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Here's what you need to know...
  • You need insurance on your classic car to protect it from theft and damages
  • If you drive your classic car, you must at least meet your state’s minimum coverage requirement
  • To find the best offers on car insurance, you should compare several quotes from different companies

Classic automobile car insurance coverage can be affordable no matter what type of classic car you own.

Whether you drive your car, show your car, or both, by understanding how classic automobile insurance works, you can find the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

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Whether you drive your classic car or use it exclusively as a show car, insurance is important.

Many classic car owners go without insurance because they think it is too expensive or not needed for car shows. This is not the case, and going without it can be costly.

Coverage is Necessary Even If You Don’t Drive

Classic automobile car insurance coverage, even if you don’t drive your vehicle, is necessary for many reasons. Going without it can cause you to lose the investment that you have put into your classic car when an accident or theft happens.

Whether you have always owned your classic car, purchased one, or have restored a classic car, having insurance coverage will help preserve its value.

Many people do not drive their classic cars, but use them exclusively as show cars.

Even though you may not drive your car, it is still necessary to cover it with car insurance. Accidents can happen at car shows or during transportation to car shows.

It is actually quite common for some minor bumps and scratches to occur.

There are many people coming and going at car shows. There is also the transportation of your vehicle to and from the car show — either by driving or carrying the vehicle on a trailer. Any of these situations can result in a car accident.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

 Secured with SHA-256 Encryption

When it comes to repairing a classic car, even minor bumps, dents, and scratches can be expensive to repair. Having automobile coverage on your classic car will pay for any repairs that need to take place if it is damaged at a car show.

Classic Automobile Car Insurance Coverage for Driving


As any driver of a classic car knows, if you drive your classic car, you get attention. People are very intrigued by cars from the past.

When you drive your classic car, coverage is necessary not only by law but also to protect your investment.

Each state has a required amount of insurance coverage that you must carry for any vehicle that you will be driving. It is important to get at least the minimum required by law, but the minimum may not be enough–especially when it comes to classic cars.

Collision coverage will cover any damage you do to someone else’s vehicle or property with your vehicle, but will not cover damage done to your vehicle.

Since damage to your vehicle is the main concern with a classic car, comprehensive coverage is best.

Comprehensive coverage on your classic car will provide protection against any damage done to your car including accidents, natural disasters, and theft. Not many people think about the possibility of theft or damage from a storm, but with a classic car, the replacement value can be expensive.

Classic Automobile Car Insurance Coverage Can Be Affordable

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Classic automobile car insurance coverage can be affordable.

You don’t have to go without it just because you think it may be too expensive. The same factors that determine a cheaper car insurance rate for your non-classic cars determine your rate for your classic car.

This means that things like anti-theft devices, keeping a clean driving record, having all of your insurance coverage through one provider, and taking safety driving courses will lower your premium rate and keep your classic automobile car insurance coverage affordable.

If you own a classic car, most likely you also own a non-classic car that is used for the majority of your driving needs.

Using an insurance company that gives a discount for bundling can keep your classic car premiums low. Consider getting your homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, and even life insurance through the same company for a big discount.

The best thing to do is to find an insurance company that you like and discuss how you use, show, and drive your classic car with that insurance company to see which coverage option is right for you.

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