Does insurance cover if your car is stolen?

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Here's what you need to know...
  • There is no such thing as stolen car insurance
  • Your comprehensive coverage will cover your car if it is ever stolen
  • You have to do your part in keeping your car safe; lock the doors, know who you lend your car to, and report it the moment you realize the car has been stolen

It is a horrible feeling to realize your car has been stolen and to be unsure if your insurance will cover it.

If you have comprehensive car insurance, a theft is covered in most circumstances.

The following article provides details about events that affect coverage of your stolen vehicle as well as ways to keep your car safe.

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Under what circumstances would a stolen car not be covered?

stolen tires and rims covered by auto insurance

As stated before, if you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle and you are current on your payments, your vehicle will be covered for damages caused by:

  • animals
  • trees
  • objects
  • vandalism
  • flood
  • theft

The insurance company will do their part; however, the insurance company also has expectations for you, the car owner.

The first expectation the car insurance company has is that you will responsibly secure your vehicle.

Securing your vehicle means different things to different companies.

Typically, they won’t deny your claim simply because you did not lock your vehicle.

However, if you leave the keys in your vehicle, or leave your vehicle running, the insurance company will most likely deny your claim because you did not responsibly secure your vehicle.

Another expectation that insurance companies have is that you will only loan your vehicle to responsible people.

If you loan your vehicle to someone with a criminal record, a stranger, or someone known for irresponsible behavior, and that person does not return your vehicle, the insurance company could deny your claim.

The burden of proof is on the insurance company, but all they have to do is provide a criminal record, bad driving record, or a few witnesses testifying to the typical behavior of the person you loaned your vehicle to in order to prove you are at fault.

The last exception to having your stolen vehicle covered is the time frame in which you report your vehicle stolen.

If you wait too long, the insurance company can deny your claim.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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It is expected that if a person’s vehicle is truly stolen, that person will contact the police right away.

This applies to loaning your car to someone who does not return it as well.

If the person you loaned your car to does not return it within 12 hours of the time you expect it back and they do not contact you, you should report it stolen.

Any of these circumstances can cause your insurance company to deny your claim.

Be sure to look over your policy before signing it and take special note of any of these exceptions that will be outlined in the policy. Many people sign their policy without looking over the clauses and exceptions and are left holding the bill in the end.

When your vehicle is stolen, the insurance company will pay you actual cash value for your vehicle.

This is determined by how much your vehicle would sell for on the day it is stolen.

Actual cash value may be less than what you owe on your vehicle. If you owe more than your car is worth, you can purchase gap insurance, which will pay you the difference between the actual cash value of your vehicle and what you owe.

What can you do to keep your vehicle safe?

car keys

The most basic step you can take to keep your vehicle safe is to lock the doors and take your keys with you.

It is easy to get used to a routine or to feel safe in certain places, but locking your doors and taking your keys with you will prevent 80 percent of thefts.

Hand-in-hand, where you decide to store an extra vehicle key is a major preventative. Never store an extra key in your vehicle or on your vehicle.

There are magnetic boxes that some people attach to the underbelly of their vehicle with an extra key inside. These boxes are not a secure option to keep your vehicle safe.

You can also make breaking into your car less appealing. Don’t leave valuable things like iPods, purses, or shopping bags in plain sight in your vehicle. These types of valuables make your vehicle more tempting to would-be thieves.

Lastly, having a GPS system can help law enforcement track your vehicle if it is stolen.

Some insurance companies can also track a GPS and may give you a discount for having one in your vehicle.

Finding an insurance company that you can trust is the first step in getting a good policy with comprehensive coverage to protect you in the case of a stolen vehicle.

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