10 Easy Steps to Get a 21st Century Car Insurance Quote Online (Photos)

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Here's what you need to know...

  • 21st Century is owned by Farmers Insurance
  • You can only buy a 21st Century insurance policy if you live in California or Hawaii
  • 21st Century quotes offer three different packages to choose from so you can customize your coverage and save money

If you live in California or Hawaii, you may have heard about 21st Century auto insurance. The company, owned by Farmers Insurance, offers car insurance to drivers in California and Hawaii.

If you live in either of these states and are looking for new coverage, follow this guide to learn about 21st Century’s offerings and how to get a free online quote.

Step #1 – Learn About 21st Century

Learn about the 21st Century their auto coverage offerings. Start by checking out their site history and even reading some reviews online.

It’s better to take your time exploring different companies and finding one you mesh well with than wasting time filling out an application for a provider you may not even like.

Unlike its parent company, Farmers, 21st Century only provides car insurance in two states: California and Hawaii.

Get the low-down on auto insurance basics as well as 21st Century’s products by reading their Auto Insurance page.

Step #2 – Check Out the Discounts

Read up on 21st Century car insurance discounts to find out unique ways you can save. The company has built-in savings that automatically lower your rates like the Safe Driver and Good Student discounts. It pays to research in more ways than one.

Just knowing savings opportunities that are out there can help you make a more informed decision as you explore and compare multiple companies.

Step #3 – Start Your Search

Enter your zip code to start your search. Make sure you use your residential zip code since location plays a factor in both insurance availability and price. If you don’t live in CA or HI, you will be redirected to Farmers website for a quote.

Step #4 – Enter Personal Information

Provide your basic details. In most cases, this is done so an insurance company can check consumer and public records to confirm your identity and, in some cases, automatically complete parts of the application for you.

Step #5 – Get Help

If you need help, don’t worry. You can follow this guide and speak to a representative by calling the number at the bottom of the screen.

If you have questions about auto insurance, we have plenty of articles that will teach you important terminology, limits, coverage types and more.

If your answers pertain more to the quotes process itself, reach out to a representative and they can help you complete your request.

Step #6 – Enter Car Details

Provide information for all of the vehicles you want to insure. You may qualify for a multi-car discount if you plan to insure multiple vehicles on the same policy.

Make sure that you have the vehicle registration with important details like the year, make, and model on-hand.

Step #7 – Provide Driver Information

Driver details play a large role on car insurance. Your marital status, for example, can influence how much you pay in premiums.

The exact weight of each factor depends on the company, but in general, every car insurance company uses the factors requested during this part of the quotes process to calculate a personalized rate.

Step #8 – Get Discounts

Any discounts you qualify for will automatically be applied to your quote.

When you’re ready to buy a policy, make sure you reach out to an agent at the company and speak to them directly about any additional discounts and savings programs you may qualify for.

Step #9 – Talk About Your Insurance

Provide details about your current insurance provider. If you’ve never had insurance because you recently received your license, that’s okay.

If you have or recently had insurance, it’s important to have all the accurate details on the policy’s limits and duration during this stage.

Typically, you don’t want to cancel a policy without a legitimate reason. In many cases, specifying that you’ve been with an insurance company for less than one policy term (6 months to a year) can result in a rejection.

Don’t give up, though. You can call an agent or customer service representative and explain your situation to get a quote.

Step #10 –Review and Compare

Now that you’ve got your quote, it’s time to compare it with others. Take note of the coverage breakdown and customized estimate you received, then head over to some other companies’ sites and repeat the process.

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