Car Insurance Costs for a Ford Fiesta

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Here's what you need to know...
  • The Ford Fiesta is a sensible car for most anyone to own and is relatively inexpensive to insure
  • If you are a young driver, be sure you can find insurance coverage before purchasing the Fiesta
  • Tell the insurance company about any safety and anti-theft features the car has to increase the savings on your premium

The Ford Fiesta is an economy car that is available as a hatchback or a sedan. A bonus to the Ford Fiesta being an inexpensive car with good gas mileage is that it is also one of the cheapest cars to insure.

The price difference between the hatchback and sedan is only a couple thousand dollars.

If you prefer a hatchback, then you can expect to pay somewhere between $14,500 and $17,100. A sedan will save you some money over the hatchback style, ranging between $12,800 and $16,300.

The gas mileage on the Ford Fiesta is the same on every model. You can expect to average 28 miles per gallon in the city and 37 miles per gallon on the highway. Since the cost of gas keeps rising, having a car with this kind of gas mileage makes it very economical.

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How does the Ford Fiesta fare in safety ratings?

An airbag deployed from a steering wheel.

According to Edmunds, the 2012 Ford Fiesta model has not yet been rated for safety by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

However, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has done their tests and gives the Fiesta good marks all the way around.

Testing was done for front and side impact, roof strength in case of a rollover, head restraints, and a rear impact.

It’s important to note that safety ratings do have an impact on the total cost of car insurance. Insurers consider safety because they are providing bodily injury coverage for passengers in the vehicle.

The safer a car is, the more likely that an accident will result in minor injuries.

The less safe a vehicle is, the more serious injuries can be — which ultimately adds risk to the insurance company. The IIHS ratings are just one of the many resources insurance companies use to assess the safety of a particular vehicle.

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Does the Ford Fiesta have any specific safety features or equipment?

The Ford Fiesta has quite a few features insurance companies love to see in new cars.

For starters, it has an all-wheel anti-lock braking system, dual side airbags, and head airbags for both front and rear. Just these three features alone have a very significant impact on car insurance rates because they do wonders for passenger safety.

Throw in extra features like stability control, traction control, child safety locks on the doors, and anchors for child car seats, and you have a four-door sedan which is considered extremely safe for passengers.

There are some other features car insurance companies will look for regarding theft — like alarm systems, a locking steering wheel, and security keys.

But these things don’t apply to most economy class vehicles like the Ford Fiesta.

Cars that do include them will enjoy a lower rate for comprehensive insurance that covers against theft. If you don’t carry comprehensive insurance, these extra features won’t have an impact on your annual premiums. Be sure to do your research to save on Ford Fiesta car insurance costs.

Can young drivers afford to insure a Ford Fiesta?

young drivers car insurnace

Young drivers are great candidates for the Ford Fiesta. The car is relatively inexpensive, and with its great gas mileage, it’s an excellent choice for the new driver, college student, or young adult who is just getting married or starting a family.

The Ford Fiesta seats four people comfortably, so it can be a car that you keep for a long time. In addition to all of its safety features, it was awarded a five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

If you are a young driver looking to buy a new car that you can keep as you get older, the Ford Fiesta is a sensible choice.

If you are a driver under 25 years of age, you may not be able to get your own insurance policy on it unless you have already been listed on someone else’s policy for a few years.

How does a young driver insure a Ford Fiesta?

As soon as you start driving, you need to be covered by insurance.

Young drivers are very expensive to insure and are practically impossible to put on a policy by themselves for the first time.

Most parents of new drivers take on the responsibility of adding their teenagers to their car insurance policy. The cost of the premiums increases when you add a young driver to your insurance, but it is unavoidable.

As soon as your young driver turns twenty-five, the cost of your insurance premiums should decrease. By the time your child is twenty-five, however, he is already an adult and may very well be in college or living in his own place.

If your young adult buys a Ford Fiesta, he should be able to insure it as long as he has been covered on your policy previously. Before he buys the car, he should make sure he can get insurance for it.

It is possible to buy the insurance policy under your name and list the young driver as one of the insured parties. Just make sure the car insurance company knows who the primary driver is so that there will be no question if there is a claim.

How can a mature driver insure a Ford Fiesta?

Happy woman driving_65752292-1600x1600

No matter how old you are, the Ford Fiesta is a sensible choice for many people. If you are a mature driver, and you decide to buy a Ford Fiesta, getting insurance for it should be relatively easy.

If you already have a car, and you are replacing it with the Ford Fiesta, you only need to tell your agent to write you a new policy for your new car.

Your premiums will change based on the make and model of the car as well as the age and mileage. If the Ford Fiesta is newer than your current car, you may have to pay more than what you were paying.

A Ford Fiesta should not cost too much to insure since it is a subcompact car. It is not rated as one of the hottest cars subject to theft nor is it a collector’s car. You should be able to get liability, collision, and comprehensive car insurance for a reasonable rate.

You may want to consider adding other coverage to your car insurance policy as well. As either a young driver or as a mature driver, you may want to add medical insurance to your policy.

If you do not have a health care policy that covers emergency room visits, hospital stays, X-rays, or surgery, then you may need to pay for your own bodily injury expenses out of your own pocket.

Medical insurance will cover your expenses if you are at fault for the accident.

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