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Here's what you need to know...
  • QBE is headquartered in Australia
  • They offer insurance in approximately 50 countries
  • They offer many discounts for their insurance

When searching for savings, QBE Car Insurance discounts match those of any other major carrier. This is an Australian company with offices in more than 49 countries.

It believes that diversity is the key to maintaining its standing in the industry.

QBE headquarters are located in Sydney, Australia. The company is said to employ more than 14,000 people. It offers reinsurance and direct sales to the public through its own offices and approved agencies.

This company’s market share was more than $14 billion and has earned the distinction of General Insurer of the Year for the last decade. This carrier has serviced the industry since 1886 and made its first acquisitions in 1981.

The company also purchased half of ING’s Mercantile Mutual in 2007. QBE is maintaining its position in the marketplace while it continues to diversify.

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QBE Car Insurance Discounts on Personal Policies

A binder labeled "requirements".

Personal insurance is offered in six forms by this company. At the same time, it is bound to the insurance code and laws designated by each state.

So you can expect to purchase insurance that meets your state’s minimum requirements. You can also expect to receive competitive discounts offered by other insurance carriers.

Most companies offer discounts as incentives to attract customers, and the QBE Group is no different.

Although these discounts may be identified by different names, you may recognize them as follows:

  • Good Driver
  • Prepayment or Advanced Premiums
  • Club Discount
  • Good Credit

Then there are discounts offered to those who perform transactions online, as opposed to by mail or phone. You may receive up to 30 percent on some eligible policy purchases.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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QBE Car Insurance Discounts on Commercial Policies

Businesses can also receive special discounts on their policies as well. Many transportation companies have fleets of vehicles including trucks, boats, and cars.

These businesses receive fleet discounts, whereas multiple personal car owners receive multi-car discounts.

Just think of all the car dealerships, truck, and boat dealers who could use a break on premiums. Insurance companies know it would not be feasible to charge a full premium for each vehicle they insure.

General freight businesses, as well as logistic companies, have the Transport Operators Policy option to help them save money by combining more risk and liability on their commercial policy.

Instead of purchasing extensive liability separate, transportation companies can purchase one umbrella policy.

QBE also insures heavy equipment such as dump trucks, Caterpillars, and other earth-moving vehicles. Anything associated with the operation of these vehicles is available under in one bundled insurance policy.

QBE Car Insurance Discount Recipients


Any QBE policyholder can qualify for car insurance discounts. There is bound to be one category, or several for that matter, for which you may be eligible.

Personal car owners could use discounts so that there may be more money to allocate to other household expenses.

Businesses could use whatever discounts for which they qualify so that they can save money also. It just makes good business sense to use every available savings the insurance company can afford to extend.

The more services that can be included, the better it is for the business.

Some of the extra coverage needed by businesses may include:

  • Surety Bonds
  • Property Coverage
  • Marine Insurance
  • Worker’s Compensation

In addition, these companies have to be concerned with safety and risk management. Most insurers such as QBE offer risk management services.

QBE Car Insurance Discounts through Risk Management

Risk management is an important part of running a commercial business where safety is a concern. When there are safety concerns, there are risks, and where there are risks, there is the potential increase of liability.

This is where a reinsurer is a great asset to an insurance company as well as a commercial business with extended liability.

A standard insurer may be limited to the amount of liability they can take on for one company.

In this case, they purchase excess coverage from a larger company such as QBE to cover them in a situation where on claim exceeds the limit allotted. This coverage is a protection against excessive financial loss.

Safety classes, seminars, and workshops are often offered through the risk management division.

They may even contract services from other risk management specialty outfits to come in and educate company officials and employees. Your commercial QBE insurance agent will have more information to share with you on the subject.

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