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Car Rental Insurance for Weddings

Here's what you need to know...
  • Car insurance companies offer different coverage for special event vehicles
  • There are many different types of vehicles you can rent for weddings and other special occasions
  • These specialized vehicles need very specific coverage provided by an insurer with experience with cars used for this purpose

If you have one car or a whole fleet of vehicles available for special occasions, you need to have wedding car insurance in place. Since they are not used every day and in many cases, the amount of mileage being driven is limited, and they don’t need the same type of coverage of your everyday vehicle.

You need to find a car insurance company that can offer the right coverage at an affordable price.

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Wedding Car Insurance is Specialized Coverage

adobestock_23075491-1600x1600Couples who are looking at renting one or more vehicles for a wedding are usually looking to hire a car for one day or part of a day only. The mileage being driven is usually low, since they are paying an hourly rate for the vehicle.

A car insurance company offering this type of coverage will consider the fact that the car is not being used on a daily basis when providing quotes for coverage.

There may be certain times of the year when the car is being booked less often for wedding or special events and other times when the car is being used much more often.

All of these should be considered when considering who and where to rent a vehicle from.

The wedding car insurance company should be able to provide an agreed value for the vehicle, especially in the case of classic cars or antique cars. This figure is used if the car is involved in an accident and totaled as a result.

The car insurance buyer should know from the outset exactly what he or she is paying for when making premium payments.

The insurance policy being considered should also address loss of income from cars for hire when they are being repaired after an accident or other type of covered loss. This is an important consideration for policyholders who are offering one or more vehicles for rent regularly.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

Wedding Car Insurance Available for Various Vehicles

Wedding cars can include a variety of different types of vehicles. Some bridal couples want to rent a standard limousine to get the bride, her father and the attendants to the church or wedding location on time. Others want to look at a larger vehicle that can transport

Others want to look at a larger vehicle that can transport a larger number of guests, and they may be looking at renting a limousine bus for this purpose. A Hummer limousine is another option for a couple’s big day.

Cars used for a wedding can also include classic cars, like a Rolls Royce or a Bentley. Sports cars, like a Jaguar, Ferrari, Aston Martin or a Porsche can also be used for this purpose.

Shop Around for Wedding Car Insurance

AdobeStock_60505086-1600x1600Buying wedding car insurance is similar to buying other types of coverage; it pays to shop around to get the best possible pricing. It’s best to find a car insurance company that specializes that has experience insuring vehicles used for this purpose.

Consider the pointers that follow:

  • A customer who is looking for wedding car insurance may be someone who is running a company offering cars or someone who owns a special custom car that they rent out for weddings and special occasions.
    • When looking for insurance coverage, the applicant should let the insurance company know how many vehicles are to be covered and how often they are rented out.
  • Prices for coverage will vary, depending on the insurance company. To get the best pricing, the customer should get quotes from several providers.
    • Each insurance company uses its own formula to calculate rates and by getting pricing from several sources, a customer can get the protection they need at the best possible price.
  • Members of car owners clubs may qualify for a discount on the cost of their coverage. Contact the club administrators to find out whether this benefit is already offered.
    • If a buyer is not a member of a club, he or she can do some research to find out if a specialized auto club can offer this benefit and whether it is worthwhile becoming a member to get it.

Giving the wedding car insurance company detailed information, such as make and model, can help the insurance company to work up an accurate quote for coverage. These specialized vehicles need very specific coverage provided by an insurer with experience with cars used for this purpose.

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