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Discounts on Auto Insurance Coverage for Seniors

Here's what you need to know...
  • You should ask your insurance company at what age are you eligible for a senior discount
  • In addition to being given a discount just for your age, you can receive other discounts
  • Some discounts increase as you age, so check with your insurance company on a yearly basis
Senior car insurance discounts are available to individuals starting at age 50.

You can receive car insurance discounts as a senior if you are eligible. There is no official age for a senior citizen.

Some companies consider seniors to be as young as 50, whereas other companies require the individual to be 65 years old.

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Drivers Education Courses for Seniors


Many insurance companies will offer discounts to seniors if they take approved drivers education courses. These courses keep the senior driver alert and current on driving laws and requirements.

According to the American Association of Retired Persons, a course entitled 55 Alive is available through local AARP offices.

The course is tailored to senior citizens and covers safety features, car design, and the physical changes that occur as that may hinder driving skills.

State Departments of Motor Vehicles also recommend that seniors take defensive driving courses.

Defensive driving courses can be found online or through a link on your state DMV’s website.

Insurance Discounts for Seniors

  • AARP Insurance Company Discounts – The American Association of Retired Persons offers car insurance discounts through its preferred providers
  • Loyalty Discounts – If you have remained with your car insurance company for a long time, you can receive a discount for being a loyal customer
  • Multi-Car Discounts – Seniors can receive multi-car discounts when all of the cars are insured with the same insurance company
  • Bundling Coverage – Bundle your car insurance policy with your homeowner’s policy to receive an additional discount on your premiums

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

Additional Discounts for Seniors

  • Discount for Driving Short Distances – Seniors who do not drive much are often eligible for a mileage discount on their insurance policy
  • Discount for Being Retired – Some insurance companies will provide you with an occupational discount on your insurance policy simply because you are over 50 and retired
  • Discount for Being Retired Military – If you are retired military, insurance companies may grant you a discount on your car insurance
  • Good Driver Discounts – A clean driving record will make a senior eligible for a discount with their insurance company
  • Club Discounts – Many seniors are members of auto clubs like AAA and can qualify for a discount on their car insurance

Most seniors can look forward to receiving up to 10 percent off of their insurance premiums because of their age.

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