
Beaver Dam1
Big Bend1
Fountain City1
Fox Valley Metro1
Grand Rapids1
Green Lake1
Iron Ridge1
Oconomowoc Town1
Park Falls1
Pewaukee Village1
Richland Center1
Silver Lake1
Town of East Troy1
Williams Bay1
Blue Mounds0
Cross Plains30
Cuba City0
Elkhart Lake0
Elk Mound0
Fall Creek0
Fall River0
Fox Lake0
Fox Point0
Geneva Town0
Genoa City0
Hazel Green0
Iron River0
Lake Mills0
Marathon City0
Marshall Village30
Mount Horeb0
Mukwonago Town0
New Holstein0
New Lisbon0
North Hudson0
North Prairie0
Prairie du Chien0
River Hills0
Rome Town0
Sauk Prairie0
Shorewood Hills30
Spring Green0
Sturgeon Bay0
Twin Lakes0

– Risky and Harmful Behavior

Below is a harrowing statistics of all driving-related fatalities in Wisconsin.

– Fatality by Speeding and OWI

Cause of Fatality2008200920102011201220132014201520162017

– Fatal Crashes in Top 10 Counties (Five-Year Trend)

Milwaukee County4666817486
Dane County3529303832
Waukesha County2824102726
Brown County99151825
Walworth County1112142421
Dodge County914111220
Outagamie County1313131420
Kenosha County191761818
Shawano County5106816
Marathon County19915915

– Fatality Rates Rural vs. Urban

Roadway Type2008200920102011201220132014201520162017

– Fatalities by Person Type

Person Type2008200920102011201220132014201520162017
Passenger Vehicle Occupant423408384396417376362388431437
Bicyclist and Other Cyclist979121110415117

– EMS Response Time

[table “19000” not found /]

– Transportation

Here is a chart of the details car ownership stats in Wisconsin.

– Car Ownership


– Commute Time

At 21.1 minutes, drivers in Wisconsin have significantly less commute time than the national average of 25.3 minutes. Only 1.62 percent of drivers in Wisconsin experience a “super commute” of 90 minutes or more.


According to Inrix, Milwaukee is the 37th most congested city in the United States and ranks 171st in the world. Drivers in Madison spent 61 hours in congested traffic in 2018.

– Commuter Transportation


You are now fully caught up on all the relevant stats and statutes concerning auto insurance in the state of Wisconsin. With all the money you’re going to be saving by comparing car insurance quotes from top insurers in the Badger State, happy days are sure to follow.

Enter your zip code to begin your happy days of affordable car insurance.


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