How do I find the cheapest SR22 car insurance rates?

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UPDATED: May 22, 2019

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Here's what you need to know...
  • Not every state requires SR22 documents, so first, make sure you are required to obtain one.
  • There are several infractions that necessitate SR22 filings.
  • Not all insurance companies will offer a policy to someone with an SR22, but there are many companies that do, so compare prices to find the lowest cost option for you.

Looking for the absolute cheapest SR22 car insurance rates?

If you are required to prove financial responsibility for a variety of mandatory reasons, then you will need to file an SR22 document. To find the cheapest SR22 car insurance rates you need to shop around and compare quotes.

Not every state requires the filing of an SR22 document, so you will have to adhere to the state guidelines where the SR22 car insurance proof is required.

You will carry the SR22 for approximately three years and it will most likely have to get transferred if you move to another state. Once you have completed the SR22 term you should be able to purchase car insurance without the need for filing another SR22.

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SR22 Compliance for Insurance Companies


Every state requires car insurance or proof of financial responsibility in one form another.

However, there are times when those laws get broken or other moving violations occur that will cause the state to enforce car insurance by requiring the filing of SR22 documents through an insurance company.

SR22 forms usually need to be requested in person or by telephone and they need to be filed directly with the state through the insurance company.

The insurance company will notify the state of your compliance and will also notify the state if you cancel your SR22 or if the policy is terminated for any reason.

If your documented SR22 policy lapses or is canceled prematurely, you will be at risk of a suspended driver’s license. Upon natural expiration of the SR22, the insurance company will also advise the state that your SR22 document is no longer in effect.

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Legally Mandated SR22 Car Insurance


There are different reasons that an SR22 filing may be required by the state.

  • Caught with no insurance – Most commonly it is required to prove financial responsibility if one is caught driving without insurance in the first place or if one is at fault for an accident and has no car insurance.
  • Caught with no license –  Driving on a suspended or revoked license may necessitate an SR22 document.
  • Caught DUIDriving under the influence of alcohol often leads to an SR22.
  • Caught violating the driving laws – Multiple moving violations or even a single serious moving violation can lead to the necessity of an SR22.

Once a state mandates that you are required to file an SR22 document, it is your responsibility to find an insurance company that offers high-risk insurance and SR22 document filings and then apply for it accordingly.

The car insurance company that approves your SR22 application and provides you with car insurance will notify the state of your compliance. Once the state receives the compliance notification your driving privileges will be reinstated.

As stated above under “SR22 Compliance for Insurance Companies,” the car insurance company will also notify the state if you cancel your policy early or if you are terminated for another reason.

When your SR22 expires, usually after three years, the car insurance company will notify the state, usually via form SR26, of the expiring policy.

If you move out of state during your SR22 term, you need to contact both the issuing state and the state you will be residing in to make sure you comply with all state regulations.

Some insurance companies can assist you with the transition but others will not file the necessary forms for you.

If you have an SR22 documented car insurance policy and are moving, check with your car insurance company to see how much guidance they can offer but be sure to follow up with each state personally as well.

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Finding the Cheapest SR22 Car Insurance Rates

An SR22 is not an actual car insurance policy, but rather it is a form documenting that the appropriate car insurance has been secured. Filing an SR22 is not free, but the big expense is the actual cost of the high-risk car insurance policy.

In order to find the cheapest SR22 car insurance rates, call several different carriers and request quotes.

Not every car insurance company offers SR22 because of the high risk involved, so you may have to make several calls. Furthermore, many car insurance companies will not provide SR22 quotes for you online, but you can request quotes by phone or in person.

The filing fee is usually only a one-time fee, so the premium for the high-risk car insurance will most likely be the deciding factor on who is offering the cheapest car insurance rate.

As with all car insurance quotes, in order to find the cheapest rates, you need to compare the amount of coverage with the cost of the premium to determine the best policy.

If a state mandates that you need an SR22 document in order to reinstate your driving privileges, you will need to find a car insurance company that provides high-risk car insurance.

The rates will be expensive, but the car insurance company will file the appropriate forms with the state on your behalf and you will then be allowed to drive legally again.

Once your term is over, provided your record stays clean, you should be able to apply for regular car insurance once again. When you are ready to shop for basic car insurance rates, you can request online quotes for free by entering your zip code.

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