Buying a Road Hazard Warranty

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Here's what you need to know...
  • The decision to purchase optional road hazard warranty coverage on your tires can be a smart financial move
  • Purchasing an optional road hazard warranty for your tires can help you maintain a safe vehicle
  • Depending on your road hazard warranty insurance carrier, the warranty may pay for a variety of things

Buying new tires for your car is a necessary expense. At the dealer or tire shop, the salesperson is likely to offer you a road hazard warranty.

According to Richard Newton of The Wheel and Tire Performance Handbook, the insurance company selling the road hazard warranty is betting that you won’t have any problems with the new tires.

If you decide to purchase the road hazard warranty, you’re betting that construction sites, broken glass, random nails, and debris will ruin one tire or several during the warranty period.

Keep reading about road hazard warranty insurance to learn whether this coverage can help you save money! Then enter your ZIP to find car insurance rates now.

What exactly is a road hazard warranty?


Depending on the state of the roads you routinely traverse, a road hazard warranty protects you from potential hazardous road conditions.

Most new tires also come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Unlike the road hazard warranty, however, the manufacturer’s warranty protects the purchaser from workmanship defects.

Proving that a new tire is defective if the manufacturer hasn’t already identified the problem can be challenging, too.

If you’re driving through a construction site that causes punctures or piercings, road hazard warranty coverage can save you money. Like all insurance coverage, read the fine print of your carrier’s policy.

How does a road hazard warranty work?


Most road hazard warranty policies help protect the pro-rata cost of your tires.

If your nearly new tires are destroyed, you’ll receive a pro-rated cost of the tire from the insurance company after making a claim.

If your tire has used only about 10 percent of the tread, your road hazard warranty policy should return about 90 percent of the tire’s price.

Make sure to understand the cost basis specifics used by the insurance company.

The best way to learn if your insurance company uses the same cost basis is to ask a representative prior to purchasing road hazard warranty.

Some road hazard warranty policies offer 100 percent of your cost basis if a tire malfunctions within up to 25 percent of its useable tread life.

There are some road hazard warranty policies offer national coverage that can benefit the driver taking a long drive on unfamiliar roads.

National road hazard warranties may also offer a larger number of potential tire repair facilities or emergency road service assistance.

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Does road hazard warranty insurance save money on traditional car insurance rates?

Keep in mind that your car insurance rates depend on your driving and claims submission history.

If you do need to replace one tire or several because of the road hazards you’ve encountered, you’ll appreciate receiving the pro-rated value of your tire or tires!

Depending on your road hazard warranty insurance carrier, the warranty may also pay for flat tire repairs, tire changing assistance, and tire re-balancing services.

Most road hazard warranties outline requirements for keeping the warranty in force.

Read any road hazard warranty with care, and keep properly executed paperwork in a safe place for future use.

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