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Esurance vs AAA

Esurance AAAWhen comparing Esurance to AAA or really any car insurance company to AAA, there will be a severe difference in services as AAA was one of the first and is the most expansive automobile coverage service you can receive.

The extent of services doesn’t go as far as Esurance, as AAA only offers automobile or recreational vehicle coverage, focusing on transportation and travel.

Esurance offers many more types of insurance extending to home, life, health, and even watercraft insurance. AAA offers services that aren’t offered by Esurance however, offering travel accommodations and rentals for out of town and out of country travel and vacations.

Read on to compare AAA and Esurance and then be sure and enter your zip above to compare quotes on car insurance!

Services Provided by AAA Compared to Esurance

AAA began in 1902, and has since built one of the most extensive travel and transportation coverage and service companies in the US. AAA offers many unique services such as:

  • Free Towing with Membership
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Auto Repair
  • Auto Purchasing
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Road Service

Esurance offers many services; however, they differ in the type of insurance, focusing on typical insurance coverage for various assets such as:

  • Homes
  • Vehicles
  • Watercrafts
  • Snowmobiles
  • RV’s

With over a hundred years of serving the US, beginning with the first vehicles in existence, AAA has a long history of providing excellent customer service and high quality products for the most safe and secure traveling possible.

Esurance is a newer company, however has created many options for today’s drivers, home owners, and any one that owns a qualifying asset.

The Main Difference between AAA and Esurance

AAA was created to not only cover any accidents you may encounter, but to also go the step further to ensure that your vehicle is repaired and you are safe and secure whenever you travel, however you travel, wherever you travel. Even when you take a vacation overseas, AAA is a guardian of your trip, ensuring that you depart and arrive to and from every destination with the most safety and on site assistance.

If you break down, you can get a towing service and comprehensive assistance, including a rental vehicle and auto repair. You are joining a membership with AAA instead of a mere policy.

Esurance, on the other hand, is a web policy based service specializing in various insurance types, providing 24/7 assistance, much like AAA, but not as comprehensive. The services aren’t as hands-on as they will provide coverage, yet you aren’t getting the towing package. Esurance also doesn’t offer the travel packages and the accommodation scheduling as AAA will do, however Esurance is a top rated company for general insurance companies.

There is a broad difference between Esurance and AAA. The length of time AAA has been in existence has allowed the company to create a fully comprehensive service that isn’t found with any other company.

Esurance is also a top rated company that provides excellent customer service and satisfaction offering supreme coverage and many times lower rates than AAA. Do your own comparison and start comparing quotes for car insurance now!

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or call 855-898-5028 for free quotes