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Joel Ohman
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UPDATED: Feb 24, 2020

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Here's what you need to know...
  • Those with a DUI are considered high-risk drivers
  • Some companies offer products designed for drivers who have been convicted of a DUI
  • The best way to find low premiums is to request quotes and perform price comparisons online

A driver who has been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs will likely pay high car insurance premiums every month. This is mainly because they are considered high-risk drivers.

People who have had DUIs are more prone to having accidents and causing damage. Insurance companies often impose serious penalties on drivers who have had a DUI.

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Do Insurance Companies Check Driving Records?

AdobeStock_51451748-1600x1600Typically, insurance companies check DUI conviction records at least once every three years. They also check conviction records when a driver applies for a new insurance policy.

Insurance companies may miss the DUI record at first. However, drivers may lose their policies and be barred from renewing if their insurance company finds out later.

They may be forced to look for another car insurance company. Consumers in states that do not require the SR-22 may be lucky enough to be free from this problem.

They may not face high premiums at first. However, their rates will increase if their insurance companies ever find out.

Drivers with DUIs should not lose hope. Although DUI car insurance is very costly, there are still ways for people with DUIs to obtain cheaper rates.

There are car insurance companies that offer products designed for drivers who have been convicted of driving under the influence. Consumers can find many of these companies online.

They are called non-standard carriers, and they handle high-risk drivers.

Getting Cheap DUI Car Insurance Quotes

adobestock_31832414-1600x1600Drivers with DUIs should not be surprised by the initial quotes they get from car insurance companies. They should expect to pay more for their car insurance.

Fortunately, there are several ways for people with DUIs to lower their car insurance.

Consumers should spend extra time and effort looking for companies that specialize in insurance for people with DUIs.

They should ask for quotes from various companies. It is best to compare prices while paying attention to deductibles and coverage limits.

People have a higher chance of finding the most affordable rates if they obtain quotes from a number of companies.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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Ways to Find Lower Car Insurance Premiums

Consumers should review auto insurance quotes carefully. Some may appear to be very cheap, but they may offer limited coverage. People with DUIs can also find added benefits to help lower monthly payments.

  • Look for age-related discounts – Most car insurance providers offer discounts for people in a specific age range. This can help in decreasing monthly premiums.
  • Install car safety features – Adding accessories like air bags, anti-theft devices and anti-lock brakes can also reduce monthly premiums. Although this can be costly, it can help lower insurance rates. These devices ensure the driver and the car are less prone to having problems.
  • Obtain membership in accredited organizations and unions – Some insurance companies offer special rates to certain groups. This can help people with DUIs obtain discounts on their monthly premiums.
  • Obtain multiple types of insurance from the same company – People who have DUIs can apply for both home and auto insurance from the same company. By doing so, they may be eligible for big discounts. Insuring multiple cars with the same company may increase rates even further. Combining car insurance with other types of insurance always helps people obtain more favorable rates.
  • Keep car mileage low – People who have cars with low mileage can often get discounts. When people only drive short distances, they are less likely to have accidents. Insurance companies give people who have cars with low mileage better rates because the insurers are less likely to have to pay for expenses that come from accidents.

Consumers should check to see if insurance companies have these discounts available. The best DUI car insurance providers offer these discounts for all customers.

Consumers should contact company agents to see if these discounts are available for drivers with DUIs.

Although drivers with DUI convictions are more likely to be rejected by some insurance companies, they can always find an insurance company that will accept them.

Many alternative insurance companies accept drivers with DUIs and offer them competitive rates. These companies also offer discounts for certain people.

The best DUI car insurance companies provide complete information about the choices available for consumers with DUIs.

Requesting Quotes

Requesting quotes from multiple car insurance companies is the easiest and most convenient way for DUI drivers to find the best rates. With this, they can get more options and become aware of other ways to cut down on costs.

This also provides people with the opportunity to discover non-standard insurers that they may have never heard of before. Small insurers often cater to drivers with DUIs and provide them desirable rates and terms.

In fact, there are many non-standard insurance providers on the market nowadays.

They are the best insurance companies for drivers with DUIs to get quotes from, and they certainly offer discounts to help consumers with DUIs.

On the other hand, standard carriers usually only accommodate consumers with clean driving records. Drivers with DUIs may also get quotes from them, but they almost always offer higher premiums than non-standard insurance companies.

The most important thing that drivers with DUIs should bear in mind is that they always have choices.

Comparing Premiums

adobestock_38113283-1600x1600There are also companies that specialize in both standard and high-risk drivers, and this makes consumers even more confused. The best way to find low premiums is to request quotes and perform price comparisons online.

Consumers should also educate themselves about their car models and their state laws. Discount programs may not be available in some areas.

Shopping around always makes hunting for the best DUI car insurance quotes a lot easier. Consumers should take advantage of the tools available online.

With non-standard insurance providers, drivers with DUIs can be confident that they have a high chance of getting affordable car insurance rates.

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