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USAA vs Farmers

USAA FarmersWhich is better: USAA car insurance or Farmers car insurance? Read through this USAA Farmers comparison and then use our free tool to enter in your zip and do your own car insurance comparison with many different car insurance companies!

USAA and Farmers Insurance Group were founded around the same time. The USAA predates Farmers Insurance Group by a mere six years, having been formed in 1922 (Farmers was formed in 1928 if you didn’t do the math).

Both companies offer comprehensive car, home and business insurance plans. Immediately, I noticed that USAA’s websites was far easier to navigate, and even showed a graph of price comparisons to similar insurance plans by other companies.

USAA makes the claim that they have lower rates than Farmers Insurance group. Just to be sure, I put in my zipcode on each, and got my personalized quote.

Much to my surprise, Farmers Insurance Group had auto and home insurance plans for about 75 dollars cheaper. USAA’s website was still easier to read, and asked on every step if you needed help from the automated system, or if you wanted a toll-free support number. USAA offers a live, internet chat with an online consultant, 24/7.

I was impressed by USAA’s website, but their prices were a bit higher than Farmers for auto and home insurance in my area (Seattle, Washington), though I’m sure this is different for people in other areas of the country.

USAA has a long history of customer satisfaction, which gives it a slight edge over Farmers to most people. It is rumored that the USAA have the tendency to jack up rates at the last minute, and also charge higher premiums (600-700 more dollars per year, in comparison to Farmers).

There have been a share of horror stories from customers who were former clients of both companies, but USAA and Farmers Insurance Group usually have pretty good reviews in comparison to other insurance companies of the same caliber. Farmers Insurance Group offers a 1% hail and windstorm deductible, while USAA does not cover wind or hailstorm damage.

Generally, the USAA has better car and motorcycle insurance plans, with more accident forgiveness and lower rates. Farmers Insurance Group tends to have better reviews from people looking for good home insurers, and offer a comprehensive “All Disaster” plan for a flat, non-adjustable rate.

If you’re in the business for a home insurance plan, it sounds like Farmers Insurance Group is going to be the one for you, as opposed to the USAA. If you’re looking for motorcycle or auto insurance, USAA might be the insurance company that would suit you best, due to their cheaper prices and lenient forgiveness plans. (Either way, be sure and read the USAA car insurance review and the Farmers car insurance review to get more specifics if you are interested).

Both companies have had extremely good reviews, and USAA and Farmers Insurance Group are both very compassionate and reputable companies (as far as insurers go, anyway). Make sure you take a look at localized quotes, because the prices could change around your neck of the woods. USAA could end up having better home insurance rates if you lived in say, Texas.

I’ve created a comprehensive list from entering zip codes from across the nation of which company has better overall rates:

  • Seattle – Farmers Insurance Group
  • Dallas – Farmers Insurance Group
  • Boston – USAA
  • Nashville – Farmers Insurance Group
  • Austin – USAA
  • Portland – USAA
  • Los Angeles – USAA
  • San Francisco – USAA
  • Hollywood – USAA
  • New York – USAA
  • Miami – Farmers Insurance Group
  • Oklahoma City – USAA

Any other high population city should check the quotes, because most of the other major cities had comparable prices.

Remember, car insurance rates can vary widely from one city to the next and from one family to the next simply because of the different ways that Farmers, USAA, and other auto insurers determine their rates. Enter your zip in now for a free car insurance comparison!

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