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Joel Ohman
Founder, CFP®

UPDATED: Aug 1, 2019

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Here's what you need to know...
  • Instant quotes are convenient
  • There is no pressure when reviewing quotes online
  • Comparing quotes online can be secure

In today’s modern world, instant gratification is seen as a major benefit to almost any situation, from paying a bill online to conversing on the computer through instant messaging.

However, what about car insurance quotes?

Of all the necessary parts of life, researching car insurance quotes is not the most intriguing of chores, but it is an important item to have in the event of an accident.

Should you trust these instant online entities for an accurate quote? Let’s take a look at the benefits and risks.

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Instant Comparisons

In the past, websites would simply offer one quote from its online generation program; consumers would need to visit different sites and fill out numerous forms to see any comparisons.

However, today’s websites are streamlining the process. Many sites are now offering instant comparisons by sending customers multiple quotes.

Consumers type in their information to one website; that site will pull up a group of different car insurance quotes so that consumers can see their choices.

The different insurance companies will be named, along with their individual quotes.

From that point, consumers are free to research the companies that they are interested in to make sure the insurance company is legitimate.

Once consumers see the insurance company’s name, they can make a judgment regarding trust:

  • Is it a company the consumer has heard of before?
  • Is it a new pop-up online business?

Consumers are free to research as long as they like to feel comfortable with a particular business.

Your Information

One of the risks of immediate online car insurance quotes is your information. Consumers must type in a certain amount of personal information so that the comparison search engine can find accurate quotes.

For some consumers, typing in this information may be a concern; identity theft is on the rise through hacking into various websites for consumer information.

However, there is some reprieve from this risk. Instant quotes do not require a lot of a consumer’s information. Fast quotes are based on a formula, normally involving consumers’ age, gender, and driving record.

Longer quotes, such as through an insurance agent, take more information into consideration to form an individualized quote which is more alluring to identity theft thieves.

In addition, a trustworthy website will go above and beyond a basic firewall for their prospective customers.

For example, a consumer that clicks on a website’s quote form should be redirected to another page that is designated as SSL Encrypted; this page is specially designed to thwart any hackers from taking pertinent information.

Consumers should be wary about a website that does not offer this particular encryption strategy.

No Pressure

Instant quotes do not come with a heavily trained sales associate breathing down the consumer’s neck; there is no pressure to purchase any insurance quotes that pop up on the screen.

In fact, insurance companies quoting online have a more difficult job to impress the basic shopper. The quote must cover what is requested by the consumer and it must compete rigorously with other quotes on the same web page.

As a result, consumers can trust these no pressure quotes since there is no power within the website that can force the consumer to choose one company over another.

Consumers can compare dozens of different companies on various websites and choose one or none of the offers that are advertised.

You Are In Control

Visiting an insurance agent can be confusing; all the paperwork swiftly placed in front of the consumer can become a blur. What was it that the consumer just signed? It can be hard to tell.

Insurance agents will commonly explain a policy but do not allow consumers to read the fine print for themselves.

Online quotes provide the paperwork upfront during the quoting process. Consumers can take all the time they like to read and evaluate a policy.

In fact, they can take it to a legal professional for an unbiased and educated opinion.

Any concerns over the policy can be brought up to the insurance company individually for the best quote.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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Coverage in a Hurry

Consumers may have immediate needs for an insurance policy; they may have a car registration that is due, but they still need proof of insurance.

Once the insurance policy is accepted and paid for, the consumer is immediately covered under the legal provisions within the fine print.

They can trust the fact that they are legally bound to the insurance company and vice versa; the company must back up their coverage if the consumer is in an accident.

Check the Insurance Company’s License


Trusting a car insurance company may be as simple as looking up its state license. Each company that does business within a state must be licensed and registered with the Insurance Commissioner.

Consumers can easily access the license information on the state’s individual website or by calling the Insurance Commissioner.

Any company that does not have a current license should be avoided; that particular company has not been approved through the appropriate channels and may be a fraudulent business.

To be cautious, research any company once you are truly interested in its offer.

In the end, consumers should shop around to various websites before settling on a specific offer. Some website companies specialize in good drivers, whereas others will help out those with a past accident history.

Quotes will vary widely, so it is up to the consumer to research and read all the fine print before settling on any particular company.

Checking the company with the Better Business Bureau is another way of developing trust; happy customers will commonly voice their appreciation to keep the company in business. Let us help you find immediate car insurance quotes.

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Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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