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Here's what you need to know...
  • There are over 100 insurance companies to choose from in Colorado
  • The minimum required amount for car insurance is most likely too low for you
  • Be sure to ask each company about discounts you may qualify for

Comparing Colorado car insurance options is important in choosing the right coverage for your needs. Getting minimum coverage is effective enough, but you can actually get more coverage for just a little more money.

Higher coverage is worth checking into, and with over 100 insurance providers to choose from, you can easily make the most of your decision.

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Colorado Car Insurance Coverage and Requirements

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Many of the top auto insurance companies in the nation offer car insurance in Colorado, along with other local providers. These companies include:

State law in Colorado requires drivers to have car insurance limits of 25/50/15. In plain English, that translates to:

  • $25,000 per person injury coverage
  • $50,000 per accident injury coverage
  • $15,000 property damage coverage per accident

That’s not a lot of coverage in the grand scheme of things. Just imagine if you’re involved and cited for a three-car accident.

The property damage totals $26,000 and the total injury amount for the accident is $78,000. That’s $39,000 that you aren’t covered for, and the other parties will contemplate a lawsuit because you were underinsured. Get more coverage when you can.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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Colorado Car Insurance Rates

You cannot predict what car insurance rates will be like without car insurance quotes. Too many people think they can get an estimate or average of what they will pay, but there are too many individual factors that influence your rates.

Apply for quotes with a few companies to compare the coverage that you can get. Be sure to get quotes for higher limits so that you can see what the best coverage is for the money.

Car insurance rates are calculated based on your:

Colorado Car Insurance Discounts


You can get discounts on your Colorado car insurance in some instances. Depending on the companies that you apply with and the available discounts, you might see things like:

Make sure that you ask about these discounts because some companies will not automatically include them in your insurance quote. Tell them about yourself and ask for discounts when they are applicable because you will save a significant amount of money with them.

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FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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