What is the average cost of car insurance?

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UPDATED: Jun 22, 2017

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Here's what you need to know...
  • An individual’s price for car insurance depends on a number of factors
  • Usually, younger male drivers have higher insurance rates than their female counterparts
  • Where you live and how often you drive also plays a part in determining car insurance rates

If you know what the average price of car insurance is, you have a better idea of whether the price you are paying for your coverage is a good one or not.

The insurance company quotes rates based on the level of risk that an applicant presents.

A person who is perceived to present a higher level of risk may be charged a higher rate than the average driver pays in the United States for his coverage.

You can find out how much car insurance costs simply by entering your zip code and comparing car insurance quotes!

Driver Age and Car Insurance Rates

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As a group, younger drivers are charged a higher rate for their insurance coverage than drivers who have several years of experience behind the wheel.

Statistically, young drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents, and the insurance company considers them to be a higher risk to insure than drivers who are over the age of 25.

Young male drivers pay the highest rates for coverage because they tend to be more aggressive when behind the wheel and are responsible for more accidents than young female drivers.

Rates decrease over time, and once a driver reaches his mid-twenties, he will be paying less for his car insurance coverage.

The change in car insurance coverage isn’t a discount, but rather a different category for the driver once he reaches the age of 25.

A person who has a poor driving record will still be looking at paying more for his car insurance coverage, no matter how old.

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Geography and Car Insurance Rates

Where a person lives also plays a part in the rate he will pay for insurance coverage.

Consumers who live in urban areas where a lot of car thefts occur are more likely to have their vehicle stolen.

As a result, the prices charged for coverage will be higher, on average for that location.

Insurance companies keep a close eye on how many vehicles are stolen and which neighborhoods are most likely to be home to this type of activity.

If a person looking for insurance coverage makes a practice of storing his or her vehicle in a locked garage when not in use, that fact can work in their favor by getting them a better rate for car insurance coverage.

Installing an anti-theft device also lowers the risk of theft and can get the customer a better price for insurance coverage.

Car Insurance Rates in the United States

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Keep in mind that average is just a number.

There are drivers who pay less than the national average for coverage, and there are also people who are charged a higher rate.

If you want to make sure that you are getting the best rates for your particular situation, you need to shop around for coverage.

Even if you have been with your current insurance company for some time and are happy with the service you have been given, you may be able to get a similar quality of customer experience and pay less as well.

Start looking a few months before your policy is due to expire to give yourself time to compare rates and coverage options from several companies.

Finding Car Insurance Rates Online


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You can get the information you need quickly and conveniently.

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